The Pine Valley Bulletin

LA TOUR, Estelle
Portrayed by
: Kathleen Dezina (1977-82)
Family: Emily Ann Sago (Daughter)
Marriages: Billy Clyde Tuggle; Benny Sago

1977: Estelle LaTour got a frantic call from her old friend Donna Beck to bail her out of prison. Estelle wanted to know what Donna was doing back on the streets. The last she heard, Donna was happily living in Pine Valley. Estelle left Donna on Locust Street to find someone to help her. While she was away, her pimp, Billy Clyde Tuggle drugged Donna. Chuck Tyler and Benny Sago broke in to save Donna.
Donna invited Estelle to visit her at the Tyler Estate. Though she found herself coming in the servant’s entrance, she like reconnecting with her old friend. She also enjoyed the attention she was getting from Benny.
Donna told Estelle she was pregnant. Estelle was perplexed because Tyrone had sterilized her. Estelle accidentally let this fact slip to Billy Clyde who saw dollar signs in his future.

1978: Donna turned to Estelle when she learned her pregnancy was all in her mind. Estelle took her in, but encouraged her to let Chuck back into her life.
Though Estelle loved Benny, she knew her life was too far removed from his. She was just a common prostitute. When Billy Clyde proposed, Estelle gave it serious consideration. She would no longer have to turn tricks and would have anything she wanted. She had even saw Billy Clyde heroically stop Ray Gardner from leaving Pine Valley. She sent Benny a letter and told him that if did not propose she was going to marry Billy Clyde. Benny never arrived. Estelle and Billy Clyde were married by the Justice of the Peace.
Donna left Chuck again after learning he had slept with his ex-wife, Tara Brent. The women were driving when Donna’s car stalled on a railroad track. A train came crashing in on them. Both women survived, but something was different about Donna. She thought she was in the hospital because Tyrone had thrown her out of his car. Estelle was worried when Donna asked who the new pimp on Locust Street was. Estelle knew Billy Clyde was going to use Donna’s time of weakness to his advantage.

1979: Though her heart was with Benny, Estelle was determined to make her marriage to Billy Clyde work. He moved his operations to Sea City, making her visits to Pine Valley even more infrequent.

1980: Estelle turned to Benny when Billy Clyde was arrested in Sea City. Estelle had no one else to turn to. Benny opened his home to her. But, her presence created obvious tension with his new wife. Edna Thornton. Edna had enough of Benny’s constant attention toward Estelle. She moved out and filed for divorce.
Estelle and Benny succumbed to their true feelings. Billy Clyde had escaped from prison and saw his wife in an embrace with Benny. He drugged them and laid them in a coffin together. He was going to bury them alive. If not for Chuck’s last minute intervention, they would have been buried alive.
Benny proposed to Estelle, but she could not say, “yes.” She just found out she was pregnant with Billy Clyde’s child. Benny did not care; he had loved Estelle for so long. He agreed to raise the child as his own.

1981-82: Estelle gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Emily Ann Sago.
Estelle and Donna wearing watching over Emily Ann when she swallowed a safety pin. They rushed to the hospital, but got in a terrible accident on the way. In her dying breath, Estelle pleaded with Donna and Benny to never let her child know the truth about her parentage. They were to raise her child as their own.