The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Christopher Wines (1970); Charles Frank (1970-75, 1988, 1995); Robert Perault (1976-77); James O’Sullivan (1977-79); Jeffrey Byron (1986-87); John James (2006-07)
Family: Joe Martin (Father); Helen Martin (Mother); Tara Martin Jefferson (Sister); Bobby Martin (Brother); Tad Martin (Adopted Brother); Jake Martin (Brother); Josh Madden (Son)
Marriages: Erica Kane; Mary Kennicott; Chris Karaas

1970: Dr. Jeff Martin arrived in Pine Valley to help his family grieve the loss of his mother, Helen Martin. He was especially worried about his father, Dr. Joe Martin. Still completing his fellowship at Stanford, Jeff saw his relocation at as a temporary arrangement. That is of course, until he crossed paths with Erica Kane. Jeff’s sister, Tara Martin, warned Jeff about Erica and her manipulative ways, but Jeff was smitten. He decided to transfer to Pine Valley Hospital in a permanent basis.

1971: Even with Tara’s warnings about Erica’s nature, Jeff continued to pursue Erica. Working the long days of his residency, Jeff struggled to find time to spend with Erica. After an extended weekend, Erica and Jeff returned to town married. Mona welcomed Jeff to the Kane family, but Jeff sensed some apprehension from his own family.
Jeff moved out of Kate’s house and rented a flat. Erica was shocked to think she was expected to live in his small apartment, but Jeff could not afford anything better. Erica and Jeff struggled with married life. They learned that neither really had anything in common.
At work, Jeff found a compassionate ear in his new nurse, Mary Kennicott. Mary was interested in talking about what Jeff wanted to talk about. With Erica spending more and more time in New York, Jeff found himself filling those moments with Mary.

1972: Though it had appeared as if Erica had given up on their marriage, Jeff had not. Jeff was still holding out hope that he and his wife would work things out. But, Erica seemed to intentionally plan more trips to New York. When Erica announced her intentions to become a fashion model, Jeff was hesitant. He especially did not like her agent, Jason Maxwell. Jeff voiced his misgivings to anyone who would listen.
That person was most likely Mary. Mary and Jeff were spending an awfully lot of time together. With Erica never in town, Jeff had more free time to spend with his friends. But he was never happier than when he was with Mary.

1973: Jeff was just a pawn in Erica’s game of life. Erica could not stop speaking about Jason. Jeff was content with his life in Pine Valley, hear his family, and close to Mary. Erica turned Jeff’s world around when she collapsed at their loft. At the hospital, Joe told Jeff Erica was suffering from an infection as a result of an abortion. She had terminated the birth of their child without his consent.
Jeff ran to Mary. He was ready to cut Erica out of his life. Jeff and Mary were spending more time together as a result of a special case at the hospital. They had were treating an orphan, Tad Gardner. Tad filled the part of Jeff’s heart that Erica had left by aborting his child. The three of them were a family.
Mona sat down with Jeff to talk about his marriage. Mona helped Jeff see that Erica was not being malicious in her actions. Jeff agreed, Erica was young and likely to make bad decisions. He finally decided to make another go at their marriage, but Erica had other plans.
Jeff arrived at the Valley Inn in time to see Jason and Erica in a heated conversation. Jeff broke them up, but had a few choice words for Jason. Jason called Jeff later to clear the air about Erica. When Jeff arrived at his hotel room, Jason was lying dead on the floor. The police arrived, and took Jeff into custody.

1974: Jeff turned to his family for support in his time of need. His uncle Paul served as his defense attorney. Jeff had to deal with Erica. Erica had spread rumors that he was jealous of Jason. It would take her testimony to exonerate him. Erica blackmailed the Martins. She would testify, but only if Joe promised her a pretty penny in return. Joe was willing to do anything he could to save Jeff. The charges were dropped. Erica’s last minute negotiations finalized his decision to divorce her.
Without skipping a beat, Jeff asked Mary to marry him. They prepared to embark on their lives together. Tad was already living as a ward to the Martins. Jeff began the search for his biological parents.

1975: Jeff had spent so much of his life wasted on Erica. His happiness with Mary would prove to be short lived. She was fatally injured in a robbery. Jeff sank into a deep depression. Everything in the Valley reminded him of her. Jeff wanted to leave, but could not risk loosing Tad. Joe wanted his son to do what he thought was best for him. Joe offered to adopt Tad if Jeff could not. With his affairs in order, Jeff left for California.

1977: Jeff returned to Pine Valley and realized a lot had changed. Erica was one of the first people to welcome her home. Jeff knew he did not want to make that mistake again, and kept his distance.
Instead, Jeff was enamored with his colleague, Dr. Chris Karras. Chris was receiving threatening letters. Jeff tried to help her get to the bottom of it, but Dr. David Thornton beat him to the punch. He diagnosed Chris’ multiple personality disorder.
Jeff did some digging into David’s past. He found out David was harboring a secret family.

1978: Jeff did not hesitate to pursue Chris. David’s sudden death implicated Chris as the main suspect.
Jeff had diagnosed Edna Thornton with a heart condition as a result of poisoning. When David died, the heart condition had dissipated. A toxicology report of David’s body brought up the same result. Jeff exonerated Chris for the crime.
Jeff and Chris were free to see each other. By year’s end, they were married.

1979: Jeff’s marriage to Chris proved to be as difficult as his marriage to Erica. Chris never felt like she fit in with the Martin family. She accepted a job in San Francisco and gave Jeff an ultimatum: if he wanted their marriage to work, he had to follow her there. Jeff was torn, having always been close to his family. Joe encouraged him to give his marriage a try. Jeff reluctantly packed up and moved to California.

1986: Jeff made his way back to Pine Valley as his marriage to Chris began to crumble. They agreed to a trial separation. Jeff did not know where else he could turn, but home with his father.

1987: Jeff began dating Brooke English. Erica turned to them to help her stage an intervention for her brother Mark, whose cocaine addiction had destroyed his life. Jeff was forced to confront some of the feelings he still had for Erica.
Realizing how much his marriage meant to him, Jeff returned to San Francisco to be with Chris.

1997: Jeff sent his star intern, Dr. Allie Doyle, to complete her residency at Pine Valley Hospital.

2006: Jeff and Chris’ marriage finally came to an end. Jeff left California for Africa. While doing research there, Joe sent him a telegram. The child he thought Erica had aborted was alive. The doctor that performed the procedure, Dr. Greg Madden, had saved the fetus and implanted it in his own wife.
Jeff rushed back to Pine Valley. He came face to face for the first time with his son, Dr. Josh Madden. He invited Josh to work with him on his grant. Erica worried that Jeff was going to tell Josh the truth. He did not have to. Josh discovered the truth on his own.
The ordeal and brought Erica and Jeff closer together. Erica was estranged from her current husband, Jackson Montgomery. Erica moved into the Valley Inn, across the hall from Jeff. One night, she found Jeff visibly ill. He was suffering from malaria which he had contracted in Africa. Erica helped Jeff recover. In a moment of weakness, she slept with him.
Greg was found buried alive. Jeff reached out to his son as he grieved the loss of his father.

2007: Jeff and Josh teamed up to hide Babe Chandler from the Satin Slayer. Jeff was able to revive her after she was found strangled in a parking lot. They hid her in a makeshift hospital, and allowed the rest of the world to believe she was dead.
Jeff decided to return to Africa. Soon Jamie would join he and Jake there.

2008: Jeff and Jamie were reported missing in the Congo. Tad went to try and find them. Dr. David Hayward had set up the ruse to leave Krystal Martin vulnerable to his seduction.