The Pine Valley Bulletin

LUPER, Freddie "Zoe/Zarf"
Portrayed by
: Jeffrey Carlson (2006-07)
Family: Marge Luper (Mother)
Marriages: None

2006: Zoe Luper always knew she was different. She grew up in a small mid-western town as Freddie Luper. He broke away from his humble beginnings, adopting the alias of eccentric pop star Zarf. But even with his outgoing personae, Zoe was hiding a dark secret.
Babe Chandler convinced Zoe to sign on FUSION’s new cosmetic campaign. Babe made a hard sell to the reluctant Zoe. Zoe came to Pine Valley to see if his music was going to good use. There, he met Bianca Montgomery, the executor of the Cambias Estate. He was immediately smitten with Bianca, but she was lesbian.
Zoe asked Bianca out on a date for New Year’s Eve. Bianca agreed to go as friends. Zoe summed up the courage to reveal his true self to Bianca. He was not a he, but rather a she. Zoe was a transgender female. In Zoe’s mind, Bianca could love her because he was also a woman.

2007: Zoe became the primary suspect in the Satin Slayer murders. The eccentric rock star found a friend in Babe Chandler. Babe accepted Zoe as a transgender female. When Zoe decided to reveal herself as a transgender person, Babe opened Chandler Mansion to her. Zoe was unable to return the offer when the Satin Slayer killed Babe in a parking garage.
As Zoe mourned, she grew closer to Bianca and her daughter, Miranda Montgomery. Miranda became especially fond of Zoe. As they spent time together, Bianca slowly opened her heart to Zoe. Their relationship helped Zoe come to terms with her identity. She began attending a support group at Pine Valley Hospital, and even revealed her true nature to her mother.
Babe was revealed to be alive. Zoe helped Babe rebuild FUSION after the Satin Slayer saga by offering her music for their upcoming marketing campaign. After a touching performance at New Beginnings with Erica Kane, Zoe decided to return to England and re-launch her career as Zoe. As luck would have it, Bianca was returning to Paris.
When Zoe learned Greenlee duPres had fired Babe from FUSION, she pulled the rights to her music. The move forced Greenlee to rehire her.
Zoe and Bianca drifted apart. Bianca was looking for someone to be a mother for Miranda, and Zoe’s lifestyle did not fit the bill.