The Pine Valley Bulletin

KINDER, Jonathan
Portrayed by
: Michael Sabatino (1995-96)
Family: None
Marriages: Skye Chandler

1995: Dr. Jonathan Kinder had a strange treatment method when it came to dealing with substance abuse. Erica Marick came to Jonathan after being referred by her agent, Olga Swenson. Erica was addicted to painkillers after she suffered a debilitating fall of the stage of her talk show “The Cutting Edge.” Instead of cutting her off, Jonathan fueled her addiction, hoping to seduce her, knowing very well she was a married woman.
Erica wanted to leave Jonathan after she realized what he was doing. But, her body’s physical addiction had her coming back for more. While under the influence of the drugs, Erica succumbed to Jonathan’s addiction. Jonathan witnessed Erica crash into Maria Grey’s car while still under the influence. He used these events to blackmail Erica into staying with him. When the secret came out, Erica’s marriage to Dimitri Marick crumbled.

1996: Jonathan made one last attempt to win Erica over. He drugged her and crawled into bed with her so that Dimitri would catch them. Though their marriage crumbled, Erica still rejected Jonathan.
Jonathan’s world began to cave in. He had hired Janet Green as his office assistant. When she stumbled across his secret record, Jonathan feared that Janet would reveal his questionable drug therapy. Jonathan imprisoned Janet in a church attic. There, he was also keeping Skye Chandler, his wife. He had met Skye in New York. They were happily married until she too began questioning his use of drugs. He left Skye in a drug-induced coma to prevent incrimination.
When Jonathan realized the women had escaped, Jonathan needed to cover his tracks. He found them with Erica at the Linden House. Jonathan attempted to kidnap Erica’s daughter, Bianca Montgomery. But she struggled at the top of the staircase. In the altercation, Jonathan fell down the stairs. The women believed he was dead and buried him in the backyard. Jonathan found his way out his shallow grave.
Jonathan exploited his affair with Marian Colby. He cheated her out of her fortune, and used it to start a new life in the Caribbean. Marian told Erica, Janet and Skye. They secretly had him incriminate himself. Armed with the evidence they needed, the turned Jonathan in to the police.