The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Unknown Actors (2006); Ava and Julia Farrar (2006-07); Alexander, Benjamin, Caleb Eckstein (2007-present)
Family: Ryan Lavery (Father); Kendall Hart Slater (Mother); Zach Slater (Step-Father); Emma McDermott Lavery (Sister); Ian Slater (Brother)
Marriages: None

2006: Spike Lavery was supposed to be the greatest gift one friend could give to another. Kendall Hart offered to be a surrogate for Greenlee and Ryan Lavery after Greenlee learned she could not carry a child to term. Only, a blackout at Dr. Greg Madden’s fertility clinic compromised Ryan’s last sample. Kendall impregnated herself and planned to pass off the child as Greenlee’s. When Greenlee found out, she left Pine Valley.
Kendall and Ryan decided not to terminate the pregnancy. Kendall had fallen in love with her son. She married Zach Slater after he rescued her from Greg’s island for expecting women. Upon returning to Pine Valley, JR Chandler pushed scaffolding down on Kendall. Kendall fell into a coma. The doctors told Zach they had to choose between Kendall and the baby. Zach barricaded himself in Kendall’s room until tests showed that both could be saved.
Spike Lavery was soon born. He spent his time between Ryan’s penthouse, and Zach and Kendall’s condominium.

2007:Spike gained a sister with Emma McDermott Lavery, Ryan’s daughter with Annie McDermott. Annie was like a second mother to Spike. On the day Annie and Ryan were to marry, Kendall ran into Greenlee. Greenlee was back in Pine Valley determined to reclaim the life she had left behind. This included Ryan and Spike.
Kendall warmed up to Greenlee after she agreed to drop her custody suit for Spike. On a business trip to New York, Kendall went into labor. Kendall surprisingly wanted to ride in a car with Babe Chandler because of how she had helped Bianca Montgomery the night of Miranda’s birth. Greenlee was going to drive Kendall’s car, with Spike in the backseat. As Kendall was rushed to the hospital, Greenlee saw her chance to have Spike. On the run, Greenlee drove off an embankment into a ditch.
The stress of Greenlee’s accident caused Kendall to go into early labor. She gave birth to a severely premature Ian Slater. At the same time, the doctors determined Spike had lost his hearing. Initially, the doctors believed the condition was a result of the accident. Kendall took her anger our on Greenlee, framing her for another kidnapping attempt.
In reality, the condition was a preexisting condition. Kendall looked to alternatives for treatment, almost poisoning Spike. Kendall and Ryan settled on a cochlear implant.

2008: The Slaters happy ending came to an abrupt end when a tornado came crashing through Pine Valley. Spike was the Slater beach house with Ian, Bianca, and his mother. Though the kids came out of the ordeal unscathed, Kendall was not so lucky. After the ceiling collapsed on her, Kendall ended up in a coma. Bianca and her fiancée, Reese Williams, helped Zach care for the kids as he sought special treatment for Kendall’s condition.