The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Olga Sosnavoska (2003-04)
Family: Paulina Kundera (Mother)
Marriages: None

2003: Lena Kundera was prepared to do anything to protect her family. Michael Cambias threatened to hurt her mother, Paulina Kundera, if she did not help him take over Enchantment Cosmetics. Lena was placed as a mole in the Finance Department in hopes that she could get her hands on Boyd Larraby’s anti-aging cream formula. But company founder and CEO Erica Kane was not going to make the job easy.
Lena was to seduce Boyd. Her plan hit a snag when she met Bianca Montgomery, Erica’s daughter. Bianca befriended Lena, unaware of her true intentions. Lena found herself falling in love with her. Though she began to let her guard down, she kept the eye on her goal, and stole the formula.
Little did she know, Erica had planted a fake formula. Lena went on the run, afraid that Michael would hurt her if she were taken into custody by the authorities. Bianca confronted Lena at the airport. Bianca wanted to know if their shared feelings were a ruse too. Lena assured Bianca that her feelings for her were true. Lena embraced Bianca in their first kiss. Their reunion was bittersweet, as the authorities arrived to take Lena into custody.
Lena broke her silence about Michael’s threats against her mother. Lena thought she had finally broken free of Michael’s influence. She attempted to rekindle her relationship with Bianca. Bianca began to push Lena away. It was reveled that Michael had raped Bianca as an act of revenge. Lena promised Michael he would pay.
At the end of the year, Michael was found dead. Lena was among the many suspects. She had in her possession a gun and rat poison. Under the stress of the situation, Lena attempted suicide by taking the rat poison. Luckily, the doctors were able to save her.

2004: Bianca revealed she was Michael’s murderer. She had blocked out the event from her memory. With the investigation behind them, Lena and Bianca were free to be a couple. They began to make preparations for the arrival of Bianca’s daughter, Miranda Montgomery. But happiness was not be. Miranda seemingly died when the helicopter rescue mission went awry.
Lena’s mother fell ill in Poland and Lena needed to be with her. She left Bianca with a promise ring to return one day to be with her. But as time past by, Lena and Bianca became more estranged. Lena reluctantly put an end to their relationship.