The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Hunter Tylo (1985-87)
Family: Wade Mathews (Brother)
Marriages: None

1985-87: It only took one day to chance Robin McCall’s life forever. She was working at the Pine Valley Bank, when she was robbed at gunpoint. Thanks to Tad Martin’s quick thinking, they found safety in the vault. Tad’s presence made Robin feel safe. They anxiously awaited the police the to arrive. Robin’s brother, Wade Mathews, found them in the vault.
Robin became engaged to fellow teller Greg Nelson. But, since that fateful day, she could not get Tad out of her mind.
Robin confided in Wade that she had fallen in love with Tad, who was not married to Hillary Wilson. Wade pushed Robin to pursue Tad. Really, he wanted to use Hillary’s position in Wallingford Mansion to befriend Phoebe Wallingford. Robin realized Wade had ill plans for Phoebe, and told Tad.
When Wade’s plans came to light, Robin lost Greg. Tad also left town to start his life anew.