Portrayed by: Susan Pratt (1987-91, 1995, 1997-98, 2007)
Family: Mathew Sean Montgomery (Son); Molly Montgomery (Daughter)
Marriages: Travis Montgomery; Tom Cudahy; Travis Montgomery

1987: Barbara Montgomery knew her ex-husband, Travis Montgomery, would not be where he was without her. She had been an executive at his company, and the director of his senatorial campaign. Though they were now divorced, the couple always had a mutual respect for each other. It was no secret that Barbara still loved Travis. This fueled the verbal spars between she and Travis’ new lover, Erica Kane.

1988: Barbara became good friends with Tom Cudahy while he stood vigil over his comatose wife, Skye Cudahy. Their friendship was becoming something much more. They attended Stuart and Cindy Chandler’s wedding together. Unbeknownst to them, Skye awoke from her coma and caught Barbara in Tom’s arms. She fell back into a coma and suffered from psychosomatic paralysis.
Tom and Barbara could not deny their feelings. Skye had a break from reality and left to confront Barbara. Skye pulled out a gun. Luckily, Tom arrived and was able to convince Skye to let Barbara go. Skye was admitted to Oak Haven Sanitarium.
Barbara wanted to solidify her position in Tom’s life. She saw her only threat to be Tom’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter Laura, Brooke Chandler. Barbara convinced Tom that she was the perfect child caregiver. In fact, Barbara did not have a clue about being a domestic woman. She had always been a businesswoman. One day, she supposed to be taking care of Laura when she got an emergency business call. She let Laura play outside alone. Laura ran into the street to chase a ball. At that moment, she was struck down by a drunken police officer driving home from a party. Barbara rushed Laura to the hospital, but she was already brain dead. Overcome with grief, Tom broke up with her.
Travis turned to Barbara when Adam Chandler attempted a buy out of his company. Adam tried to lure Barbara to Chandler Industries, but she remained faithful to Travis.

1989: Travis suffered from amnesia after being mugged in Sea City. He believed he was still married to Barbara. Barbara relished at the idea of defeating Erica. They began an affair. But, Travis had a sudden change of heart. He left Pine Valley to find himself.
Barbara learned she was pregnant with Travis’ child. She had no one to turn to but Tom. Tom selflessly offered his services to Barbara. He was going to take responsibility for Travis child. Barbara reluctantly agreed to go along with the ruse. On the day they were to marry, Barbara went into early labor. Tom helped her deliver a healthy baby girl, Molly Cudahy.

1990: Barbara and Tom’s happiness was shattered when Molly was diagnosed with leukemia. When Barbara did not match for a bone marrow transplant, she realized she had a big decision to make. She finally told Travis that Molly was his daughter. Travis knew there was only one thing they could do. They needed to conceive another child, in hope that the child would be a perfect match. But, Barbara was happily married to Tom, and Travis had remarried Erica. They put their marriages aside, hoping their one-night-stand would save Molly.
Barbara tested her unborn child to make sure that it would be a match for Molly. When Erica got wind, she realized what had happened. Erica confronted Barbara. Then, she proceeded to tell Tom the truth about Barbara’s unborn child. Their marriage was over.

1991: Barbara gave birth to Matthew Sean Montgomery. Sean’s bone marrow was able to save Molly, and her leukemia went into remission. The ordeal had brought Travis and Barbara back together. After remarrying, the Montgomery’s made plans to move to Seattle.

1997: Barbara and Travis returned to Pine Valley to take Bianca home when she ran away to be with Erica. Erica discovered Bianca’s eating disorder. She blamed Barbara, accusing her of loving her own children more than she loved Bianca. Barbara agreed to be a part of an intervention to convince Bianca to get help.

2006: After Travis’ death from an untimely stroke, Barbara could not deal with being a mother. She left her children alone for long periods of time for vacations with whomever she was seeing at the time. She did not even notice that Sean had runaway to Pine Valley. When Jackson Montgomery called her, she told him to deal with Sean and named him guardian.

2007: Barbara returned to Pine Valley and moved in with Jack. He and Erica’s marriage was on the rocks. Erica was living at the Valley Inn with her first husband, Jeff Martin. Barbara saw it as her chance to strike. Erica caught Barbara and Jackson in bed together.
Barbara seemed to have a bad way with children. Barbara’s relationship with Sean remained estranged. Bianca revealed Barbara had kept her from Molly and Sean after she came out of the closet. Barbara tried to make amends by bringing a gift that belonged to Travis for Miranda Montgomery’s birthday party.
Barbara was suspicious of Jack and Erica’s supposed divorce, which was being documented for a reality television show. Barbara planted a video camera in Erica’s yacht club room to catch her and Jack in an affair. Before she played the tape, Sean caught her. He threw the camera in the ocean and told Barbara to leave town.