The Pine Valley Bulletin

Bianca Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Bianca Christine
Portrayed by
: Jessica Leigh Falborn (1988-90); Caroline Wilde (1990-91); Lacey Chabert (1992-93); Gina Gallagher (1993-97); Nathalie Paulding (1998); Eden Riegel (2000-05, 2005, 2006-07, 2007, 2008-present)
Family: Erica Kane (Mother); Travis Montgomery (Father); Kendall Hart (Sister); Molly Montgomery (Sister); Matthew Sean Montgomery (Brother); Miranda Montgomery (Daughter); Gabrielle Montgomery (Daughter)
Marriages: None

1988: Bianca Christine Montgomery was the light of her parents, Erica Kane and Travis Montgomery’s, life. Before she was even one year old, she would almost die during delivery, recover from a nearly fatal gunshot wound, and escape kidnap and ransom attempt.

1990: Bianca returned from a trip from Disneyworld deafly ill. She was diagnosed with Reyes Syndrome. The sight of her parents back together helped her to recover. After Bianca was released from the hospital, Erica and Travis remarried for her sake.

1991: Bianca caught Jack and Erica in bed together. She decided she wanted to burn down the dollhouse her uncle had given her. Only, the fire spread, and her room was engulfed in flames. This event would spark Travis’ custody suit. Based on Bianca’s testimony, Travis won full custody.
Travis made plans to move to Seattle. Bianca worried about what the distance would mean for her relationship with her mother. Erica assured Bianca that no matter where she was, she would always be her mother.

1993: Bianca fell off a horse while riding in Wildwind. Kendall Hart became jealous of all the attention Erica paid her. Kendall revealed a startling secret: she was Erica’s daughter too. Mona united all the Kane women in time for Erica’s marriage to Dimitri.

1994: Bianca returned to Pine Valley to support her mother as she went to trial for almost killing Dimitri. At the trial, Kendall brought Richard Fields, her mother’s rapists. When Fields tried to molest Bianca, Kendall realized the wrong of her ways. She exonerated her mother, and went to prison for perjury. Dimitri and Erica reunited.
Tragedy struck Bianca’s life when Mona died. This was the first time in Bianca’s life that she had to deal with the death of a loved one. She was so distraught that she could not even finish her part of the eulogy.

1996: Bianca was the victim of a failed kidnapping attempt by Dr. Jonathan Kinder. In the struggle at the Linden House, Jonathan slipped and fell down a flight of stairs, seemingly to his death.

1998: Bianca ran away from home to be with Erica, who was serving time for the kidnapping of Madelyn Grey. Travis had forbid his daughter from seeing her mother. Bianca began acting out, refusing to eat until she could see Erica. Bianca’s eating disorder became full blown anorexia. Travis and Barbara did their best to convince Bianca to eat. But, it only Erica was able to get through to her daughter. After an intervention, Bianca agreed to check into a clinic for her recovery.

2000: Bianca came back to Pine Valley a changed woman. Erica chalked up Bianca’s erratic behavior to her time at the anorexia clinic. Bianca confided in her new friend, Erica’s houseguest Leo duPres, something much different. Bianca was a lesbian. She did not know how to come to terms with her sexuality and her mother’s expectations of her.
Bianca’s visit in Pine Valley became a permanent arrangement when Travis suffered a massive stroke in Seattle. Bianca was devastated by her father’s death.
Bianca became distraught when she learned her friend Sarah was set to marry someone in New York. Bianca fell in love with Sarah at the clinic. Erica finally confronted Bianca about why she was acting so erratically. Bianca admitted the truth to Erica. Erica could not accept what Bianca was saying. Bianca turned to Myrtle and Jack.
Erica became uncomfortable with Bianca’s closeness to Laura English. Though Bianca was wanted something more, Laura was just her friend. Laura almost drowned after being thrown overboard from Adam’s yacht, Fidelity. Bianca witnessed Greenlee Smythe as the culprit. Greenlee threatened to out Bianca to everyone if she told anyone what she saw. Bianca confided the truth in Leo.

2001: Sarah made it back to Pine Valley to see Bianca. Bianca could see Sarah was not eating again. By confronting Sarah’s problem, Bianca was forced to deal with her own eating disorder. Bianca overheard Erica fighting with Sarah’s mother in the hospital hallway. Erica could note believe Mrs. Livingston was going to leave Sarah in her time of need. Bianca realized Erica still loved her.
Bianca met Frankie Stone after she tried to con Erica with a fake car accident. Bianca thought she was able to see through Frankie’s lies. Secretly, she had a crush on Frankie. She began dating Frankie much to Erica’s chagrin. Soon she saw Frankie’s real colors. She caught Frankie in bed with a high JR Chandler. When Bianca told Erica what happened she told her she was going to kill Frankie for hurting her. The next morning, Frankie was found dead.

2002: Bianca had blocked out her memories of the night of Frankie’s death. Kendall returned to town and alleged that Erica had made plans with her to skip town if she was found guilty. Bianca sided with Kendall during the trial until she found out the whole story was a lie to hurt Erica.
Frankie’s twin sister, Maggie Stone, came to Pine Valley determined to find out who killed her sister. Together, they found out Vanessa Cortlandt, the drug lord Proteus, had killed Frankie after she learned the truth about her identity. Bianca forged a relationship with her new friend, and attempted to make amends with her mother.
Bianca had feelings for Maggie, but was afraid she was just replacing Frankie for her. She arranged for Maggie to start dating Tim Dillon. Maggie humored Bianca, but the relationship still fizzled. Maggie and Bianca had to pull together after Leo was presumed dead after an accident at Miller Falls.
To Erica’s surprise, Bianca asked to begin working at Enchantment after graduating high school.

2003: Bianca fit in perfectly at Enchantment. Her closest friend was chemist Boyd Larraby. Boyd had a crush on new finance officer, Lena Kundera. Bianca did not know how to break it to Boyd, but she knew Lena was gay. They entered into a friendly wager about who could seduce Lena first. Bianca won.
Lena was discovered to be a mole that was placed in Enchantment by Michael Cambias to uncover Boyd’s secret anti-aging cream formula. Bianca confronted Lena about her lies. Lena admitted to lying to everyone at Enchantment, but assured Bianca her feelings for her were true. Lena pulled Bianca in for a kiss. At that moment, the authorities arrived, and Lena was taken into custody for larceny.
Bianca had arrived how at the Boarding House where she found Michael waiting for her, Michael was furious that Lena had ratted on him, and that Kendall had turned him into the authorities. Michael took out his aggression on Bianca, by raping her. Bianca was destroyed by the violation. Knowing how her mother’s rape affected her, Bianca did not want to burden Erica with the truth. Instead, she destroyed all the evidence of the night.
Bianca tried to cope with the trauma, but could not do it alone. She began to push everyone away, including Lena. Maggie knew something was wrong and reached out to Bianca. Maggie helped Bianca cope and come to the realization that she needed help. She finally broke down and told Erica what had happened. Jack made it his duty to see Michael pay for what he had done.
Since Bianca had destroyed all the evidence of the rape, Michael was not indicted for the rape. At the same time, Bianca learned she was pregnant with Michael’s child. Kendall came up with a plan to adopt the child so that Bianca would not have to go through an abortion, or deal with Erica’s pressure to get rid of the baby. Bianca felt guilt over the fact that the ruse pushed Kendall and Erica further apart. But she did not want to make a child suffer for her father’s sins. David agreed to treat Bianca at the clinic, under the named “Frankie Stone” so that Erica would not find out.
Michael was found dead in a meat locker. Kendall went to trial for the murder.

2004: Kendall’s fake pregnancy was revealed at trial. Bianca was forced to tell Erica she had not aborted Michael’s child. Bianca realized that she had murdered Michael. She blocked the evening out of her mind. She was found to be acting in self-defense and found not guilty as a result.
Bianca began to make plans for her daughter’s birth. But Erica has not reacted to the news well. Distraught over Erica’s rejection of her child, she went driving in a storm. Her friend, Babe Chandler, accompanied her. They were stranded, and soon both pregnant women went into labor. Bianca held her daughter, Miranda Montgomery in her arms before passing out from loss of blood.
When she awoke from her coma, Kendall had devastating news. Miranda died in the helicopter rescue. Bianca lashed out against Erica and blamed her for Miranda’s death. When she heard the cries of Babe’s daughter, Bess Chandler, she was sure it was Miranda. She kidnapped Bess and took her home. Ryan and Kendall arrived to retrieve her. Bianca needed to realize her child was really gone.
Erica had run away to Las Vegas. There, she sunk into alcoholism. Jackson recognized what had happened and staged an intervention. Erica finally admitted to the truth about her rape. Her father had given her to Fields so that he would agree to star in his next movie. Acknowledging what had happened finally made it possible for Erica to deal with Bianca’s rape, and Kendall’s presence.
Lena left Pine Valley to attend to her sick mother in Poland. Though Lena gave her a promise ring, the strain from their distance soon lead to the end of their relationship. At the same time, Maggie had become very close to Bianca.
Ethan Ramsey came to Pine Valley claiming to be the son of the late Alexander Cambias, II, and rightful heir to the Cambias Estate. Bianca offered Ethan the shirt she wore when Miranda was born for DNA testing. But, Jonathan Lavery had stolen the shirt and destroyed it so that Ryan Lavery would remain the true heir. Maggie, who was now dating Jonathan, had witnessed Jonathan in the act, but kept the truth from Bianca.
Babe and Jamie Martin went on the run after learning JR had caused Babe to overdose on pills. Babe made contact with Bianca. She had thought it was to help her kidnap Bess, who Bianca thought was better off away from JR. When Babe and Bianca reunited, Babe had a bombshell for her: Bess was Miranda. Paul Cramer, the helicopter pilot who had rescued them, switched Miranda and Babe’s son, Ace Buchanan, at birth. Bianca lashed out at Babe for lying to her for so long. When JR arrived, he refused to give Bianca her baby. In a struggle for Miranda, Bianca lost her footing and fell off a landing.
Bianca was rushed back to Pine Valley in a coma. The only thing that could save her was a reunion with her child. Erica coxed Adam into agreeing to a DNA test. On Christmas Eve, Erica rushed her newfound granddaughter to Bianca’s bedside. Holding Miranda in her arms was enough to bring her back to consciousness.

2005: Nick and Mark visited Bianca to meet the newest member of the Kane clan. Mona had given Nick a letter to be given to Bianca when she had her first child. It was her sage advice on how to raise a Kane child.
Bianca learned Jonathan Lavery was abusing Maggie. Jonathan harbored animosity towards Bianca because Ryan signed over the Cambias Estate to Miranda. Bianca convinced Maggie to leave Jonathan. She admitted her feelings to Maggie again.
JR tracked down Babe, and a custody battle began over their child, Adam Chandler, III. Bianca surprised everyone by speaking out on behalf of Babe.
Bianca made plans to leave Pine Valley and work at Cambias Headquarters in Paris. She promised to be back for her mother and Uncle Jack’s wedding. The plane was delayed because of fog. It gave Maggie enough time to stow away on the flight. She wanted to go to Paris to be with Bianca.
Bianca, Maggie and Miranda began their lives together in Paris. Bianca did attend Jack & Erica’s wedding, but she brought an unwanted guest: Ethan. Kendall had broken up with Ethan because he lied about who killed Edmund Grey.
Bianca would make another visit at Christmas time. Kendall was pregnant with Ryan’s child and struggled with her decision to keep her child. Bianca helped her sister through the trying time, just like Kendall had done for her before.

2006: Upon learning Kendall was in a coma, Bianca rushed back to Pine Valley. Luckily, Kendall recovered. Bianca and Miranda met the newest member of the Kane family, Spike Lavery.
Bianca’s next trip to Pine Valley was a more permanent arrangement. Bianca had discovered Maggie kissing another woman. Bianca also wanted to help her family deal with some major changes. Her brother, Sean, moved in with Jack because Barbara was traveling Europe with her new boyfriend. She also learned she had another brother, Josh Madden. Josh was Erica’s son with her first husband, Jeff Martin. Josh had done a lot of things to hurt members of her family, but Bianca was willing to give him another chance.
While working at FUSION, Bianca met eccentric pop star, Zarf. Zarf had an unrequited crush on Bianca. Bianca tried to explain she was not interested in men. On New Year’s Eve, Zarf invited Bianca on a date. That night, he revealed his true identity: Zoe, a transgender lesbian.

2007: Bianca worried for Kendall, who was one of the targets of the Satin Slayer serial killer for her affiliation with FUSION. Many in town wrongfully suspected Zoe to be the killer because of her eccentric behavior. Babe and Bianca believed Zoe’s innocence. As Miranda befriended Zoe, Bianca began to see her in a different light too.
Maggie returned to Pine Valley and begged Bianca to return to Paris, away from the serial killer’s reign of terror. But Bianca had not forgiven Maggie yet. Maggie decided to stay to protect Bianca, but she kept her at arms’ length. Maggie got the point, and left for Paris alone.
Alexander Cambias, sr. was arrested when he was revealed to be the Satin Slayer. Bianca committed herself to helping FUSION re-launch. She enjoyed working with Kendall, and her newfound brother, Josh Madden.
It was Barbara’s visit that left Bianca unsettled. Bianca revealed Barbara had refused to let her visit Molly and Sean after coming out of the closet. Barbara tried to make amends by giving Miranda a birthday gift from Travis. It was Bianca and Babe’s first chance to share a birthday with their children.
Bianca stood by Zoe as she came to terms with her identity. After her public outing on New Beginnings, Zoe decided to return to London and re-launch her career as a female artist. Erica encouraged Bianca to return to Paris and confront her problems. Zoe and Bianca remained close.
Bianca came back to Pine Valley for the holidays and to meet her new nephew, Ian Slater. Bianca revealed she and Zoe had drifted apart. Bianca was looking for someone to be a part of her family with Miranda, and Zoe’s lifestyle did not fit the bill.

2008: Bianca returned to Pine Valley the right a tornado destroyed most of the town. She arrived at Zach and Kendall’s beach house moments before the funnel clouds touched down. She had a surprise for Kendall: she was pregnant. She had asked Zach for a sperm donation so that her new child would be closely related to Miranda. Before Bianca could tell Kendall, the ceiling of the beach house caved in on her. Kendall was left in a coma.
Zach arrived to the site of debris. He did not know Bianca was pregnant either. That night, Bianca went into labor in the ruins of the Slater home. She gave birth to Gabrielle Montgomery.
Bianca was in a serious relationship with architect Reese Williams. Reese brought Miranda back to Pine Valley as soon as she could. She asked Bianca to marry her. They were going to raise Gabrielle together. Erica quickly got on her way planning their wedding. Reese and Bianca agreed to stay in Pine Valley to help Zach with Kendall’s kids.
Bianca became uncomfortable with Reese and Zach’s closeness as they worked on rebuilding The Season’s East casino. On Christmas Eve, Reese’s ex-fiancé paid Bianca a visit. Bianca was shocked to learn Reese was going to marry a man, Simon.