The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Kate Harrington (1970); Christine Thomas (1970); Kay Campbell (1970-85)
Family: Joe Martin (Son); Paul Martin (Son)
Marriages: Henry Brent

1970: Kate Martin may have had three grandchildren of her own, but she was considered everyone’s “Gran” in Pine Valley. Kate suffered many tragedies around the same time, including the death of her husband, Henry Martin, the loss of daughter-in-law, Helen Martin, and the devastating news that her son, Paul Martin, was missing in action in Vietnam. Her eldest son, Dr. Joe Martin, moved his family back to Pine Valley as a response to Helen’s death. Kate filled the maternal void left after Helen’s death.
With her newfound family, the good news began to flood in. Paul was recovered in Vietnam, and soon set up shop as an attorney in Pine Valley.

1971: Kate tried to keep herself out of the Martin family drama. Tara had turned to her with apprehensions about marrying Chuck Tyler, but Kate could provide no definitive answer. Nor was Kate able to explain why Jeff would rush into a sudden marriage with Erica Kane.
Phoebe Tyler came to Kate with an idea to set up her daughter, Ann Tyler, with Paul. Kate disapproved of Phoebe’s intervention in Tara and Chuck’s relationship, and was not about to help her weed into Paul’s life. She was not going to play matchmaker to her son, and told Phoebe she should do the same for her daughter.

1972: Kate welcomed Ruth into the Martin household. She passed on the reigns of Martin matriarch to Ruth after her wedding to Joe. In Ruth, she did not only get a daughter-in-law, but a new best friend.

1975: Kate worried that Joe and Ruth’s marriage was doomed. Ruth had kept the secret about little Phillip Tyler’s paternity for so long. Kate had never seen Joe so angry before either. Kate knew it was best to keep out of their affairs. Instead, she focused her attention on Tad, who was now going to be adopted by the elder Martins.

1976: Kate worried about her son’s marriage. The once peaceful Martin home was at war over Tara and Phil. Kate invited Dan Kennicott to move in with the Martins while he attended Pine Valley University. She hoped his presence would calm Joe and Ruth down enough to speak with each other.
Joe lay near death when he was struck with appendicitis. By his bedside, Kate witnessed Ruth and Joe reconciled. All the Martins came together for the long anticipated Christmas time wedding of Tara and Phil.

1979: When Ruth and Joe learned they were expecting a child, everyone rejoiced. Ruth was concerned over the dangers to the child because of her advanced age. Kate calmed her fears, telling her to wait for test results before making any assumptions about the baby’s health. All the tests indicated that she was going to have a perfectly healthy child. That Christmas, Joseph “Joey” Martin, jr. was born.

1981: Kate caught Tad stealing money from her sugar bowl. Kate confronted him until he admitted he was going to use the cash to buy drugs. His erratic behavior only increased. When he accidentally crashed the family station wagon, Tad decided to run away from home breaking Kate’s heart.

1982: Kate was taking care of Joey when he found Ruth’s gun. She had bought it to protect herself from Ray. Joey accidentally shot Kate, not knowing the gun was real. Luckily, the wound was not life threatening. The accident convinced Ruth to get rid of the gun and not live in fear of Ray’s return.
But Ray was able to manage an early parole. Kate was able to intervene when he came to the Martin home to confront Ruth. That New Year’s Eve, Greg Nelson rushed into the home claiming Ray had planted a bomb to explode under the Martin home. At that moment, an explosion occurred outside. Ray had ran away with the bomb after learning his daughter, Jenny Gardner, was staying over at the Martin home.

1983: The Martins welcomed Tad back to Pine Valley.

1985: Kate passed away peacefully in her sleep. All of the Martins returned to say farewell to their beloved grandmother.