The Pine Valley Bulletin

LANG, Corvina
Portrayed by
: Margaret Sophie Stein (1992, 1994-95, 1997)
Family: Anton Lang (Son)
Marriages: None

1992: Corvina Lang accompanied her little brother, Anton Lang, to Wildwind so that he could attend Medical School at Pine Valley University. Corvina was anxious to see Dimitri Marick again. Long ago, they had a one-night stand. Corvina secretly pined to reunite with him.

1993-94: While in Vadzel, Edmund and Maria Grey stumbled across some private letters written by Corvina. In them, they revealed her secret past with Dimitri. Corvina rushed back to Wildwind to tell Dimitri the news first about Anton. Anton was his son from their drunken, one-night stand. Dimitri agreed to keep Corvina secret for the time being. He wanted to be the one to tell Anton the truth about his parentage.

1995: Anton lashed out against Corvina when he learned the truth about his parentage. Kendall Lang, Anton’s new wife, approached Corvina with a plan. Dimitri could seemingly keep Anton from inheriting because he was an illegitimate heir. Corvina thought Anton deserved better. So, they began to concoct a plot to make it appear as if Corvina and Dimitri were switched at birth. This would make Corvina the true heir to the Marick estate. When Anton found out his deception, he rejected both his mother and wife.
Corvina left Pine Valley to work at Vadzel.

1997: Corvina welcomed Dimitri and Gloria Marick to Vadzel when he went on the run with Madelyn Grey. Dimitri told Corvina and the staff to be on the look out for Edmund, who was hot in pursuit.