The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Connie Fletcher (2005-06)
Family: Patrick Curry (Father); Gail Lavery (Mother); Braden Lavery (Brother); Ryan Lavery (Brother); Jonathan Lavery (Brother)
Marriages: None

2005: Like the other Lavery siblings, Erin grew up fearful of her father, Patrick Curry. Luckily, the boys, Braden, Ryan and Jonathan, were able to defend her from his physical abuse. One by one, the Lavery’s left their home. Erin moved to Nova Scotia and became an artist.
Erin only stayed in contact with Jonathan. One night, Jonathan called Erin in distress. Ryan had just tried to kill him. Erin hid Jonathan in her Canadian cabin.
Ryan made his way to Canada. Erin was afraid that he was back to hurt Jonathan. Ryan had a different story. Jonathan was wanted in Pine Valley for three murders and poisoning his wife, Greenlee Lavery. Erin recognized something was wrong with Jonathan. After he fell into a seizure, the Laverys took him to the hospital. Jonathan was diagnosed with a brain tumor responsible for his erratic behavior. After a successful surgery to remove the growth, Jonathan regressed to the state of mind of a child.
Ryan invited Erin and Jonathan to come home with him to Pine Valley. Upon their arrival, a string of strange crimes plagued the small town. Jonathan was considered the primary suspect. Erin knew her brother did not have the state of mind to commit the crimes. She was able to convince private investigator Aidan Devane to help her exonerate Jonathan.

2006: Erin fell in love with Aidan. This was a huge step for Erin, who never let a man into her life after witnessing her own parent’s abusive relationship. She gave her virginity to Aidan.
Erin began working at the Miranda Montgomery Women’s Center with victims of abuse. Jamal Cudahy approached Erin for help with a special case. He was working with an underground movement to remove women from high risk abuse situations. Erin could not tell anyone about what she was doing, so she broke up with Aidan. She disguised the runaway, Annie McDermott, as her college friend and let her stay in Ryan’s Penthouse. She faked a relationship with Jamal to keep Aidan away.
Erin also began working at FUSION. Erin was excited that one of her musical idols, Zarf, had signed on for the newest product campaign. That happiness was short-lived when FUSION partner Simone Torres was found dead. Erin would suffer a similar fate. The two women where the first victim of the Satin Slayer: Alexander Cambias.