JEFFERSON, Kate “Kelsey”
Portrayed by
: TC Warner (1995-98)
Family: Jim Jefferson (Father); Tara Martin Jefferson (Mother); Charlie Brent (Brother); Sam Grey (Son)
Marriages: Bobby Warner

1995: Kelsey Jefferson was a girl in trouble. She was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend, Bobby Warner’s, child. Afraid of her parent’s reaction, Kelsey ran away to Pine Valley, her mother’s hometown. It did not take much for her older brother Charlie Brent and her grandfather Joe Martin to find her. Joe called her mother, Tara Jefferson, to come and pick her up. Tara confided in Joe that her marriage was having trouble and she could not really deal with Kelsey. Joe agreed to allow her to stay with him in Pine Valley.
Kelsey’s friend Anita Santos had a solution to Kelsey’s woes. Her sister and brother in law, Maria and Edmund Grey, was looking to adopt a child. Maria was a good friend of the Martins, so Kelsey knew her child would be going to a good family. She agreed to move into their home, Wildwind.
Kelsey was taken aback when she met Anita’s new boyfriend. It was none other than Bobby. Kelsey was afraid that if she let the truth about the baby’s paternity come out, the Greys would change their mind.

1996: Kelsey gave birth to Samuel Carlos Grey. Though she was ready to give him to the Greys, she was not ready to give up living in Wildwind. She manipulated her way into living at Wildwind to nurse Sam. All the while, she nursed her blossoming crush on Edmund.
Julia and Noah Keefer’s lavish wedding at Wildwind mesmerized Kelsey. Kelsey wanted to thank Anita for all her help when she caught her in an embrace with Bobby Warner. Kelsey revealed Bobby was the boy who had left her pregnant. She had never really gotten over Bobby. Seeing him with Anita infuriated her. She asked the Grey’s for Sam back.
But life as a single mother proved too much for Kelsey to handle. Kelsey insisted that Bobby be a part of the baby’s life. Bobby had a better idea. He offered to marry Kelsey if she agreed to give Sam back to the Grey’s. Kelsey was hesitant to take the offer until she learned of Bobby’s ample trust fund from his grandfather, Palmer Cortlandt. Driven by her greed, she agreed to return Sam and marry Bobby.

1997: Kelsey and Bobby’s marriage was doomed before it even started. Palmer Cortlandt, Bobby’s grandfather, convinced Kelsey to let Bobby go. Realizing how much Bobby loved Anita, she granted him his divorce.
Kelsey befriended Kevin Sheffield, another Pine Valley High School alum confused about his love life. Only, this was because Kevin was a homosexual. Kelsey had feelings for Kevin. Kevin wanted to pass off as being a heterosexual. When Kevin confessed his secret to Kelsey, she agreed to go along with his charade. Kelsey was long estranged with her own mother, and did not want to see Kevin suffer in the same way.
Kelsey saw dollar signs again when she found out that Scott Chandler was standing to inherit his trust fund within the next year. Kelsey made Scott her next target in her get rich quick plans.

1998: Kelsey enlisted Ryan Lavery’s help in her plot to win Scott. Scott was dating Hungarian princess, Gillian Andrassy. Ryan and Kelsey acted like a couple to get Scott jealous. All the while, Ryan romanced Gillian. Kelsey grew impatient, and called immigration on Gillian. But the plan backfired when Scott proposed to Gillian so as to sponsor her greencard.
Liza Colby recognized what Kelsey was trying to do to her former nephew by marriage. She used her network contacts to get Kelsey a job in Minneapolis as a weather reporter.