The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Keith Hamilton Cobb (1994-96)
Family: Rose Keefer (Mother); Grace Keefer (Aunt); Belinda Keefer (Sister)
Marriages: Julia Santos

1994: Noah Keefer did what he could to make ends meet. He owned a small apartment in Center City, not too far away from the glamorous life of Pine Valley. As a child, he had been abandoned by his mother, and raised by his loving Aunt Grace Keefer.
One night, Noah saw a beautiful woman wandering the streets. Noah at first thought she was prostitute. But, Noah could see she was hurt. Noah followed the woman to keep her safe. Thinking he was an assailant, the woman attacked her. Noah did not retaliate. Instead, he led her to his apartment to clean herself off. She was Julia Santos. Julia confided in Noah her fears of returning home. She had run away after a falling chandelier permanently disfigured her face. Noah put no pressure on Julia to leave. In fact, he liked having her around. Noah believed they were becoming very close until one day he came home, and Julia was gone.

1995: Taylor Roxbury Cannon focused her attention on Noah. She turned to Noah after loosing her job on the police force. Taylor needed a place to stay, so Noah opened up his apartment to her. But Taylor wanted a lot more from Noah than a place to stay. Taylor seduced Noah. After their one-night stand, Taylor revealed she was pregnant with Noah’s child.
In the meantime, Noah and Julia had rekindled their romance. Louie came to Pine Valley to reclaim Julia. Noah did his best to defend her. Noah was sent to prison for attacking Louie in public. Mateo Santos came to Noah with the news that Julia was missing. Noah knew Louie had to be the culprit.
Mateo and Noah found Louie. Louie pulled a gun on Noah. They got in a struggle over the gun. In the altercation, Louie fell to the ground and sustained a fatal head injury. When the police arrived, Louie was dead. Noah claimed self-defense, but Louie’s gun was nowhere to be found.
When Taylor miscarried their child, Noah was free to pursue Julia. On the day they were to marry, the police arrived to arrest Noah for Louie’s murder.

1996: Noah was found guilty for Louie’s murder. Determined to prove his innocence, he went on the run. Julia, Mateo and Hayley Vaughan followed him to Jamaica where they hoped to buy time. Taylor followed them, determined to see Noah back in custody. Julia hatched a plot to force Taylor into a confession. After faking her death, Julia haunted Taylor. She admitted to hiding Louie’s gun. With confession in hand, they returned to Pine Valley to prove Noah’s innocence.
Noah and Julia were finally free to marry. Edmund and Maria Grey threw them a wedding fit for royalty at Wildwind.
Noah and Julia’s happy life in Pine Valley was short lived. Noah’s estranged mother, Rose Keefer, came to Pine Valley, on the run from a crime lord named Slade. Slade shot Belinda after she refused to give up Rose’s location. Julia was the only witness to the attack. After testifying against Slade in open court, the Federal Government took the Keefers into custody. Slade was a part of a bigger crime ring. Noah, Julia and Rose were placed in Witness Protection, separating them from their families in Pine Valley.

2005: Witness Protection took its toll Noah. He was tired of hiding. He knew the only way to regain his life was to eliminate those who threatened to hurt him. He left Julia to confront the crime-lord that threatened their lives, The Dragon. Noah found him in the form of businessman Garret Williams. But Garret’s henchmen were able to notify him of Noah’s arrival. Garret shot and killed Noah in cold blood.