The Pine Valley Bulletin

MARSH, Gloria
Portrayed by
: Theresa Blake (1991-98)
Family: Anna Claire Chandler (Daughter)
Marriages: Adam Chandler; Dimitri Marick

1991: Nurse Gloria Marsh arrived in Pine Valley with revenge on her mind. Her fiancé, Craig Lawson, had left her with no reason and pile of bills. She got wind of his latest plot to siphon off mourning widow Dixie Cooney’s vast trust fund. Craig begged Gloria to keep silent. She would only agree if Craig agreed to continue their affair.
Things began to change when Gloria actually met the kindhearted Dixie. She felt guilt over her affair. But already, she was in too deep and did not know how to find her way out.

1992: When Gloria’s involvement with Craig was revealed, she became an outcast in her new town. While getting drunk at a roadside bar, Gloria met Will Cortlandt. She flirted openly with Will but was not expecting anything more. Will was not about to be led on, and raped her that night. When Will was found dead in his apartment, Gloria was among the many suspects investigated.
Gloria took refuge in Wildwind as personal nurse to the recovering Angelique Marick. Gloria’s new position in Wildwind helped to her to recover some of the dignity she had lost in as a result of her very public indiscretions.

1993: Gloria began working at the hospital again. There, she met kind Stuart Chandler. Gloria fell in love with Stuart. But, his brother Adam Chandler had other plans for her. Adam promised to give Gloria everything that she ever wanted. Gloria tried to be content with her relationship with Stuart, but Adam was always in the back of her mind. On the day she was to marry Stuart, Gloria admitted that she had feelings for Adam. Instead, she and Adam married on his yacht, Fidelity.
But Adam and Gloria’s happiness met an early hurdle. Adam experienced paralysis as a result of a car accident. Adam hired Alec McIntyre to take care of his affairs as he recovered. Alec shamelessly flirted with Gloria. She did her best to keep true to her marital vows.
One night, Alec and Gloria were stranded in a snowstorm. At Adam’s cabin, Gloria gave in to temptation. Alec promised that he would leave town after they made love. Only, Alec liked the new arrangement and reneged on his promise.

1994: Gloria thought Adam was missing. Really, he had faked his disappearance upon learning of her affair with Alec. He was masquerading at Chandler Mansion as Stuart. When Gloria found out the truth, she plotted her own revenge. Upon Adam’s miraculous return, they were to remarry in a lavish ceremony at the Valley Inn.
At the ceremony, Gloria told Adam that she would not marry him if he were the last man alive. At that moment, a tornado came crashing through. Gloria watched as the tornado destroyed the inn. At the end of day, Gloria announced that she would be leaving Adam. But the break was not as clean as she hoped. She was now pregnant with his child.

1995: Gloria was devastated when her baby, Anna Claire Chandler, died soon after childbirth. In a psychotic state, she blamed Adam for the baby’s death. Adam caught her trying to poison him. Gloria went to Oak Haven to recover from her loss.

1996: Gloria comforted Tad after Dixie left him. Gloria was the only person in Pine Valley Dixie had remained in contact with. Gloria felt guilty because she began to have feelings for Tad.

1997: Gloria had fallen in love with Tad. But she could not get past his history with other women. When Gloria found out Liza Chandler was pregnant, she wrongly came to the conclusion that Tad was the child’s father.
Gloria turned to her old friend Dimitri. Dimitri had just broken up with Erica Kane. Both friends learned to lean on each other. Dimitri surprised Gloria with a proposal. She accepted though her heart still belonged to Tad.
Dimitri told Gloria they were going to his native home in Hungary, Vadzel for their long awaited honeymoon. Really, Dimitri was on the run with Madelyn Grey. He had just learned that Madelyn was not his daughter. Dimitri’s brother Edmund Grey and Tad snuck into Vadzel to reclaim Madelyn. Tad convinced Gloria to read the paternity test. When she realized Madelyn was Edmund’s daughter, she begged Dimtiri to give up the child. Gloria remained in Vadzel to comfort Dimitri, but he pushed his new wife away.

1998: At the first annual Crystal Ball, Gloria watched Dimitri confront Tad and Edmund at gunpoint over his embarrassment at Vadzel. Gloria stopped Dimitri from hurting them. After a heated argument, she told her husband their marriage was over.
Gloria tried to clear her mind at the hospital. A storm hit Pine Valley and caused a major bus accident. As Gloria tried to tend to the victims, con man Ryan Lavery tried to make it appear as if he was on the bus too so as to cash in on the settlement. Gloria saw through Ryan’s act. But before she could do anything, Dimitri was admitted after a tree branch at Wildwind fell on him. He was in need of blood, and the hospital was out. Gloria realized Ryan was a match. She threatened to turn Ryan in to the authorities if he did not give her the donation she needed.
Gloria stood vigil over Dimitri until he awoke from his coma. When he awoke, she gave him her wedding ring, and left Pine Valley forever.