The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Grant Aleksander (1993-96)
Family: Jamal Wilson McIntyre Cudahy (Son)
Marriages: Hayley Vaughan

1993: Alec McIntyre thought he hit the jackpot when Adam Chandler hired him to be his right hand man. Adam took a leave of absence from Chandler Industries to deal with his paralysis. In the interim, Alec took over the day-to-day operations for Adam.
It was Alec’s greed that would lead to his undoing. Alec already had Adam’s job, but he wanted more. Alec had grown fond of Adam’s new wife, Gloria Chandler. Gloria kept Alec at bay. That all changed when they were stranded together in Adam’s cabin. Gloria gave into temptations. Alec promised that he would leave town after they made love. But he became obsessed with his new lover, and reneged on his promise.

1994: Gloria broke off her affair with Alec. When Adam went missing, Alec saw it as a perfect opportunity to take over his life. But, Adam was still very much in Pine Valley, masquerading as his twin brother, Stuart Chandler. Adam relegated Alec to working only at Enchantment.
Alec learned that he was the father of young boy, Jamal Wilson. He had had an affair with his mother, Janine Wilson, years ago. Alec now wanted to be a part of his son’s life. Alec sued his foster parents, Tom and Livia Cudahy for custody. Alec won out, but he could tell Jamal was unhappy. Jamal took Alec to court to break their custody. Alec did not want to put Jamal through anymore pain, so he allowed the Cudahy’s to adopt him.

1995-96: Alec was set to marry Hayley. But, on their wedding day, Hayley got cold feet and left him at the altar. Alec became resentful of his bride to be. Though he told Hayley that he would wait for her, Alec secretly plotted his revenge. Alec was determined to steal Enchantment from under her. After they eloped, Alec emptied their joint bank account
But Alec’s plot hit a snag when Alec fell into an affair with Hayley’s mother, Arlene Vaughan. Arlene had got wind of Alec’s plan and wanted in on the profits. When Arlene threatened to tell Hayley everything, Alec knew he had to act fast. He plotted one more seduction of Arlene. That night, he drank the alcoholic Arlene into a drunken stupor. Then, he took a bottle vodka and prepared to funnel it down her throat to make her die of alcohol poisoning. Little did he know, Hayley had followed her mother to Alec’s hotel room. Hayley stopped her husband, and he was taken into custody for attempted murder. After he was convicted, Hayley served Alec with divorce papers.