The Pine Valley Bulletin

MARLOWE, Natalie
Portrayed by
: Kate Collins (1985-92, 1997, 1998, 2001); Melody Anderson (1992-93)
Family: Janet Green Dillon (Sister); Tim Hunter Dillon (Son)
Marriages: Alex Hunter; Jeremy Hunter; Adam Chandler; Palmer Cortlandt; Trevor Dillon

1985: Natalie Marlowe was in love with Jeremy Hunter. But, she also loved his father, Alex Hunter’s, wallet even more. Seduced by the older, suave businessman, Natalie fell in love. She married Alex, and Jeremy left for Tibet. Natalie was sure that she would never see Jeremy again.
More than two years later, Jeremy returned to Canada after a falling out with his lover, Erica Kane. It was as if no time had passed by for the two lovers. Just when it seemed like their hope for Natalie and Jeremy, Erica arrived. Natalie saw Erica as a rival for Jeremy’s affections. But, Alex grew smitten with Erica as well. Alex arranged for all the Hunters to follow Erica back to Pine Valley and see what sort of life Jeremy had created for himself there.

1986: Natalie learned she was pregnant with Alex’s child. Trapped in her loveless marriage, she needed an escape.
When Natalie learned Jeremy had been released from his vow of celibacy, she was sure she could win him over. Natalie saw her opportunity when Alex and Erica were presumed dead in a rockslide in Canada. Jeremy led the search team for his lover and father to no avail. That night, Natalie found Jeremy in a drunken stupor. She slipped in bed beside him. The next morning, she convinced Jeremy they had slept together.
Her reunion with Alex was brief. He died in a foxhunt accident on the Wallingford grounds. She revealed to Jeremy that she was pregnant with his child. They had an impromptu wedding. Natalie thought she had won, but she underestimated her opponent.
Natalie caught Erica and Jeremy in bed together. Their fight led them to a broken down elevator that was about to come crashing down. Jeremy saved a pregnant Natalie, but could not get back to Erica in time. Luckily, Tom Cudahy arrived in the nick of time to save Erica. In her rage, Erica revealed that Natalie and Jeremy’s wedding was a sham. She had hired an actor to play minister.
Natalie chased Jeremy when he went to rescue Erica from her ex-husband, Adam Chandler. The trio was stranded on an island. The stress caused Natalie to go into premature labor. Natalie gave birth to Timothy Hunter.
Back in Pine Valley, Natalie consented to a paternity test hoping that Jeremy and Alex’s DNA would be a close enough match. Unfortunately, Erica had caught Adam playing around with the first test results. On the second test, Natalie’s lie was revealed. Alex was Tim’s father, not Jeremy. Jeremy bestowed Timmy with part of Alex’s estate, but left Natalie with nothing.
To make ends meet, Natalie became Palmer Cortlandt’s live in nurse. Adam approached Natalie with a business proposition. He needed someone to spy on Palmer and Natalie was in the perfect position. The sum he proposed was too good for Natalie to pass on. She agreed, and began to weasel her way into Palmer’s personal affairs.

1987: Ross Chandler and Natalie could not keep their affair a secret. Jeremy had already caught them in a passionate embrace. Ross explained Adam had found out about them too. But, Ross was steadfast in his marriage to Ellen. When Palmer proposed to Natalie, she realized that it might be the opportunity she had been waiting for. They married in a small ceremony in Corltandt Manor.
Ross’ obsession with Natalie began to scare her. One night, Ellen learned of their affair and left Ross. He stormed Cortlandt Manor and entered Natalie’s room. In a rage, he raped her.
Natalie turned Ross in to the authorities. To Natalie’s surprise, her trial proved to be an uphill climb. He reputation for using men tainted her allegations. To the rest of Pine Valley, Ross had a sterling reputation. Natalie’s big break came when Ross’ daughter, Julie Chandler, returned to Pine Valley. She had secretly witnessed their affair and the night of Natalie’s rape. Ross broke down after listening to his daughter’s pleas.
When Natalie returned to Cortlandt Manor, she realized she had nothing left with Palmer either. She had no one else to turn to, but Jeremy.

1988: As far as Natalie was concerned, her marriage to Palmer was over. She had no one else to turn to but Jeremy. She remained in Cortlandt Manor until her divorce settlement could be resolved. One night, a disguised assailant broke into the Manor. Natalie had bought a gun as a result of her rape, and kept it close to her. When the assailant broke in again, she confronted the person. It turned out to be Silver Kane, Jeremy’s girlfriend. Silver had grown jealous of all the attention Jeremy had showered on Natalie. Natalie wanted Silver to leave, but she was not finished. Their altercation became physical. Natalie’s gun went off, and Silver fell to the floor, dead.
Palmer walked in at the most opportune time. He helped Natalie dump Silver’s body in the Cortlandt Manor pond. This seemingly held Natalie in her loveless marriage. Natalie turned to Jeremy again. When the truth came out, Natalie was free to be with Jeremy. Palmer went to prison for obstruction of justice when it was discovered he had a taped recording of the incident that exonerated Natalie.
Natalie and Jeremy made plans to marry again. They all their hardships were behind them. But, a woman from Jeremy’s past compromised the new marriage. Marissa Rampal not only still loved Jeremy, but she was the mother of his illegitimate son, David Rampal. Natalie understood Jeremy’s need to be part of his son’s life, but there was something unsettling about Marissa.

1989: Marissa did whatever she could to provoke Natalie. Natalie put up with Marissa the best she could. In an altercation, Marissa lost her balance and fell down a staircase. Marissa was dead.
Jeremy worried about what the trauma of Marissa’s death would do to David. But, Natalie wanted Jeremy to worry about her. When Jeremy chose his son over Natalie, she left him.
Natalie became the nurse to an ailing millionaire. When he died, he left his fortune to her. She started the Mason Foundation at Pine Valley Hospital to provide grants for pediatric care.

1990: Natalie abhorred Trevor Dillon. He was brash and classless. Trevor was Jeremy's old mercenary friend brought to town by Marissa the year before. Natalie always seemed to find herself in his presence. One day, Trevor shipwrecked her yacht, stranding them on a deserted island. There, Natalie got to see a new side of Trevor. She slowly let down her guard. They shared their first kiss in the sand.
After being rescued, Natalie kept her distance from Trevor. Adam approached Natalie with a business deal. He needed his company back, and Natalie had the money to help him. She had just bought Eric Kane’s shares of Enchantment. With Adam’s shares, she would have enough shares to challenge Erica. She agreed to the marriage of convenience. Trevor arrived at the ceremony to profess his feelings to Natalie, but it was too late. She and Adam had already said their vows.

1991: Natalie made the best of her marriage to Adam. Things began to turn around when Adam’s daughter, Hayley Vaughan, moved into the mansion. Hayley was also Trevor’s niece. Hayley helped Natalie come to terms with her true feelings for Trevor. Upon learning of Adam’s plot to slowly siphon off Natalie’s money, she filed for divorce. But in the settlement, she lost her Enchantment shares.
It was not long before Natalie and Trevor were engaged. Natalie opened her home to her recently divorced sister, Janet Green. Janet’s quirky personality was in stark contrast to the prim and proper Natalie. Unbeknownst to Natalie, Janet had fallen in love with Trevor. When Trevor rejected her advances, Janet concocted a complex plan to take over Natalie’s life. When she had perfected her impersonation, Janet lured Natalie to a well and threw her in.
When Natalie regained consciousness she tried to call out for help. But, the well was in the middle of the woods in the outskirts of Pine Valley. As she struggled to survive, Natalie flashed back to her many sins. She begged God for forgiveness. One night, a terrible storm approached. Natalie was going to drown in the floodwater. Before she died in a watery grave, a hand reached in and pulled her out.
Natalie awoke in Wildwind, a Hungarian castle deep in the Pine Valley back woods. It’s Count, Dimitri Marick, had found Natalie and nursed her back to health. The two began a romance. When Natalie was healthy enough, she returned to Pine Valley only to find Janet masquerading as her and married to Trevor. Betrayed, Natalie rejected Trevor and made her way into Dimitri’s arms.

1992: Natalie finally ended her relationship with Trevor by burning the engagement ring he had given her. She now made plans to marry Dimitri. But, Dimitri began acting erratically as he had visions of his late wife, Angelique Marick. These visions proved to be rooted in reality when Angelique was revealed to be alive at their engagement party. Devastated, Natalie turned to Trevor. The feelings they once shared were very much alive. But Natalie was hesitant, knowing she could never be happy if Trevor if he decided to keep his child with Janet.
Janet was revealed to be Will Cortlandt’s crow bar killer. On the run, she took Natalie hostage. Natalie was trying to get away from her sister when she was shot in the leg. At that very moment, Janet went into labor. Natalie could not leave her sister in pain, and helped her deliver her daughter, Amanda Dillon. Holding the child in her arms, Natalie did not want Amanda to pay for her mother’s sins.
Trevor and Natalie reunited. They had an impromptu wedding at the Wallingford Estate. Ruth Martin was kind enough to let Natalie borrow Kate Martin’s wedding dress for the occasion. Trevor also formally adopted Timmy. The Dillons were at long last, a family.
Carter Jones believed Trevor was keeping him from his wife Galen Henderson. So, he set the Dillon house on fire as a warning. Only, Natalie was still inside. She was trapped because of the flames. Trevor rescued her. In the hospital, Natalie realized the fire had blinded her. She lashed out at Trevor. The only person who seemed to understand her was a hospital orderly named Kyle. But Kyle’s visits became more frequent, and his desire to protect Natalie became more obsessive. Kyle was none other than Carter.
Christmas Eve brought a miracle to the Dillon home. While looking at the angel affixed to the top of the Christmas tree, Natalie’s blurred vision was finally clear.

1993: Natalie had befriended her new accountant, Laurel Banning. Trevor was uneasy around Laurel. Natalie learned that she had been embezzling money from the Mason Foundation. Natalie turned to Adam for help. They got in a car together to confront Laurel. On the way, they got into a terrible accident. Natalie was rushed to the hospital, but the damage proved to be too severe. Natalie was brain dead. Trevor took her off life support to end her suffering.

1997: Natalie appeared to Tim after he was mugged. Tim had run away from home because Trevor had begun dating Janet. Natalie told Tim to go home and give Janet a chance.

1998: Natalie appeared again, this time to Tim’s pet dog, Harold, when he died of cancer. She welcomed his spirit into Heaven.

2001: Natalie’s spirit was among the many former Pine Valley residents that welcomed Gillian Andrassy to Heaven. But Gillian was not ready to die. Natalie agreed to help her spirit go back to earth, if she agreed to complete a task. The task would be to reveal to Ryan Lavery that Christ Stamp was his real father.