The Pine Valley Bulletin

KANE, Silver “Noelle Keaton”
Portrayed by
: Rosalind Allen (1987); Claire Beckman (1988)
Family: Eric Kane (Father); Goldie Kane (Mother); Erica Kane (Sister); Mark Dalton (Brother)
Marriages: Damon Lazarre

1987: Amnesiac Noelle Keaton wandered into Pine Valley unaware as to why she was there. She felt a strong attraction to Erica Kane. Noelle and Erica became good friends, and she promised to help her uncover the memories she had lost.
Erica uncovered that Noelle was in fact her sister, Silver Kane. The sisters planned a trip to Cobbler’s Island, the Canadian town where Silver grew up. As soon as they arrived, Silver began to act erratically. She was under the mind control of her mother, Goldie Kane. Goldie revealed that Eric Kane had left the island to his first child, Erica. Silver was next in line. Goldie had hypnotized Silver to kill Erica. Jeremy Hunter helped Silver come to grips with reality. But, before either could react, Erica was shot in the abdomen, threatening the life of her unborn child.
Silver and Jeremy went on a pursuit of Goldie. They confronted her on a ship. She fell overboard to her death. Jeremy helped Silver come to grips with her mother’s plot and untimely death. They began seeing each other romantically.
Back in Pine Valley. Silver began visiting Dr. Damon Lazzare at Oak Haven to piece together the last parts of her amnesia. Unknown to Silver, Damon had caused her amnesia to begin with. Damon was her husband. He and Goldie wanted the inheritance to themselves. Damon lured Erica and Silver to a bridge, intent on killing them both. Luckily, Jeremy arrived to thwart his plans. In their altercation, Damon fell off the bridge to his death.

1988: Silver and Jeremy’s relationship unraveled. Silver blamed Jeremy’s need to help his ex-lover Natalie Cortlandt. Erica encouraged Silver to take what she thought was rightfully hers. Silver began to haunt Natalie as an assailant knowing she was a recent rape survivor. When Natalie caught her, they got in a physical altercation. Natalie’s gun accidentally went off and fatally injured Silver. She collapsed to the floor, dead.