The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Marc Menard (2002-04)
Family: None
Marriages: None

2002: Business mogul Erica Kane recruited fledging cosmetics chemist Boyd Larraby right out of grad-school. Boyd was working on a top-secret anti-aging cream that would revolutionize the industry. Boyd stayed focus on his work until he met Erica’s illegitimate daughter, opportunist Kendall Hart.

2003: Boyd was attracted to new Enchantment finance officer Lena Kundera. But Bianca Montgomery told Boyd not to waste his time. She was sure Lena was a lesbian. Boyd was not convinced. They entered into a friendly wager to see who could seduce Lena first. Bianca won.
Boyd was oblivious to the corporate scandal that was about to erupt at Enchantment. Cambias Industries wanted to buy Enchantment. Lena was a mole planted in the corporation to steal Boyd’s anti-aging cream formula. When Erica successfully defended against the buyout, Michael Cambias began a barrage of personal attacks against the Kane women. When Michael raped Bianca, Boyd felt partly responsible for letting her get hurt.
Kendall wanted to make Michael pay. Boyd agreed to help her. Boyd posed as Michael in Las Vegas and married Kendall. Kendall was then going to steal the Cambias fortune away in a divorce settlement. Only, when Michael was found dead, Kendall became the prime suspect. Since she was legally married to Michael, she looked to profit from his estate.

2004: Boyd’s role in Kendall’s deception was revealed. He was put on probation for obstruction of justice. But what hurt Boyd more was the fact that Kendall still did not care about him. Boyd decided his time in Pine Valley was done. He got a job in Pittsburg working on a drug for burn victims. Kendall offered him his job back at Enchantment, but he could not be bothered to respond.