The Pine Valley Bulletin

KANE, Mona
Portrayed by
: Frances Heflin (1970-94)
Family: Erica Kane (Daughter)
Marriages: Eric Kane; Charles Tyler

1970: Everybody in Pine Valley loved sweet hospital secretary Mona Kane, everyone that is except for her daughter, Erica Kane. Erica blamed Mona for running off her father, Hollywood producer Erica Kane. In truth, Eric was a deadbeat father, abandoning Mona to raise Erica on her own. Mona knew of his philandering ways, but protected Erica from his dastardly deeds.
At Pine Valley Hospital, Mona had good friend in her boss, Dr. Charles Tyler. Their late hours was leading to something more, but he was still married to his second wife, Phoebe Tyler. Phoebe hated Mona and blamed her for seducing her husband.
Mona met her old friend, Nick Davis, who was back in town after 18 years. Mona filled Nick in on what had happened since he left. She became his confidant. This came to heads when Nick revealed that 18 years ago, he had fathered a child: Phil Brent, the eye of Erica’s affections. Mona told Nick to leave town before the truth came out, so as to protect Phil, but Nick was adamant in staying. Little did either now, Erica had overheard and was on her way to telling Phil the truth.

1971: Mona encouraged Erica to think about what she was doing to Jeff. Jeff was working long hours at the hospital, and spending any free time he had with Erica. Before Mona knew it, Erica and Jeff eloped. Mona liked Jeff, but she was growing weary of Erica’s rash behavior. She would share her apprehensions with Charles, who was always willing to lend Mona his ear.

1972: Mona’s life was consumed with worry about Erica. Her trips to New York became longer and more frequent. Charles was always willing to listen, but Mona recognized that his home life was coming apart too. Phoebe’s behavior became more erratic, and Mona was always at the tail end of her aggression.

1974: When Mona found out about Erica’s abortion, she was more worried about Jeff’s reaction. The couple was no longer talking. Charles encouraged Mona to talk to Jeff. Mona convinced Jeff to give Erica a second chance. After all, Erica was stilla young girl and prone to make rash decisions. Though Jeff may not have agreed with Mona’s reasoning, he wanted his marriage to work.

1975: Mona was happy to see Erica rebound from her tragic marriage to Jeff. When she announced she was pregnant and that she and Phil were to marry, Mona believed that she was finally settling down. It appeared as if Erica could finally be content living in Pine Valley. That all changed when Erica miscarried. Phil and Mona were forced to admit Erica to a hospital to recover from a mental breakdown.

1976: Mona opened her home to Kitty Shea, Phoebe’s latest victim. She had convinced Kitty to leave her son, Lincoln Tyler, because of her recent run-ins with the law. The women bonded over Phoebe’s oppression. Mona had known Kitty’s mother years ago. She had gone missing when Kitty was just a child.
Mona got word that Kitty had found her mother, Lucy Carpenter, in Minneapolis. Mona wanted to see her old friend to tell her about what a good person Kitty had grown into. When she arrived at Lucy’s door, someone else opened the door. Myrtle Lum was masquerading as the late Lucy in order to dissuade her from reconciling with Lincoln Tyler. Mona knew this plot had Phoebe’s signature all over it. Myrtle pleaded with Mona not to tell Kitty the truth. Mona realized Myrtle really loved Kitty. She agreed that she would let Myrtle break the truth to Kitty in the way she saw fit.
Back in Pine Valley, Mona stormed the Tyler Estate. She announced that she would reveal the truth to Lincoln and Kitty if Phoebe did not agree to divorce Charles. Phoebe was blown away that Mona was blackmailing her. She had no choice. She loved her son, and did not want to loose him.
Mona felt guilty after the confrontation and had to talk to someone. She turned to Charles, fearful that he would see her in the same light he did Phoebe. Charles was amused and only wished that he could be there. Charles moved out of the Tyler Estate and into the Valley Inn.

1977: Mona caught Nick and Erica in bed. She was shocked that her best friend was carrying on an affair with her daughter.
Mona had to come to Erica’s intervention again when she began dating Mark Dalton. Mona knew Mark was the son of Maureen Dalton, Eric’s mistress. She suspected that Mark was Eric’s son. The truth strained Mona and Erica’s relationship. Erica had always blamed her mother for ruining her father’s life. Erica was still not ready to acknowledge her father’s downfalls.
As much as she worried about Erica, Mona had her own affairs to deal with. Phoebe refused to acknowledge her side of the bargain when she revealed the truth about Myrtle in a drunken haze. Charles was afraid to leave Phoebe for what she would do to Mona’s reputation. But Mona was ready to weather the storm. Charles announced his official separation from Phoebe.

1978: When Mona got word that Erica had been admitted to a hospital in New York with a deadly form of viral pneumonia, she had no one else to turn to but Nick. She begged Nick to help her, but he did not know exactly what she meant. Mona knew that if Nick proposed to Erica it would give her the prerogative to fight the virus. When they arrived by her bedside, Nick reluctantly agreed to Mona’s plan.
Nick’s promise helped Erica recover, but their relationship remained as volatile forever. When Nick announced his plans to leave Pine Valley and Erica, Erica went on a tirade and made plans to marry Tom Cudahy. Mona adored Tom and did want her daughter using him in her games of love. On the day of the wedding, Mona threatened to tell everyone that Erica was still very much in love with Nick. Erica fired back, threatening to cut her mother out of her life forever. Mona was tacit during the ceremony. She watched as her daughter made the biggest mistake of her life.

1980: Mona accompanied Charles to a Medical Conference in Rome. There, the couple could openly see each other. They were in heaven. That is until Phoebe arrived. She confronted Mona as an adulteress. Then, she feigned a fainting spell. Charles could see through her ploy. He declared he was done with Phoebe’s games and that he was going to see Mona openly. By the year's end, they were married.
Back in Pine Valley, Charles kept true to his promise. They would marry in a small wedding.
Mona had never been happier in her life. But, Erica’s drama continued to affect her. Erica was convinced that she had told Tom about her birth control pills. Mona had promised to never tell Tom because he was convinced they were going to start a family. Mona had no idea what Erica was talking about, and encouraged her daughter to talk her husband.

1982: When Silver Kane arrived at Erica’s door, Mona again had to tarnish her daughter’s perceptions about her father. After leaving them in Pine Valley, he remarried and started a new family. In light of this, Mona was surprised at how quickly Silver was able to implicate herself in Erica’s life.

1983: When Erica went on the run for Kent Bogard’s murder, Mona called Nick for support. Nick was sure that he could her Erica out of her situation. When Erica was discovered, she went to trial for murder. Mona felt helpless because this time, she could do nothing else to help Erica.
Silver was revealed to be an imposter. She had testified during the trial as the primary witness. Because she had perjured herself, the case was thrown out. Nick stayed by Mona until the conclusion of the trial.

1986: Charles died peacefully in his sleep. Mona tried to quietly mourn the loss of her husband. But, Phoebe had other plans. She blamed Charles’ for working too hard in his old age. But Mona knew that he found his greatest happiness in helping other people. Charles had opened a free clinic to help those who could afford hospital care.
Joe Martin was named Charles’ successor as Chief of Staff. Mona continued in her capacity as the Chief’s secretary.

1987: Mona worried for Erica in her quest to help the real Silver Kane piece together the pieces of her broken memory. Mona knew that Goldie Kane, Eric’s new wife, was a force to be reckoned with. Erica was now pregnant. She had more to worry about than herself. Mona’s greatest fear was realized when Erica was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound in her abdomen after an altercation with Goldie. Erica was rushed back to Pine Valley Hospital for a life saving surgery. She married the father of her unborn child, Travis Montgomery.

1988: Mona was distressed when Erica was diagnosed with Toxemia. Mona feared she would loose Erica and the baby. Erica lapsed in and out of a coma. Mona called on Nick for support.
After much complication, Bianca Christine Montgomery was born. Mona could only hope that Bianca would grow with a better temper than her mother.

1989: Mona worried for Erica’s welfare when Eric reappeared in Pine Valley. Mona could see Eric was using his influence over Erica to make a profit. Mona tried to warn her daughter, but she had glamorized the image of her father in her mind so much that she could not see through his manipulations.

1990: Erica planned to marry Travis again for Bianca’s sake. She had almost died of Reyes Syndrome. Mona knew Erica was in love with Jackson Montgomery. For once, she wanted Erica to follow her heart. It did not help that Eric was pressuring her to do otherwise.
Eric abandoned Erica again. This time, she understood what Mona had gone through years before when she was only a child. As happy as Mona was that her daughter got to know her father, Mona was content to have Eric out of her life again.

1993: Mona saw a sight that she never thought she would again. Erica’s new assistant Kendall Hart had a strange birthmark that Mona recognized. When Erica was 14 years old, she was raped by one of Eric’s friends. Mona put up Erica’s daughter for adoption. Erica had blocked out the whole ordeal. Mona was the only person to hold the child. She noted the same birthmark. Kendall admitted she came to Pine Valley in search of her mother. The Kane women reunited in time for Erica’s marriage to Dimitri Marick.
Mona and Myrtle Fargate invested into adjoining condominiums at Will Lake Acres. Only, these condominiums did not exist. It was all part of a scam to exploit the elderly. Luckily, Tempo uncovered the scandal before more people were hurt.

1994: Mona was diagnosed with cancer. On the eve of her operation, she worked to put things in order just in case she did not make it. She implored Nick and Myrtle to care for Erica. Erica did not want to have anything to do with Mona’s pessimism. But Mona was not pessimistic, just fearful. She was afraid of leaving Erica alone. Luckily, she made it through the operation safely, and her cancer went into remission.
Kendall brought Richard Fields to Pine Valley. Kendall turned to Mona when she caught him trying to molest Bianca. Outraged, Mona confronted Fields with a knife. Fields knew that Mona could not hurt him. Mona agreed that she could not punish him, but the authorities could. As she called the police, Fields began to clutch his heart. Mona thought he was faking a heart attack for sympathy. After completing her report over the phone, Mona left Fields in his hotel room as he slowly died.
Later that year, Mona died peacefully in her sleep. Her death devastated Erica. At her funeral, Erica threw herself on her coffin, unable to let go of the only person who had always been there for her.

2005: Before her death, Mona gave Nick a letter that was to be given to Bianca upon the birth of her first child. Mona had predicted that she would have a daughter and continue the line of strong Kane women.