The Pine Valley Bulletin

MARICK, Dimitri
Portrayed by
: Michael Nader (1991-99; 2000-01); Anthony Addabbo (2001)
Family: Hugo Marick (Father); Edmund Grey (Brother); Anton Lang (Son); Gillian Andrassy (Niece)
Marriages: Angelique Voyetnitzva; Erica Kane; Gloria Marsh; Alex Devane

1991: Dark and dashing Count Dimitri Marick of Andrassy heard loud cries coming from the woods on his vast estate Wildwind. In a treacherous thunderstorm, Dimitri found Natalie Hunter trapped at the bottom of a well. He saved her before just before the rising water flooded in.
Dimitri nursed Natalie back to health in his castle. Natalie had fallen in love with her savior. But, Dimitri was still haunted by images in his past. Natalie bore a striking resemblance to his late wife, Angelique Voynitzeva Marick. As Natalie and Dimitri grew closer, his nightmares intensified as well.

1992: Dimitri’s visions of Angelique only intensified as he prepared for his wedding to Natalie. He threw a lavish engagement party at Wildwind with all of Pine Valley in attendance. But Helga, his housemaid, had a surprise for him. At the stroke of midnight, she wheeled in Angelique, alive and out of her fifteen year coma. Natalie stormed out of Wildwind. Their engagement was over.
Dimitri soon realized that he had moved on from his marriage to Angelique. He hired nurse Gloria Marsh to help her recover. But, he made it known that they may never restart their marriage. Another part of Edmund’s past reappeared in Pine Valley. Edmund Grey, the son of two of Wildwind’s servants, returned to reunite with Angelique. Edmund and Dimitri had a long-standing rivalry that stemmed from their different upbringings. Edmund insisted on seeing his father. Hugo Marick’s, will. Edmund had reason to believe that he was Hugo’s son too. Edmund was not about to comply to a servant’s wishes.
Instead, Dimitri focused on his business interests. Dimitri made a move to acquire Enchantment Cosmetics. Its founder, Erica Kane, was not about to loose her company. They sparred openly on a television show. It was clear that they had a mutual attraction. Erica refused to date Dimitri as long as he was married to Angelique. But, as they were stranded in a snowstorm, they succumbed to their attraction. Dimitri promised Erica that his marriage to Angelique was over. Only now, he had to find a way to break the news to Angelique.
Dimitri agreed to exhume Hugo’s body to finally put Edmund’s claims to rest. At his ancestral home Vadzel in Hungary, Dimitri discovered his father’s body missing. In retaliation, Edmund kidnapped Erica. Dimitri had fallen in love with Erica. He turned to Angelique for comfort. Helga’s efforts to keep Angelique and Dimitri together became very evident.
It was revealed that she was responsible for the disappearance of the will, Hugo’s body, and Erica. Edmund and Dimitri cornered her on a turret. Standing on the edge, Helga admitted to her crimes. She also knew for a fact that Edmund was Hugo’s son. After atoning for her sins, she threw herself over the edge to her death. Dimitri rushed into the crypt to search for Erica. She was lying in a catatonic state next to Hugo’s body.

1993: Dimitri and Erica married in a royal wedding that Pine Valley had never seen before. But, they hardly had a happy married life. Erica had just begun to deal with her rape that she experienced when she was only 14 years old. The daughter she conceived a result, Kendall Hart, had just made her way back into her life. Kendall turned to Dimitri to help her find her father, Richard Fields. When Erica found out what Dimitri had done, she told Kendall she had to leave Wildwind.
Dimitri took in a ward named Anton Lang. Anton and Kendall began an affair. After their first night together, Kendall told Erica that Dimitri had raped her. Erica and Dimtri got in a heated argument. Dimitri recognized that something was wrong with Erica. In her mind, she was reliving the night of her rape. When Dimitri tried to help her, she reached for an envelope opener, and stabbed her husband in the chest.
Back in Pine Valley, Dimitri nursed Erica back to health. They almost broke up again when Erica pretended to have amnesia. Edmund plotted a romantic evening to bring the couple back together. Dimitri proposed to Erica, and she accepted.
Dimitri also made strides to build a relationship with Edmund. He gave Edmund Wildwind as reparation for the years of lies they had to endure.

1994: Dimitri recovered from Erica’s assault. Though they were now divorced, Dimitri was still very much in love with her. He watched from the sidelines as Erica dealt with her trial and the loss of her mother.
In the meanwhile, Dimitri did what he could to make sure that Kendall stayed away from him. She was romantically linked to his new ward, Anton Lang. Dimitri had grown very fond of Anton. One of his servants, Corvina Lang came to Pine Valley, frantically needing to speak with Dimitri. Edmund and Maria had been honeymooning at Vadzel. There, they discovered her personal letters that contained a secret pertaining to Dimtri and Anton. One night at Vadzel, Dimitri had drunkenly slept with Corvina. They conceived a child: Anton. Though Dimitri could not remember the evening, he trusted Corvina. Dimitri promised to keep her secret as long as he could tell Anton the truth when the time was right.
After Kendall went to prison for lying on the stand, Erica found her way back to Dimitri. Dimitri surprised Erica with an impromptu marriage at Wildwind on New Year’s Eve.

1995: Anton was devastated when he learned that everyone had been lying to him about hi parentage. Anton married Kendall, putting him at odds with Dimitri. But Dimitri was able to reach out to his son. Strange things began happening at Wildwind revolving around Anton. It was revealed that Corvina and Kendall had teamed up to make it appear as if Corvina was Hugo’s legitimate heir so as to solidify Anton’s inheritance. Anton rejected both women and turned to his father.
Dimitri felt for his wife when Erica sustained a debilitating fall off the stage of her new talk show, “The Cutting Edge.” Erica and Edmund’s wife Maria Grey were constantly at each other’s throats. Maria accused Erica of stealing prescription notes from her. Maria recognized Erica’s edginess was a result of her addiction to painkillers. Dimitri wanted to relieve the tension at Wildwind, so he suggested they move to Erica’s home, the Linden House.
Erica underwent treatment with Dr. Jonathan Kinder. Dimitri disapproved his method of treatment. When Erica refused to leave Jonathan, Dimitri moved to the Hunting Lodge.
Erica and Dimitri reconciled in time for Christmas Eve. But, Dimitri was unaware to the extent to which Jonathan had affected their lives. Erica admitted that while under the influence of painkillers, she had slept with Jonathan. She was also responsible for a crash that severely injured Maria. Dimitri realized that his neglect that fueled Erica’ addiction. Unable to forgive her for her affair, he served her with divorce papers.

1996: Dimitri agreed to take Erica back after she successfully completed drug rehabilitation at the Betty Ford Clinic. But Kinder was not yet done with Erica. He drugged Erica into bed and set it up so that Dimitri would catch them. Upon seeing his wife in Kinder’s arms, Dimitri finalized their divorce.
Dimitri sulked alone in Wildwind. One night, Maria returned from the airport without Edmund. Maria had tried to make a run out of town with their adopted son, Sam Grey, after his mother, Kelsey Jefferson, asked for him back. Dimitri tried to comfort his sister-in-law. But in their moment of weakness, they fell into each other’s arms. Dimitri and Maria both regretted their one-night stand and promised to keep it a secret from Edmund. Unbeknownst to them, Skye Chandler had caught them in the throngs of passion.

1997: Dimitri and Erica came to reconciliation. Erica was pregnant with his child. On their proposed third wedding day, Erica suddenly collapsed. Test revealed that Erica had miscarried. Life at Wildwind became further estranged when Maria admitted their affair to Edmund. Edmund needed some time away. In the meanwhile, Dimitri and Maria grew closer.
Any chance at happiness for Dimitri and Erica were lost when it was revealed that Erica had kidnapped Maria’s daughter, Madelyn Grey, and attempted to pass her off as her own. Maria took a test that determined Dimitri to be Madelyn’s father.
Dimitri began dating Gloria. Dimitri and Gloria had been friends for years. Gloria was just coming off a romance with Tad. Afraid that Gloria would return to her former lover, Dimitri proposed marriage.
Maria died in the crash of TransGlobal Flight 149. Dimitri wanted to comfort his brother, but Edmund was irrational. Dimitri worried about Madelyn’s safety. He claimed his parental rights to take Madelyn away from Edmund. Dimitri found out Skye Chandler had switched Maria’s tests, and Edmund was in fact Madelyn’s father. Dimitri had grown very attached to Madelyn.
Afraid of losing his daughter, Dimitri went on the run to Vadzel. Dimitri had the government on the lookout for Edmund. Edmund snuck into Hungary and appealed to his brother; however, it was Gloria who would change Dimitri’s mind. She read the results of the second paternity test to Dimitri. She begged Dimitri to give Madelyn back to Edmund.
Dimitri returned to Pine Valley in time for New Year’s Eve. Edmund invited his brother to the first annual Crystal Ball at Wildwind in honor of Maria’s memory. Dimitri was still fueling his grudge against his brother and wife and began to concoct a plan for revenge.

1998: On the night of Crystal Ball, Edmund confronted Tad and Edmund in the mausoleum at gunpoint. Gloria found them and stopped Dimitri from hurting his brother. She told him that their marriage was over. Dimitri tried to chase after her, but a tree branch fell on him.
Dimitri woke up at the hospital after a blood transfusion. Gloria gave him back her wedding ring and left Pine Valley forever.
Dimitri worked to repair his broken relationship with Edmund. Dimitri was concerned about Edmund’s investigation into the life of Jim Thomasen, the man who saved Brooke’s life at the crash site of Flight 149. Jim turned out to be responsible for the crash. When Jim found out that Edmund knew the truth, he pushed him into the Wildwind aqueduct. Dimitri tried to save his brother, but instead fell in himself. Facing death, the brothers admitted their love for each other. Dimitri helped an injured Edmund tread water until Tad found and rescued them.

1999: Dimitri spent most of the year in Hungary. There, he met the love of life, Dr. Alexandra Devane. Unknown to anyone, Dimitri was dying of a degenerative disease. Dimitri wanted to make the most of the last days of his life and asked Alex to marry him. Alex began to treat Dimitri. When it looked like he was not going to recover, Dimitri asked Alex to fake his death so that his family would not have to see him suffer.
Dimitri continued his ruse. Edmund was suspicious of Alex and began investigating her past. His investigation led him to Dimitri. Edmund begged his brother to not give up on his treatment. But Dimitri had given up. One night, he walked into the ocean intent on drowning.

2000: Dimitri was being held captive by Charlotte Devane at Brynn Wydd hospital in Wales. Edmund made his way there to piece together Alex’s broken past. Dimitri had found out Charlotte had abducted Alex and trained her to kill her sister, Anna Devane. Dimitri tried to warn Edmund to leave. Dimitri escaped the hospital and made his way back to Pine Valley.
David Hayward and Dixie found Dimitri alive. David convinced Dimtiri to let him treat him for his degenerative disease. Dimitri appeared to Edmund at the Wildwind mausoleum to warn him about Charlotte. Dimitri told Edmund to take care of Alex after he died. Alas, that would never happen, as David was able to cure his disease. Dimitri was reluctant to go back to Alex. Dixie arranged for Alex to find Dimitri alive. They had a romantic reunion at the Hunting Lodge.
Thinking she had lost Dimitri, Alex was in a relationship with Edmund. Edmund stepped aside so that the Maricks could be together; but Dimitri still has his reservations. Alex went missing one night on the Fidelty yacht. Dimitri thought Edmund had a hand in it and sent him to Oak Haven. Brooke intervened and mediated the brothers’ conflicts. She encouraged them to work together to find Alex.

2001: Dimitri and Edmund tracked Alex to the Canadian forest. They found Alex in a cabin treating her twin sister, Anna. They convinced Alex to bring Anna back to Pine Valley for treatment at Wildwind.
Gillian and Ryan were going to marry in a small ceremony with the Justice of the Peace. Dimitri surprised them with a lavish wedding at Wildwind befitting of a princess. But their happiness was short lived. Anna’s presence brought more threats from Charlotte’s organization. An assassin shot and killed Gillian thinking she was Anna. Dimitri and Alex left Pine Valley to help Gillian’s family come to terms with her death.