The Pine Valley Bulletin

KEEFER, Belinda
Portrayed by
: Kimberly Hawthrone (1995-96); Amelia Marshall (1996-99)
Family: Rose Keefer (Mother); Grace Keefer (Aunt); Noah Keefer (Brother)
Marriages: None

1995: Attorney Belinda Keefer had a difficult childhood. After being abandoned by her mother, Rose Keefer, Belinda was raised by her aunt, Grace Keefer. Grace gave Belinda the drive to make herself better and attend law school. So was not the case for her brother, Noah Keefer. Noah struggled to get his GED.
Belinda began working for Jackson Montgomery. She took on the controversial role of defending Janet Green in her custody battle for her daughter, Amanda Dillon. But Belinda’s hardest job was the one that hit closest to home. Noah was taken into custody for the murder of drug dealer, Louie Greco. Noah maintained he was acting in self-defense after Louie pulled a gun on him. Only, there was no gun to be found.

1996: Belinda and Noah reunited with their estranged mother, Rose Keefer. Rose was on the run from a criminal mastermind named Slade. Unbeknownst to Rose, her presence in Pine Valley put her children’s lives at risk. Slade confronted Belinda at her office about her mother’s whereabouts. When Belinda refused to comply, he shot her. The only witness to the crime was Noah’s new wife, Julia Keefer. Julia testified against Slade in open court to put him away. But the threat was no behind them. In fear of retaliation, the federal government placed Rose, Julia and Noah in witness protection, leaving Belinda alone in Pine Valley.

1997: The Santos family hired Belinda to represent them in their lawsuit against TransGlobal airlines after the death of Maria Grey. They believed that cost cuts had caused the mechanical failures had lead to the crash Little did Belinda know, he new boyfriend, Miles, was the President of Corview, the holding company for TransGlobal Airlines. Miles began to act strangely around Belinda after she revealed she knew the victims of Flight 149. Miles admitted to his company’s holdings, ending their relationship.

1998: Belinda and Trevor became law partners. They successfully defended Brooke in her trial for the murder of Jim Thomasen.
Belinda began seeing Adrian Sword. Belinda grew suspicious of Adrian’s new employer’s, Opal Cortlandts, protective attitude towards him. Opal confided in Belinda that Adrian was her son from a long ago affair. In order to protect Adrian from her abusive husband, Ray Gardner, Opal was forced to abandon Adrian with his father.

1999: Belinda wanted to get married. But Adrian was not ready for that commitment. Belinda let it on that she was going to take an offer in Arizona. When Adrian did not get the hint, Belinda left town.
Belinda sent a note to Adrian. She was engaged to her new partner, Ben Hartman.