The Pine Valley Bulletin

MCFADDEN, Wallace “Wally”
Portrayed by
: Jack Magee (1978-80); Nigel Reed (1980); Patrick Skelton (1980-81, 1984)
Family: Bonnie McFadden (Daughter)
Marriages: Devon Shepard

1978: Wally McFadden was seduced by the equally virginal Devon Shepard. Their one night of passion left Devon pregnant. Wally decided the best thing to do was to marry Devon, though he knew she did not love him. She was still pining for Dan Kennicott.

1979: Devon gave birth to Wally’s son, Bonnie McFadden. Though Devon and Wally were married, they were not in love. Devon grew despondent over her situation. Wally found himself being Bonnie’s primary caregiver. He began an affair with Betsy Kennicott.

1980: Wally could live with Devon’s infidelity with Sean Cudahy, but her alcoholism was ruining their marriage. He wanted to protect Bonnie, and made plans to leave Pine Valley. Ellen begged Wally to stay and help Devon recover. Wally made Devon realize how much of Bonnie’s life she had missed because of her drinking. He promised to help Devon recover, but made it clear their marriage was over.

1981: Wally filed for divorce from Devon. They shared custody of Bonnie, though he would have primary custody while she recovered from her alcoholism.