The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Daren Kelly (1976-79)
Family: Mary Kennicott (Sister); Katie Kennicott (Sister)
Marriages: None

1976: Dan Kennicott accepted an invitation from the Martins to live with them while he attended Pine Valley University. He could see why his sister, Mary, had loved Pine Valley so much. He started that summer as a tutor at the Hospital, specifically for Donna Beck.
Phoebe Tyler set Dan up with his niece, Brooke English. Though at first, she introduced herself as another one of Pine Valley’s proper debutantes, that all changed when Phoebe left the room. Brooke was a temptress, and Dan was her next victim.

1977: As a favor to Kate, Dan became Devon Shepard’s personal tour guide of Pine Valley. Though Devon was enamored by Dan, he could not be bothered. He was still dating Brooke. Dan worried though that she was cheating on him with Benny Sago.
1978: Dan began dating Devon. Though he said that he loved her for her purity, Dan was unsatisfied. He turned back to Brooke, the one who he hand learned was two-timing him with the chauffer. Dan lost his virginity to Brooke. But, their secret affair did not go unnoticed. Phoebe Tyler was the first to discover the couple in the throws of lovemaking. But, it was Devon’s discovery that made Dan reevaluate his decisions.

1979: Dan caught Brooke and Mark Dalton in an embrace. Realizing he would never have Brooke, he packed his bags and left Pine Valley for good.