The Pine Valley Bulletin

MARTIN, James “Jamie” Edward
Portrayed by
: Unknown (1991-93); Jamal and Jamil Azizi (1993-94); Sean Marquette (1994-98); Zachary Kady (1998-2001); Todd Harrison (2001-02); Micah Alberti (2002-03); Justin Bruening (2003-07)
Family: Brooke English (Mother); Tad Martin (Father); JR Chandler (Step-brother); Kathy Mershon Keefer (Sister); Jenny Martin (Sister)
Marriages: None

1991: Jamie Martin had more parents than he could manage. He was the result of an affair between Brooke English and Tad Martin. When Tad reunited with his wife, Dixie Cooney, Tom Cudahy took the role of Jamie’s father to protect Brooke. But, Tad’s death changed everything. Reaching out to a mourning Dixie, Brooke admitted that Jamie was Tad’s child.
Brooke went into labor at the most trying of times. Arlene Vaughan had just crashed into the car that Brooke and Jackson Montgomery were driving in. Thanks to Tom’s quick reaction, Jamie was safely delivered at the crash site.

1993: Brooke found Tad alive. They decided to marry to offer Jamie an opportunity at a normal life.

1994: Tad and Dixie finally remarried. Jamie moved in with them, and his new older brother, Junior Chandler.

1995: Tad, Junior and Jamie went on a camping trip at Willow Lake. Jamie and Junior went swimming on their own. But Jamie went too far into the deep end and began to drown. Janet Green heard Jamie’s cries for help and saved him. Jamie’s rescues unsettled everyone in Pine Valley who thought Janet was dead.

1996: Janet began to stalk Jamie. Janet had grown jealous of Brooke because she had stolen her lover, Pierce Riley, and child, Laura Kirk. Janet was plotting to take over Brooke’s life. To perfect her impersonation, she tested it on Jamie.

1998: Brooke went on the run with Jamie after she killed Jim Thomasen in self-defense. Jim had threatened to hurt Jamie if Brooke ever told the authorities that he was responsible for the crash of Flight 149.
Jamie was reunited with Junior, now going by JR, when he and Dixie moved back to Pine Valley.

1999: Tad and Dixie remarried. JR and Jamie rekindled their brotherly bond.

2001: The Proteus drug ring greatly affected Jamie’s home. Laura overdosed on drugs and nearly died. She confided in Jamie her fear of dying. JR had turned to drugs to cope with Tad and Dixie’s crumbling marriage. He hid some drugs in Jamie’s backpack. Tad and Dixie almost took them thinking they were candy.
At the Crystal Ball, Phoebe enlisted Jamie’s help to bring Brooke and Edmund together at midnight. After they kissed, Phoebe told Jamie he was going to have to sleep over at the Wallingford Estate.

2002: Vanessa Cortlandt was revealed to be the drug lord Proteus. She learned that Edmund and Brooke were major players in the investigation. To threaten them to stop, she kidnapped Jamie at knifepoint. After the ordeal, Jamie refused to talk to Brooke or Edmund.
Jamie was devastated by Dixie’s death. But, he tried to be strong for JR and Tad. Tad began to relay on Brooke. Jamie hoped Brooke and Tad would reunite, and began to push Edmund away. Brooke told Jamie that she was going to marry Edmund.
Brooke’s marriage to Edmund ended after Maria Grey was found alive. Brooke fell into an affair with Adam Chandler. Jamie did not approve of their relationship. At the Venetian Ball, he drunkenly revealed their affair. The episode embarrassed his mother, and caused his girlfriend, Joni Stafford’s, parents to bar him from seeing her until he got help. Jamie tried to warm up to the Stafford by going to church with them.

2003: Jamie’s relationship with Joni was compromised by his attraction to JR’s girlfriend, Laurie Lewis. Jamie and Laurie shared a kiss. Joni had spotted them and told JR. Betrayed, JR lashed out against his girlfriend and brother. He decided to leave town to cool off.
Jamie learned of Tad’s past cad behavior and decided to become like his father. Jamie even landed in prison for unknowingly soliciting a prostitute. One night, Jamie had a one-night stand with a new girl in town named Babe. The next day, JR came back to town and revealed Babe was his new wife. Both Jamie and Babe wanted to keep their tryst a secret. But when Babe learned she was pregnant, the truth came out. This only compromised Jamie and JR’s already fragile relationship.

2004: Jamie and JR put aside their differences when Babe went missing in a storm. Trapped in a cabin with Bianca Montgomery, Babe went into labor. At the hospital, JR asked Jamie to forget about the last few months so that he could be an uncle to his new daughter, Bess Chandler. Unfortunately, Bianca lost her daughter, Miranda Montgomery, when the rescue helicopter crashed.
Jamie began dating his roommate Maggie Stone, though he still had feelings for Babe. Jamie tried to back off, but something was unsettling to him. When Babe overdosed on drugs, Jamie knew JR had to do something with it. JR had become disenchanted by Babe because of her affair with Jamie, and the revelation that she was actually still married to another man, Paul Cramer. He was now trying to attempt to gaslight her.
JR planted drugs in Jamie’s apartment. Tad sconvinced Chief of Police Derek Frye that Jamie was not involved in Babe’s drugging. Jamie agreed to go undercover in prison and fish information from JR’s drug provider, Seth. When Seth though Jamie knew too much, he stabbed him in the chest.
Babe came to Jamie’s hospital bedside. She finally came to terms with the fact that her marriage was over. She had a secret for Jamie: she had found her and JR’s real child, Ace Buchanan, alive in Llanview. Bess was actually Bianca daughter, Miranda. Jamie and Babe planned to kidnap Ace and tell Bianca the truth about Bess. With help from his father, and Babe’s parents, David and Krystal Carey, the new couple went on the run with their son, James.

2005: Jamie and Babe alluded JR’s thugs with the help of Liza. Tad came to New Orleans after learning JR was close on their trail. Before they could leave the country, Adam and JR caught up with them. Jamie was facing jail time for James, now Adam Chandler, III’s, kidnapping.
Krystal took the fall for everyone involved. Jamie was kicked out of Pine Valley University. He tried to make ends meet as a mechanic.
His life took a turn when Phoebe died. Jamie worried for his mother’s welfare, as she was still dealing with Edmund’s murder. Jamie had confided in Phoebe that he wanted to become a doctor like many in his family. Phoebe left her entire estate to Jamie with only one demand of her grandnephew: he leaves Babe. JR had to authenticate the breakup for it to be considered valid. Jamie responded by proposing to her.
JR enlisted their old friend Amanda’s help to break up Babe and Jamie. As much as Babe loved Jamie, she knew he deserved more. She decided to leave him. She had him catch her in bed with Josh Madden. Jamie left Babe. He threw himself into his new job at Pine Valley Hospital along his grandfather, Joe.
Jamie was shocked to learn Dixie was alive. She had taken on the form of Di Kirby, the Chandler nanny. Dixie’s presence softened JR. He became the brother Jamie had remembered. But their happiness was short-lived when Di was revealed to be an imposter. She was in fact Dixie’s sister. Jamie worried about his father, who had fallen in love the woman who lied to them.
Amanda had gone so far as to poison Jamie in an attempt to marry him. Jamie knew something was wrong with her. Amanda worried that she was becoming like her mother. Around the holidays, Amanda was implicated in a string of crimes. She was experienced blackouts in memory. Jamie promised to help her.

2006: Jamie and Amanda’s investigation lead to one culprit, Janet. Janet was responsible for the string of crimes. In her distorted state of mind, she thought she was protecting Amanda. After Amanda confronted Janet, she responded by rigging the ballroom at the Mardi Gras Ball to explode. Amanda and Jamie tried to warn everyone, but they were too late.
In the aftermath, Babe and Little Adam went missing. Jamie, Tad, and JR were determined to find them. Janet had kidnapped them. After they were all reunited, Jamie gave JR and Babe his blessing when they decided to remarry.
Jamie was shocked to learn Dixie was alive. Jamie and JR felt rejected that Dixie had purposefully stayed away for four years. Tad was just as unforgiving.
Jamie began a relationship with the much older Julia Keefer. Julia tried to break things off, but Jamie was determined to prove that they could work out. At Christmas, Julia’s friends Jim and Linda got in a car accident. They left Julia to raise their daughter, Kathy. Kathy became especially attached to Tad.

2007: Jamie was devastated when Dixie was killed by the Satin Slayer. Jamie worried for JR, after seeing what he had gone through the first time he thought Dixie was dead.
Jamie and Julia’s relationship became estranged when Jamie thought Julia could be pregnant. Though he loved and cared for Kathy, he was not ready to be a father. Julia realized that their age difference put them in different points of their lives. Julia broke things off for Jamie, and left Wildwind for a break in California.
Tad and Krystal’s affair resulted in Jamie and Babe’s new little sister, Jenny Martin. Jamie and Babe grew closer after her divorce from JR. Jamie helped Babe study for her GED. Before their romance took off again, Jamie accepted an invitation from his uncle Jake Martin to join him in Africa to work with Doctors Without Borders. Jamie decided to complete his studies abroad.

2008: Jeff and Jamie were reported missing in the Congo. Tad went to try and find them. David had set up the ruse to leave Krystal vulnerable to his seduction.