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Erica Kane

KANE, Erica
Portrayed by
: Susan Lucci (1970-present)
Family: Mona Kane (Mother); Eric Kane (Father); Silver Kane (Sister); Mark Dalton (Brother); Kendall Hart (Daughter); Josh Madden (Son); Bianca Montgomery (Daughter); Miranda Mona Montgomery (Granddaughter); Spike Lavery (Grandson); Ian Slater (Grandson); Gabrielle Montgomery (Granddaughter)
Marriages: Jeff Martin; Phil Brent; Tom Cudahy; Adam Chandler; Travis Montgomery; Travis Montgomery; Adam Chandler; Dimitri Marick; Dimitri Marick; Jackson Montgomery

1970: Erica Kane wanted to find a man who had everything she did not: power, influence and wealth. The daughter of a hospital secretary, Erica blamed her mother, Mona Kane, for driving away her Hollywood producer father, Eric Kane. Erica was dating Chuck Tyler, the heir to Pine Valley’s founding family, but her eyes were on another man: Phil Brent.
In order to win Phil over, Erica needed to convince him that she loved her, and no the plain and provincial Tara Martin. Erica constantly put herself in harms way so that Phil could rescue her. Frustrated with her ploys, Phil pushed Erica away. In retaliation, she made Tara’s life a living hell.
Erica hated Mona’s affiliation with Nick Davis, the smarmy owner of Pine Valley’s premier dance studio. One night, she overheard Nick and Mona discussing Phil. To her surprise, Nick was revealed to be Phil’s biological father. Hoping to win Phil over, Erica turned to him with the news. In response, Phil pushed Erica farther away.
Convinced she had nothing left in Pine Valley, Erica made plans to attend college away from home. But, a chance encounter with Dr. Jeff Martin changed everything. Erica was smitten, and decided to enroll in Pine Valley University.

1971-72: Erica flirted heavily with Jeff. The young doctor was putty in her hand. Even with Tara’s intervention, Jeff and Erica’s romance blossomed. She returned from an extended trip one day with a surprise for Mona: she was married. As shocked as Mona was, the Martins were even more surprised. Erica had accomplished her dream of marrying a successful, socially acceptable man.
Erica moved out of Mona’s home and into Jeff’s apartment. It was nothing like she imagined. Jeff was only starting his residency and could not afford very much. Erica grew bored Jeff, realizing they had very little to talk about.
Erica decided to drop out of college to help support her and Jeff. She found work at The Boutique, and soon found herself on buying trips to New York and away from Jeff. There, her modeling career was launching off the ground and she could not really afford to start a family. But, she discovered she was pregnant with Jeff's son. Erica made the decision to have an abortion. Later, an infection from the operation revealed the truth to Jeff about what she had done.

1973: Erica’s trips to New York became more frequent. She was tired of being Jeff’s wife. She stopped attending any of the Martin family functions. Networking in New York, Erica met Jason Maxwell, a modeling agent who wanted to make her a star. Erica fell into his arms.
Mona warned Erica about the entertainment world, but Erica was willing to do anything to see her dreams of stardom come to fruition. She was ready to bid a permanent adieu from Pine Valley. That all changed when Jason was found dead, and Jeff was the prime suspect.

1974: Erica was the only person who could save Jeff. She had started rumors that Jeff had become jealous of her relationship with Jason. She would be the only one who could put out the flames. Erica knew she had the most to loose. With Jason dead, so was her career. All the press around the murder was not helping her either. She turned to Joe with an ultimatum. She would testify on Jeff’s behalf, but for a pretty penny. Joe agreed, and paid Erica off. Erica’s omissions of her lies made her Pine Valley’s greatest outcast. It was eventually discovered that Mona had killed Jason to protect Erica.
With her marriage to Jeff over, Erica moved back into the Linden House. Erica began to see a lot of Phil again. He was just as much an outcast as she now that Tara was married to Chuck. Unlike in high school, the attraction was mutual. Erica and Phil were now a couple.

1975: Erica was ready to leave Phil when she learned she was pregnant with his son. Erica was ready to abort the child, until Phil convinced her they could be happy together. Erica actually believed Phil, and they married. Erica glowed in her impending motherhood. Unfortunately, it was not to be when Erica miscarried. She could not deal with the trauma and had a break from reality. Mona and Phil admitted her to the hospital for recovery.
When Erica returned home, all was not the same. Phil asked Erica for a divorce. She realized that Tara was back in his life. Erica was not about to be the fool in another marriage and refused his petition.

1976: Erica needed to lift her ego. No one in Pine Valley was more prestigious than her idol, Phoebe Tyler. Phoebe came to Erica for help. She was still married in all sense of the word to Phil. This gave Phoebe hope for Chuck and Tara reuniting. Kitty Shea had moved in with the Kanes after separating from Lincoln Tyler. Phoebe encouraged Erica to sway Kitty away from Lincoln so that she could peruse him herself. Though the thought of Lincoln and Erica together made Phoebe ill, she was a step up Kitty.
Nick came with Erica with his own proposition. His new restaurant, the Château, was the place to be in Pine Valley. Nick offered her the coveted Hostess job on the condition that she signed Phil’s divorce papers. Choosing fame over her heart, she let Phil go.
Erica realized that she could not keep Kitty and Lincoln apart. When she went to Phoebe with the news, Phoebe became belligerent. She was worth nothing to her now that Phil was free to marry Tara, and that Lincoln had not fallen for her flirtations.
Erica threw herself into her work. She found herself subtly flirting with Nick. She wondered how this could be. He was her mother’s best friend. Though they knew they had to be discreet, Nick and Erica were carrying on a torrid affair.

1977: Nick infuriated Erica. She left The Chateau for work at the Goalpost. Erica had grown fond of its owner, Tom Cudahy. She used Tom to make Nick jealous. But Nick found his own counterpart in Claudette Montgomery. Erica planted marijuana on Claudette, a parolee for drug possession. Nick responded by planting it on her. They were eventually back in each other’s bed. When Mona discovered their affair, Nick called it off. He felt like Erica had tipped Mona off.
Erica met Mark Dalton, a piano teacher at Pine Valley University. Mona warned Erica to never see Mark again. Afraid that they were falling in love, Mona admitted to Erica a dark secret about her father’s past. Eric had carried on an affair with Maureen Dalton, Mark’s mother. They had a son: Mark. Erica had long refused to acknowledge her father’s shortcomings. Mark shattered the image in Erica’s head. For this, he was now her enemy.
Erica finally settled her sights on Tom. After all, he was a former Pro-Football player, and she was a former model. Brooke English also had Tom in her sights. Erica confronted Brooke and warned her no other woman ever stood a chance against her, and neither would Brooke.

1979: Erica was hell-bent on getting Nick back. She left a note inferring she was going to kill herself, and then left for a life of partying in New York. Her life on the fast lane came to abrupt end when she fell ill with a deadly strain of viral pneumonia.
Mark was the first person to make it to her bedside. Erica finally saw Mark as who he was: a loving brother. As she laid helpless, she realized her father was never there for her like Mark and her mother were. Mona and Nick arrived. Thinking Erica would die, Nick proposed to her.
Erica miraculously recovered, and was intent on keeping Nick to his word. But Nick had other plans. After a night of passionate love making, Nick told Erica their time together was over. He had sold the Chateau to Unirest, and was leaving for Chicago.
On the rebound, Erica was more determined than ever to be married. First, she needed to get rid of Brooke who was filling in for her at The Goalpost while she recovered. Then, she seduced Tom with promises of a family. It was not long before Tom proposed. But, Mona was not about to let Erica use Tom. Mona warned her that if she married Tom, Mona would call her out for still loving Nick at the ceremony. Erica retaliated by telling Mona that she would cut her out of her life if she spoke even a word. Mona sat silently as Tom and Erica wed. They left for a beautiful honeymoon in St. Croix.
When they returned, Tom was ready to settle down, but Erica had other ideas in mind. She planned to re-launch her modeling career, but this time as a couple. She arranged for her and Tom to be named, “The Couple to Watch,” in Tempo Magazine. Tom agreed to the photo layout to keep Erica happy.
Erica knew the one person she needed to be at the launch party was Phoebe. She needed Phoebe to see what she had become. Phoebe had other things on her mind. Erica intrigued Phoebe by promising her a piece of juicy gossip if she came to the party. Phoebe reluctantly acquiesced. Threatening to leave before the press arrived, Phoebe gave Erica one last opportunity to keep her attention. She fumbled to create a lie, but could not come up with anything more intriguing than the truth about Phillip, now Charlie, Brent’s parentage. She told Phoebe that Phil, and not Chuck, was his father.
Erica’s plot backfired when Phoebe in a drunken rage revealed the news about Charlie to everyone. No one was more disappointed in Erica than Tom. When he left, the press left, and Erica was alone once again.

1980: Erica’s disco was a failure. The Steam Pit opened up across town to much success and siphoned off Erica’s business. The city rezoned, and Erica was no longer able to play music after midnight. Without a husband or a job, Erica left for Hollywood.
But, Hollywood was not ready for Erica. She sought out her father and his friends, but neither wanted to help. She told her mother she felt like a failure, and even attempted suicide, but could not. Back in Pine Valley, she caught Tom in an embrace with Brooke. This ignited a great fury in Erica. She wanted tom back. She was going to be the best wife he could ever ask for.
Erica’s luck changed when Brandon Kingley came into her life. Brandon was the CEO of Sensuelle Cosmetics, and eyed Erica as his spokes-model. It was Erica’s dream job, but she new Tom was going to disapprove. She tried to covertly make the trips to New York, but Tom found out. It was the last lie for him. He flew to the Caribbean and filed a quickie divorce.

1981: Erica had left Pine Valley behind her. She was in a whirlwind romance with Brandon and a rising model for Sensuelle. She and Brandon took a break in Nassau when he got an emergency call. He brushed it off as a business matter, but Erica was suspicious. Erica found out that the “emergency” was actually his family and two kids.
Betrayed, Erica was easily seduced by young multi-millionaire Kent Bogard, Brandon’s biggest competitor. Kent wanted Erica to leave Sensuelle and work for him. He and his father, Lars Bogard, wanted to start a new cosmetics line named after Erica.

1982: Balancing out her romance with Brandon and her affair with Kent proved to be harder than Erica could manage. Kent bought out Sensuelle from under Brandon. Brandon’s ego was crushed. Erica tried to keep his spirits up, but she caught him turning back to Sara for comfort. Erica retaliated by going on a romantic vacation with Kent to Milan. Brandon demanded Erica make a choice between he and Kent. Erica wanted to keep her job, and left Brandon.
Kent started a modeling campaign for Erica calling her, “An American Beauty.” He even started working on a motion picture for her to star in. But Lars was not impressed with Erica’s skills. Erica’s role was completely cut out of the film. Lars wanted to drop Erica from the campaign as well, but she acted first, calling a press conference to declare herself, “An American Beauty.”
One day, a young woman arrived on Erica’s doorstep proclaiming herself to be Silver Kane, her half-sister. Eric had remarried and started another family in California. Erica was reluctant to let her sister into her home. Silver proved to be a useful assistant, accompanying Erica on her photo-shoots in New York. Little did Erica know, Silver was sabotaging her performances. Silver had also found her way into Kent’s bed.

1983: When Erica learned of Silver’s manipulations, she kicked her sister out of her house. Silver had been working to sabotage her as an American Beauty. Her greatest betrayal came about when Silver admitted to having had an affair with Kent. Erica went to confront Kent. In the process, the gun Erica had given Kent for his birthday went off. Silver was the only witness of the accidental shooting. Silver accused Erica of murdering Kent in cold blood.
Erica turned to attorney Steve Jacobi to exonerate her for Kent's accidental death. Erica learned she had no chance for an insanity plea, she went on the room. To attend Kent’s funeral, Erica had to masquerade as a nun. She was ready to leave Pine Valley for good when she found out Mona had called on Nick for help. She arranged for a secret meeting but was stopped by Brooke. Brooke was now a writer for Tempo and promised Erica safe passage if she gave her the exclusive story. Erica agreed, but during the interview someone overheard the truth about her identity. Erica was taken into custody for Kent’s murder.
Tad Martin had startling news for everyone. The woman claiming to be Silver was not Silver at all; rather she was a California con artist named Connie Wilkes. With Connie’s credibility shot, the case against Erica’s crumbled. She was free to go.
But, putting together the pieces of her life proved especially difficult. Convinced she was responsible for Kent’s death, Lars had dropped her from the agency and the American Beauty campaign. Erica decided to found her own cosmetics company, Erica Kane Cosmetics, to battle Sensuelle. She was going to make Lars regret ever letting her go.
Erica scored a huge book deal for her autobiography. She settled on the title Raising Kane, but getting the manuscript together proved to be more difficult than she could have thought. She hired Mike Roy to be her ghostwriter. The pair fought over the direction of the book. Soon, the arguments and long hours trapped in Mike’s office lead to passion. Mike and Erica began a passionate affair.

1984: Erica had fallen in love with Mike. Raising Kane was a rousing success. Erica met the man, who would buy the rights to her autobiography, Adam Chandler. Adam charmed Erica. He told her of his plans to make Raising Kane a motion picture. Erica was convinced that she would be perfect for the lead role. Mike reminded Erica that she was a model and not an actress. Erica and Mike’s relationship was strained when Mike left for a writing assignment in Tibet.
Erica turned to Palmer Cortlandt when she learned of Lars’ plans to destroy Enchantment. Palmer learned of Lars’ past a war criminal. Lars went on the run in South America, with Palmer and Erica on his trail. Refusing to be taken into custody, he jumper off a cruise ship and torn apart by its rudders.
Adam offered Erica the lead in his movie, contingent on her marrying him. Erica realized this could be the biggest mistake of her life. She had a one-night stand with Tom the night of her wedding. But, Adam reneged on his promise. Instead of going to Hollywood, Adam took Erica to a romantic vacation in the woods. Erica tried to run away, even confronting a grizzly bear.
Back at Chandler Mansion, Erica began hearing strange noises from the west wing. When Erica went to investigate, a man who looked just like Adam attacked her. Adam revealed the man to be his mentally handicapped brother, Stuart Chandler. His wife, Chandler housekeeper Joanna Yaeger, had provoked Stuart to attack Erica. After Joanna was kicked out of the mansion, Stuart and Erica became good friends. In fact, it was the only thing bearable about her marriage.
Adam was presumed dead in a plane crash. Erica saw this as the perfect opportunity to escape her loveless marriage. She proposed to Mike, and they quickly eloped. Only, this all turned out to be just another one of Adam’s plots. He was testing her loyalty. Adam gave Erica an ultimatum, his money or Mike. Erica chose Mike and left Chandler Mansion.

1985: Erica’s life was turned upside down when Mike was gunned down in an open field. He sacrificed his life to save Mark and Brooke. They were targeted for their role in revealing a municipal scandal. Erica said her wedding vows over Mike’s dying body. She lashed out at Brooke, blaming her journalistic ambition as the reason for Mike’s death.
Erica left for Tibet to scatter Mike’s ashes. There, she tried to piece together Mike’s life the year prior. He met a monk, Kantu, who served her some mysterious tea. Erica lapsed into a deep sleep, where she was visited by a vision of Mike, urging her to return to Pine Valley to find love again.
Erica became an editor at Tempo, and was interviewing candidates for the in-house artists position when she was captivated by Jeremy Hunter. The attraction between them was undeniable. Jeremy admitted he had followed Erica from Tibet. He too was a monk. A year before, Mike had saved Jeremy’s life. Erica believed this to be Mike’s promise in her vision.
But as Jeremy and Erica grew closer, Erica knew something was wrong. Jeremy had taken a vow of celibacy. Erica thought if anyone could make Jeremy break this vow, it was going to be her.
When things became too tense, Jeremy left Pine Valley for hi home in Canada. Erica soon followed and met his rich businessman father, Alex Hunter, and his younger wife, Natalie Hunter. Jeremy admitted that he and Natalie had a romantic past together. Wanting the home court advantage, Erica invited the Hunters to be her guests in Pine Valley.

1986: Erica convinced Jeremy to go to Kantu and ask to be released from his vow of celibacy. In the meanwhile, Erica went to Canada to do an interview for Tempo. Alex insisted she stay at his cabin. There, Alex made a move on her. Erica rejected Alex and went on the run. After a landslide, Erica was stranded alone in another cabin without any communication to the outside world. It did not matter because to the world, Erica was dead.
Erica and Jeremy’s reunion was bittersweet. They were set to marry. Only, Natalie stood in the way. Apparently, Jeremy had slept with Natalie the night Erica was presumed dead. She was now pregnant with his child. Erica was not about to loose Jeremy, so she hired an actor to be the minister at their impromptu wedding.
Jeremy and Erica fell into an affair. When Natalie discovered them, she threatened Erica with a gun. Erica was a force to be reckoned with. The trio found themselves in a broken elevator, ready to fall. Jeremy could only save one of the women, and he chose Natalie because of her condition. Luckily for Erica, Tom was there to save her. In her rage, she revealed the ruse about their wedding.
Adam was convinced he could with Erica back. But, she wanted nothing to do with him. She went on the run, and was stranded on a deserted island. Jeremy and Natalie showed up in a failed rescue attempt. Natalie went into premature labor, and Erica helped deliver her son, Timothy Hunter, into the world.
Erica discovered Adam had tampered with Tim’s paternity results. Natalie was forced to take another test, revealing Alex, and not Jeremy, to be Tim’s father. Finally, Erica and Jeremy could be together.
Their happiness was cut short when Jeremy went to prison defending Mark who was attacked by an enraged Earl Mitchell. Erica had kept Mark hidden in her attic after he quietly slipped back into Pine Valley. Erica arranged for Matt Connelly to fly a helicopter over the prison. She staged a fake wedding inside. When she suddenly fainted, she and Jeremy were whisked off to the infirmary. Erica took Jeremy to the roof and revealed her plan. But, Jeremy was not about to break the law. He insisted on seeing the justice system through. Erica gave him a final ultimatum, but Jeremy rejected her. Erica boarded the helicopter alone, and in tears.

1987: Erica battled Brooke to defend her job as Editor in Chief of Tempo. Adam had pitted Brooke against her to assert his power. Erica and Brooke put their animosity aside when they were both held hostage while uncovering a scandal at a beauty spa. Adam gave Brooke the position, and Erica left the magazine.
But, Erica would need Brooke’s help again to save Mark. His addiction had left him a shell of his former self. Along with Ellen and Jeff, Erica confronted Mark in an intervention. He was forced to admit to his long-term addiction. Erica had inadvertently reunited Mark and Ellen in the process.
Erica volunteered for politician Travis Montgomery’s senatorial race. She fell in love with Travis much to the chagrin of Travis’ ex-wife and current business partner, Barbara Montgomery. Erica was always by Travis’ side. Erica soon learned she was pregnant with his child. Erica did not want to force Travis into a marriage and kept the conception a secret.
One time when Travis delivered a speech to his constituents, he was shot. The bullet was meant for Erica. She blamed the occurrence on Adam, but he had nothing to do with it. At the same time, Joanna had moved back to Pine Valley. But that lead proved to be a red hearing as well.
The murder attempts all revolved around a mysterious woman in Pine Valley named Noelle Keaton. Noelle turned out to be none other than the real Silver Kane. She was suffering from a bad case of retrograde amnesia. Erica, Silver and Jeremy ventured to Silver’s hometown, Cobbler’s island. There, they learned that Eric had left the island to Erica in his will. But Eric’s widow, Goldie Kane, had other plans. She had hypnotized Silver to kill Erica so as to claim the inheritance herself. With Jeremy’s help, Silver broke away from Goldie’s control. Travis arrived just as Goldie aimed a gun at Erica and shot her in the abdomen. Goldie died in her getaway attempt, while Erica worried about the life of her unborn child.
Erica underwent emergency surgery to save her baby. Travis professed his love for Erica, and they married. Erica was content with her married life until she met Travis’ brother and legal counsel, Jackson Montgomery. Even though Jackson rubbed Erica the wrong, but she found herself compelled to spend more time with him.
Erica wanted to help Silver recover form her amnesia. She sent her to Dr. Damon Lazarre, a psychologist at Oak Haven. Damon turned out to know a lot more about Silver than he had let on. Damon was Silvers husband. He had worked with Goldie to hypnotize Silver to kill Erica. With both women dead, he would inherit everything. Lucky for the women, Jeremy learned the truth and stopped Damon before he pushed both women off a bridge. Instead, in their altercation, Damon fell off the bridge into the abyss.

1988: Erica fell ill with Toxemia. The condition made her labor especially complicated. Erica faded in and out of consciousness. In her dream state, she was visited by vision of all her ex-husbands and lovers. When she awoke, Travis was at her bedside. She gave birth to Bianca Christine Montgomery. Bianca quickly became the darling of Pine Valley social life. Bianca’s birth also strengthened Mona and Erica’s bond. They finally had something in common, they were mothers.
Silver died in a confrontation with Natalie. Erica had been lead to believe that she had left town after breaking up with Jeremy.
Erica founded a new company, Enchantment Cosmetics. Barbara convinced Erica to use the name Enchantment to seperate her latest venture from her failed cosmetics line.
But as her business success blossomed, Erica worried about Travis when Adam made a bid to buy his company. Travis concocted an insurance scam to cash in on his policy. Only, his partner kidnapped Bianca instead. Afraid of what Travis would do for money, Erica went on the run with Bianca to Sea City. There, she befriended her boarding house neighbor, Dave Gillis. Little did Erica know, Dave was Travis’ partner in crime, Steve Andrews. Travis found them together in Sea City. When Travis revealed Steve just wanted her money, Erica tried to get away. Steve pulled a gun out. In the altercation, Travis was able to over power Steve. Erica realized that Travis still loved her and Bianca and agreed to move back to Pine Valley.
Travis was in Sea City closing out Erica’s affairs when he was mugged and assaulted. When he awoke, he had no memory of Erica or his new life in Pine Valley.

1989: Erica and Travis’ marriage crumbled as a result of his amnesia. He still believed that he was married to Barbara. Erica found comfort in Jackson’s arms. Erica had grown very fond of Jackson over the years. Soon, she had forgotten all about her husband and they began a long-term affair.
While taking Bianca to the circus, Erica noticed a performer named Barney the Clown. Barney reminded her of someone, but she did not know whom. She decided to go undercover to reveal the clown’s identity. He turned out to be none other than her father, Eric Kane.
Eric had fallen on some tough times. Erica wanted to help her father get back on his feat. Mona tried to warn Erica about Eric’s ways, but she did not listen. She was just happy to have her father back in her life. She even gave Eric shares in Enchantment.

1990: Eric could no longer deny her feelings for Jackson. Jackson proposed to Erica and she enthusiastically accepted. She refrained from setting a wedding date until she could explain the situation to Bianca. After returning from a trip to Disneyworld, Bianca fell ill. She was diagnosed with Reye’s Syndrome. As Bianca teetered on the edge of death, Erica pleaded with God to spare her daughter and take her. Bianca recovered, but the doctor warned Erica about relapses.
For Bianca’s sake, Erica and Travis feigned a happy relationship. Bianca began to recover. Travis wanted to marry Erica for the sake of their daughter. Erica broke the news to Jackson that their engagement was off. On the day of the wedding, Jackson made one last plea to Erica. Erica had to put Bianca first. She pushed Jackson away.
Eric left Erica’s life again. He proved to be just as unreliable as Mona had said all along. To add insult to injury, Eric sold his shares of Enchantment to Natalie.
Erica learned of Travis’ one-night-stand with Barbara. Barbara tried to explain that they were trying to save their daughter Molly, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. After breaking the news of the affair to Barbara’s husband, Tom, she turned back to Jackson and they restarted their affair.

1991: Bianca caught Erica and Jackson in bed together. She acted out by burning down the dollhouse Jack had bought for her. But, things got out of hand when the house caught on fire. Erica was able to save Bianca, but she fainted because of all the smoke. When she awoke Travis told Erica he would be suing for full custody of Bianca.
Erica knew the only thing that would make her loose her daughter was if Jackson admitted to their affair. Erica begged Jack to lie for her. When he refused to perjure himself, Erica left him. She would loose Bianca to Travis. Travis announced he was moving to Seattle and taking Bianca with him. Bianca had a hard time coming to grips with Travis’ new marriage to Barbara and moving away. Erica told her daughter that no matter where Bianca was, she was always going to love her daughter.
Erica threw herself into her work. At Enchantment, she became smitten with Charlie Brent, Phil’s son. Erica relished all the attention Charlie gave her. Soon, they were engaged to marry. At a Martin family dinner, Ruth invited a surprise guest: Nick. Nick confronted Erica about her relationship with Charlie. Nick asked Erica if she loved his grandson. Erica evaded the answer. Heartbroken, Charlie broke off their engagement.
Adam saw this as a perfect opportunity to win Erica back. He had just divorced Natalie, and got her shares of Enchantment as a settlement. He wanted the company for himself. He had a bombshell for Erica: their 1984 divorce was not valid because Stuart had been sent to sign the final papers, and not him. Erica feared that this would compromise her appeal for custody of Bianca. Adam offered to keep his secret if Erica remarried him in a public ceremony. With nothing to loose, Erica became Mrs. Adam Chandler a second time.

1992: Erica regretted the day that she hired Will Cortlandt, Palmer's nephew. Will began a takeover of Enchantment from the inside. Adam was equally annoyed by Will because of him impromptu marriage to his daughter Hayley. When Will was found dead in his apartment, Adam and Erica were both prime suspects in the investigation. After the ordeal, Adam and Erica decided to part ways. In the divorce, Adam retained Enchantment giving majority shares to Hayley.
Enchantment faces another threat in business tycoon Dimitri Marick. Because of the internal power struggles, the value of Enchantment was floundering. Erica and Dimitri agreed to face off on television. Their was immediate attraction, but Erica did her best to avoid his advances. After all, Dimitri was a married man and Erica was not about to be the other woman. On another business trip, the couple was snowed in at a cabin. When Erica succumbed to her attraction, she made Dimitri promise to ask his wife, Angelique Marick, for a divorce. When he failed to come through with his promise, they broke up again.
Dimitri, Angelique and Edmund Grey went to Vadzel in Hungary to solve the mystery of Hugo Marick. Erica accompanied the Maricks. There, Erica and Dimitri rekindled their romance. Edmund kidnapped Erica when Dimitri refused to comply with a DNA to prove they were brothers. Erica became his accomplice when she caught Angelique and Dimitri in an embrace. The commotion in Vadzel only increased when Angelique’s evil mother Helga made an appearance. Knowing the Maricks were close to learning Hugo’s secrets, Helga kidnapped Erica and threw her in the crypt below the castle. There, Erica lay next to Hugo’s dead body awaiting rescue. Dimitri and Edmund found her in a catatonic state.
Back in Pine Valley, Dimitri nursed Erica back to health. Thinking she loosing him again to Angelique, she faked amnesia. When Dimitri found out, he left her again. Edmund would reunite them one romantic evening. That night, Dimitri proposed to Erica, and she accepted.

1993: On the eve of her wedding to Dimitri, Mona forced Erica to face a demon from her past. When she was only 14 years old, Richard Fields, a friend of her father’s in Hollywood, raped her. Erica then gave birth to a daughter. Erica had blocked the traumatizing event in her mind. But, that daughter she had given up for adoption had made her way back into her life. It was none other than her new assistant, Kendall Hart. Erica invited Kendall to be a part of her life. Finally united, all the Kane women were present for Erica’s latest wedding.
But Kendall proved to be a bigger handful than Erica expected. She became fixated on the search for her father. Erica was not ready to delve that deeply into her past, and told Kendall to stop her search. Not only did Kendall not listen, she got Dimitri involved in the search. For her defiance, Erica asked Kendall to leave Wildwind.
One stormy night, Kendall came to Erica claiming that Dimitri had raped her. Erica went to confront Dimitri who had no idea what she was talking about. Erica was overcome with the memories from her rape. When Dimitri tried to comfort her, she reached for an envelope opener, and stabbed him in the chest thinking that he was Fields.

1994: Erica turned to Jackson when she faced going to prison for almost killing Dimitri. They briefly began their romantic liaisons again, even though he was now married to Laurel Banning. But Jackson pushed the focus back to the trial. One day, Kendall arrived to testify against her mother. She had a secret guest with her: Richard Fields. Erica lashed out against Kendall and her rapist. Kendall testified on the stand that it was Erica’s jealousy of Kendall that drove her to attack Dimitri.
Erica had another problem to deal with. Mona was diagnosed with cancer. Mona worried about her chances of surviving, but Erica was sure everything was going to be all right. Mona confided in Erica that her biggest fear was to leave Erica alone. When Mona awoke from her surgery, Erica told her the cancer was in remission. She had to swear on a bible before Mona would believe her.
Field’s reign of terror continued. Kendall caught him trying to molest Bianca. These caused Kendall to breakdown and admit to her lies. She went to prison for perjury. But it was not a time for celebration. Mona had died peacefully in her sleep. Erica could not come to terms with the loss of her mother. At the funeral, she threw herself on her coffin and pleaded for Mona to not leave her.
Erica found comfort back in Dimitri’s arms. She was still very much in love with him. On New Year’s Eve, he surprised her with a candle lit wedding at Wildwind.

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