The Pine Valley Bulletin

MARICK, Alexandra “Alex” Devane
Portrayed by
: Finola Hughes (1999-2001)
Family: Anna Devane (Sister); Gabriel Devane (Brother); Aidan Devane (Nephew)
Marriages: Dimitri Marick

1999: Dr. Alexandra Devane was practicing in London when she met Dimitri Marick. Dimitri had left Pine Valley to treat a degenerative disease that he had kept secret from his family. Alex and Dimitri fell in love. But Dimitri still thought he was going to die. He asked for Alex’s hand in marriage. Then he made her promise to a plot he had concocted to protect his family. Afraid that further treatment would prove futile, Alex was to tell everyone that he had died. Secretly, he would continue his treatment in hopes of a cure.
When Alex arrived in Pine Valley with the news, Dimitri’s loved ones were not ready to accept the new Dr. Marick. Erica Kane, Dimitri’s ex-wife, accused Alex of being a gold-digger and responsible for Dimitri’s death. Edmund Grey, Dimitri’s brother, was an investigative reporter and made it his duty to reveal Alex’s past. Alex admitted to Edmund Dimitri’s plot. But by this time, Dimitri had given up hope. He secretly committed suicide.
Alex was ready to go back to London when Dimitri’s will revealed she was to head up the Andrassy Foundation at Pine Valley Hospital. Alex promised to stay and find a successor. Erica pushed for Dr. David Hayward to head the foundation. Alex had known David in the past. David had accused Alex of killing one of his friends, but Alex had no memory of it. Eventually, Dr. Joe Martin named Alex and David as co-administrators.
At the Crystal Ball, Alex was overcome with blurry visions of a confrontation in her past. She looked for help, but could only find David. She struggled to get away, but eventually pushed him down the stairs at Wildwind.

2000: Alex’s memories became stronger. She flashed back to a murder she had committed by pushing a man down the stairs, just like what she did to David at the Crystal Ball. Edmund and Alex learned any records about her past were sealed by the British government. Edmund went to Wales on a fact-finding mission while Alex remained in Pine Valley.
Alex’s new stableman, Guy, turned out to be a hired assassin. He attempted to kill Alex by electrocution but she survived. At gunpoint, Guy called Alex, “Anna.” Alex overtook Guy and shot him in self-defense. Edmund returned from Wales with Charlotte Devane, a woman claiming to be Alex’s mother.
But Charlotte’s was not what she seemed. She was in fact a crime lord. She had recruited Alex to kill her twin sister, world-renowned spy Anna Devane. When Alex failed, she was taken into custody by the British government and her memory was erased. Charlotte came to Pine Valley to kill Alex herself. Edmund and Adrian Sword corned Charlotte and she was taken into federal custody.
Edmund had fallen in love with Alex. He proposed to her, and she accepted. Little did Alex know, Dimitri was still alive. David was secretly treating him. Dixie Martin arranged for Alex to catch Dimitri at the Hunting Lodge. They made love again. Alex broke things off with Edmund to be with her husband.
Alex and Dimitri attended the launch party for Alex caught David spiking the punch with Libidizone. She ran out to find Joe, but was never seen again.

2001: Someone lead Alex to a cabin in Canada. Inside, Alex came face to face with her twin, Anna. Anna was suffering from seizures and her caretaker Bart did not know what to do. Alex told Dimitri not to worry about her. He and Edmund tracked Alex down and encouraged her to bring Anna to Pine Valley for treatment at Wildwind.
Alex was at a loss of what to do with Anna. She decided to bring David in for help. David was able to stop Anna’s seizures and she regained consciousness. David promised to keep Anna’s presence a secret as long as Alex did not tell anyone about witnessing him drug the guests on Fidelity.
Alex and Anna bonded. They also welcomed Gabriel Devane, their half-brother. Gabriel had been raised by Charlotte to kill Anna as well. He showed signs of physical abuse. Charlotte’s threats were not yet complete. She sent an assassin name Ilene Pringle to kill Anna. Only, she mistakenly shot Gillian.
Dimitri and Alex decided to return to Hungary to help Gillian’s family mourn her death. After a few months, Gabriel joined them at Vadzel.