The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Scott Kinworthy (2005); Colin Egglesfield (2005-08)
Family: Jeff Martin (Father); Erica Kane (Mother); Greg Madden (Adoptive Father); Emily Madden (Adoptive Mother); Kendall Hart Slater (Half-Sister); Bianca Montgomery (Half-Sister)
Marriages: None

2005: Dr. Josh Madden was the rebellious son of world-renowned fertility specialist, Dr. Greg Madden. Josh was Greg’s miracle baby as his mother, Emily Madden, was thought to be sterile. After medical school, Josh pursued a degree in business in lieu of becoming a doctor like his father wanted.
Josh caught the FUSION women trying to steal Ryan Lavery’s sample from his father’s new clinic in Pine Valley. Josh agreed to help them for a favor. He wanted a job at Erica Montgomery’s new show, “New Beginnings.” Kendall Slater, Erica’s daughter, pulled some strings and got him a job.
Josh slept with an underage Danielle Frye after a night of drinking. Josh did not know how young Dani was.
Josh met Babe Carey after some college students tried to steal her car at the Roadside Bar. Josh was attracted to Babe, but she was in a committed relationship with Jamie Martin. Amanda Dillon had similar feelings for Jamie. They teamed up to break up the happy couple. Babe turned to Josh when she needed to end her engagement so that Jamie could inherit the English Estate. Jamie walked in on them together.

2006: Josh’s obsession with stardom went too far when he began to secretly drug Erica. She went so far as to stab Zach Slater. Josh planted evidence that Amanda was the true culprit. The truth came out at the Mardi Gras Ball. Erica and Josh were trapped after the roof collapsed in the ballroom. Josh admitted to his lies, unaware that Erica had secrets of her own.
Dr. Joe Martin offered Josh a position at Pine Valley Hospital after witnessing his aptitude for medicine after the Mardi Gras Ball. Jeff Martin enlisted Josh to help him work on his grant. Jeff’s interest in Josh was soon explained when he learned he was actually Jeff and Erica’s son. Greg had performed an abortion on Erica. He took the fetus, and implanted it in his own wife. Josh lashed out at everyone for lying to him.
Josh discovered Greg buried alive in the Pine Valley park. Babe supported Josh as he grieved his father. They had a one night stand. When Colby Chandler found out, she accused Josh of molesting her. She would only drop the charges if Babe told JR Chandler, her husband, what had happened. When JR found out, he threw himself out a window. As Josh treated JR’s injuries, he began to worry about Babe’s welfare with such an unstable husband.

2007: Josh grew close to Bianca Montgomery, his new sister. They were both equally devastated by Babe’s death at the hands of the Satin Slayer Serial Killer. In reality, Josh and Jeff had faked Babe’s death to protect her from the killer. Babe and Josh grew close in her seclusion. Josh told her it was her opportunity to start her life anew. Babe was prepared to runaway with Little Adam, but changed her mind at her last minute. After Alexander Cambias, sr. was arrested for the killings, Babe decided to break things off with Josh and JR.
Josh decided to work for Cambias Enterprises to help rebuild FUSION. Just as the women regrouped after the Satin Slayer debacle, former partner Greenlee returned to reclaim her place. Josh reached out to Greenlee, but she was on a reign of terror. She wanted to reclaim the life she thought Kendall had stolen from her by having Ryan’s child.
Josh helped Kendall and Zach cope with Spike Lavery’s deafness and Ian Slater’s premature birth. Zach gave Josh command of Chandler Industries, Cambias’ latest acquisition. Josh also began an on again off again romance with Hannah Nichols, Zach’s ex-girlfriend.

2008: Zach gave Josh more and more autonomy at Cambias Industries, not knowing that he was skimming off the books. Josh wanted to start his own business and needed the capital. He had donated all the money he received when Greg was murdered, seeing it as blood money. To Zach, Josh's action was the greatest form of betrayal. Zach sent his henchmen out after Josh, intent on getting rid of him. Josh knew only one person could help him: Kendall.
At first Kendall could not believe her husband was capable of such cruelty. But after witnessing Zach’s men abducting her brother, Kendall hatched a plan for Josh’s escape. With Ryan and Aidan’s help, Josh was sent into hiding.