The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Ian Buchanan (2005-06)
Family: Josh Madden (Son)
Marriages: Emily Madden

2005: World-renowned fertility doctor Greg Madden made waves with news that he was setting up one of his clinics in Pine Valley. His first patient would be a desperate Greenlee Lavery, who knew her now sterile husband, Ryan Lavery, had a sperm donation at Greg’s sperm bank. Greg turned Greenlee down after weighing the ethics of the situation. When the sample went missing, he knew Greenlee was the culprit. He was surprised to learn his son, Josh Madden, had helped her in her plight.
Josh was Greg’s miracle child with his late wife, Emily. Emily was seemingly unable to carry her own child to term when Josh was born, Greg was always uneasy about Josh’s life choices. Josh was a doctor, but decided to pursue a business career. He was now working for Erica Kane at “New Beginnings” as a production assistant. Greg was noticeably uneasy around Erica.
Greenlee miscarried her child after Ryan’s supposed death in a motorcycle accident. She begged Greg to help her have another child, but he told her she could not handle the strain. Erica’s daughter, Kendall Slater, volunteered to be a surrogate for Greenlee’s child. The night before the scheduled procedure, there was a citywide blackout that compromised Ryan’s last sample. Kendall begged Greg to impregnate her so as to not loose all hope of producing Ryan a child. When Greenlee learned of the deception, she fled town, leaving Kendall to deal with the child alone.

2006: Greg made many enemies in Pine Valley. Erica realized he was the doctor that had performed her abortion. Only, Greg had saved the fetus and implanted it in his own wife. Their miracle child, Josh, was actually Erica and Jeff Martin’s.
Josh became weary of his treatment of Kendall. He shipped Kendall off to his island for expectant mothers. Zach Slater found out Greg was planning on convincing Kendall to give up her unborn son.
Greg was shocked to see Dixie Cooney back in Pine Valley. He had convinced Dixie she was going to die, manipulating her to give up her daughter, Kate. Dixie was infuriated when he saw Greg.
But no one was angrier than Tad Martin, Kate’s father. Fed up with all the crimes Greg had committed against his family, Tad kidnapped Greg and buried him alive. He was only going to dig him up after he revealed Kate’s location. Greg struggled to escape. Greg died when the coffin lid caved in. Josh found his dead body in the Pine Valley park.