The Pine Valley Bulletin

MARTIN, Jenny Carey
Portrayed by: Unknown Actresses (2007); Rebecca and Jacqueline Levine (2008-present)
Family: Tad Gardner Martin (Father); Krystal Carey Martin (Mother); JR Chandler (Step-brother); Jamie Martin (Brother); Babe Carey (Sister); Kathy Mershon Keefer (Sister)
Marriages: None

2007: Jenny Martin’s greatest tribulations came about even before she was born. She was to be Charlotte Chandler, the child of happy couple Adam and Krystal Chandler. Instead, she was the love child of Krystal and Tad Martin from a one night stand. Dr. David Hayward revealed the truth about Jenny’s paternity to Dixie Cooney, Tad’s ex-wife. In her dying breath, she passed the secret on to JR Chandler, Jenny’s would-be brother. When Adam found out the truth, he banished JR and Krystal from Chandler Mansion.
After a heated confrontation with Adam, Krystal went into labor. Adam again turned his back on his wife. If not for Colby Chandler, Krystal would have given birth to Jenny alone. At the hospital, Krystal decided to name her Jenny Colby Martin, after Tad's late sister, Jenny Gardner. .
Before she could come home from the hospital, Janet Dillon kidnapped her from the neonatal unit. Adam had conspired with the mentally unstable Janet, but set the stage so that only she would take the blame. He was going to sell Jenny on the black market. The joke was on Adam though, when Janet turned on him. In order for Tad and Krystal to get Jenny back, Janet forced them to confront their own failings as bad parents. Luckily, Amanda Dillon found Jenny and returned her to her parents. Janet was sent back to Oak Haven Sanitarium.

2008: Krystal and Tad married for Jenny’s sake. What started out as a marriage of convenience became a loving home. Her grandparents, and siblings constantly surrounded Jenny. At Jesse and Angie Hubbard's wedding, she met Greg Nelson, her Aunt Jenny's husband. She even gained a new sister in Kathy Mershon Keefer, Tad and Dixie’s long lost daughter.
But, Kathy had a hard time adjusting to life in the Martin home. Kathy pushed Krystal off a ladder, almost injuring Jenny in the process.
Krystal began to send Jenny and Kathy to stay at Opal’s home more and more frequently. Krystal was carrying on an affair with David Hayward, her late sister Babe Carey’s father.