The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Jacqueline Boslow (1971); Susan Blanchard-Frank (1971-75)
Family: Dan Kennicott (Brother); Katie Kennicott (Sister)
Marriages: Jeff Martin


1971: Mary Keniccott was Pine Valley Hospital’s newest and most hardworking nurse. She worked directly under Ruth Brent, but for some reason was spending the majority of her time with Dr. Jeff Martin. Even though she knew Jeff was married, she was growing more attracted to him with each day she worked.

1972: Mary could see Jeff was suffering in his marriage to Erica. She was secretly in love, but did not want to be, “the other woman.” As much as she wanted to move on, she could not. Mary was content to be Jeff’s hospital companion for the time being.

1973: Jeff turned to Mary when he found out Erica had aborted their child. Jeff told her hi marriage was over. Mary secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She never spoke a bad word about Erica, but she knew she did not deserve Jeff.
Mary and Jeff became attached to an orphaned boy, Tad Gardner, who was found injured on the side of the street. Jeff and Mary gave him special attention. In a way, he had filled the void of the child Erica had taken away from them. The three of them were a family, at least when they were within the hospital walls.
But, this union was not to be. After some consideration, Jeff told Mary he was going to make his marriage to Erica work.

1974: Mary stood by Jeff as he went to trial for Jason Maxwell’s murder. Erica’s lies had made him the prime suspect. When Jeff was exonerated for the crime, he finalized his divorce from Erica. Without any hesitancy, Jeff and Mary married. The couple made plans to adopt Tad formally.

1975: Mary and Jeff’s happiness was short lived. Two robbers broke into their apartment. Mary returned from shopping for groceries, not knowing a robbery was going on. Tad arrived at that moment, and Mary caused a distraction so that he could get away. The ruckus caused one of the robbers to get trigger-happy. Mary was fatally shot. She died before help had a chance to arrive.