The Pine Valley Bulletin

LANG, Anton
Portrayed by
: Rudolph Martin (1993-96)
Family: Dimitri Marick (Father); Corvina Lang (Mother)
Marriages: Kendall Hart

1993: Medical student Anton Lang came to Pine Valley from Hungary to be the ward of Dimitri Marick, Anton grew up as a servant at Vadzel, Dimitri’s ancestral home in Hungary. Upon arriving at Wildwind, he met Kendall Hart. Anton was instantly attracted to Kendall. That night, they made passionate love.

1994: Anton’s continued his affair with Kendall. Fellow Wildwind resident, Julia Santos, warned Anton about Kendall. She knew Kendall was looking for more than just a relationship. Dimitri also disapproved of their relationship. He wanted Kendall as far away from Wildwind as possible.
Anton’s sister, Corvina Lang, moved to Wildwind too. Corvina insisted she just wanted to be with her little brother, but he sensed that something was awry.

1995-96: Anton’s life was turned around when he learned a devastating secret: Dimitri was his father. Corvina, who he had grown up thinking as his sister, was in fact his mother. He rejected both of them who had been the pillars in his life. His depression made him ripe for seduction from Kendall. Needing something to grab onto in his life, he and Kendall eloped.
Anton was turned off by Kendall’s need to push him to claim his birth right as a Marick. Anton did not want to have anything to do with the people who had lied to him his entire life. Anton uncovered Kendall and Corvina’s plot to cash in on Anton’s inheritance. For Kendall’s betrayal, he filed for divorce.
Anton and Dimitri reconciled. He was accepted into medical school forcing him to leave Pine Valley.