The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Mike Minor (1980-82, 1988)
Family: Sarah Kingsley (Daughter)
Marriages: Pamela Kingsley

1980: Brandon Kingsley was a successful businessman who only saw his stock rise when he met the enchanting Erica Cudahy. He needed a new spokes model for his new cosmetics line at Sensuelle Cosmetics, and thought no one was more perfect for the job then her. Erica quickly signed his contract, and began to make the mandatory trips to New York. Brandon wanted to know what name Erica was going to go by in the ads, and she remarked “Kane” seeing how her husband had filed for divorce. Brandon’s perceptions of Erica began to change. He wanted their relationship to be about more than just business.

1981: Brandon and fell into a torrid Erica’s affair, only Erica did not know it. While he was sleeping with Erica, he was going home every night to his wife, Sara, and children, Roger and Pamela. When Erica found out the truth, she was ready to leave Brandon and Sensuelle. Brandon did not want to loose Erica, but he also did not want to break up his family. This all changed when his long time competitor, Kent Bogard, showed interest in Erica. Brandon promised to divorce Sara, though there was no truth to his claim.

1982: Brandon got startling news when he learned Kent had bought out Sensuelle. Kent also did not make his pursuit of Erica a secret. Brandon called Erica out, telling her she needed to make a decision between he and Kent now. Erica chose Kent because he had the most to offer. Brandon turned to Sara again for comfort. He got a new job in Hong Kong, and left Pine Valley forever.