The Pine Valley Bulletin

KANE, Eric
Portrayed by
: Albert Stratton (1989-90)
Family: Erica Kane (Daughter); Silver Kane (Daughter); Mark Dalton (Son)
Marriages: Mona Kane; Goldie Kane

1989-90: Erica and Travis’ marriage crumbled as a result of his amnesia. He still believed that he was married to Barbara. Erica found comfort in Jackson’s arms. Erica had grown very fond of Jackson over the years. Soon, she had forgotten all about her husband and they began a long-term affair.
While taking Bianca to the circus, Erica noticed a performer named Barney the Clown. Barney reminded her of someone, but she did not know whom. She decided to go undercover to reveal the clown’s identity. He turned out to be none other than her father, Eric Kane.
Eric had fallen on some tough times. Erica wanted to help her father get back on his feat. Mona tried to warn Erica about Eric’s ways, but she did not listen. She was just happy to have her father back in her life. She even gave Eric shares in Enchantment.

2004: Eric was on his deathbed in Las Vegas when he decided to reach out to Erica again. Eric had harbored the guilt of exchanging his daughter’s virginity to Richard Fields so that he would star in his next movie. But, Erica would not make in time to see Eric before he died. Instead, she showed up to spit on his grave.