The Pine Valley Bulletin

HUNTER, Jeremy
Portrayed by
: Jean LeClerc (1985-1992, 2001, 1992-93 (LOV))
Family: Alex Hunter (Father); Tim Hunter (Brother); David Rampal (Son)
Marriages: Natalie Marlowe; Ceara Connor

1985: After loosing the love of his life to his father, Jeremy Hunter left for Tibet. There, he pledged his allegiance to a monastery. On an expedition, Jeremy almost fell into a crevasse when a small town writer named Mike Roy rescued him.
A year later, Jeremy was informed that Mike had died. His fiancée, Erica Kane, had arrived in Tibet to scatter his ashes. Jeremy followed Erica back to Pine Valley. There, he applied for a job as an artist at her magazine, Tempo. Jeremy revealed why he had followed her from Tibet. Erica had a vision from Mike telling her that she would find love again. She was convinced that Jeremy was it. But, as they grew closer, Jeremy needed to slow things down. He had pledged a vow of celibacy to the monastery.
The tension proved to be too much for Jeremy. He had nowhere else to turn but home. Alex welcomed his son with open arms, but it was Natalie who worried him more. When they met again, it was like no time had passed for the former lovers. But, their reunion was cut short when Erica arrived. She invited all the Hunters to be her guest in Pine Valley.

1986: Jeremy went to Kantu to be relieved from his vow of celibacy. When he agreed, Jeremy rushed back to Pine Valley to be with Erica. Only, she and Alex had gone missing in a rockslide in the Canadian wilderness. Jeremy and Natalie participated in an exhaustive search for their loved ones. But it all seemed futile. Jeremy drank heavily thinking he had lost his lover and father. When Jeremy awoke the next morning, he found himself in bed with Natalie.
Alex and Erica were found alive. Jeremy set to marry Erica. But, Alex’s sudden death in a foxhunt accident put their plans on hold. Jeremy was the main suspect. The investigation revealed Andrew Cortlandt had cut Alex’s saddle believing Ross Chandler was going to ride the horse.
Not long after Alex’s death, Natalie had a bombshell for Jeremy. Their one-night-stand had left her pregnant. Jeremy knew the right thing to do was to marry her. But, he could not deny his feelings for Erica. They fell into an affair. When Natalie found them together, she attacked Erica with a loaded gun. The trio ended up in a broken elevator ready to plummet. Jeremy could only save one woman. Needing to protect his son, he saved Natalie. Luckily, Tom Cudahy arrived in time to save Erica. Erica lashed out at Jeremy and revealed his marriage to Natalie was a sham. She had hired an actor to play a minister and marry them.
Jeremy chased Erica when she went on the run from her ex-husband Adam Chandler. Natalie followed Jeremy. They again were stranded together, this time on an island. The pressure caused Natalie to go into premature labor. Jeremy delivered his son, Timothy Hunter.
Jeremy did not know to what extent Adam would go to win Erica back. He had rigged a paternity test to show that Jeremy was the Tim’s father. Adam’s intervention forced Natalie to take another test that revealed the truth: Alex was Tim’s father. Jeremy gave Tim a trust fund as part of Alex’s estate, and tried to rebuild his relationship with Erica.
Happiness did not last long for the couple. Jeremy killed Earl Mitchell when he threatened Erica’s brother, Mark Dalton. Erica staged a wedding in prison to cause a diversion. She had arranged for Matt Connelly to fly a helicopter for their escape. But, Jeremy did not go with Erica’s plan. He wanted to see the justice system through. Erica threatened Jeremy that she was not going to wait for him any longer. Jeremy’s decision to stay in prison ended his relationship with Erica. A month later, Mark exonerated Jeremy for the murder and he was released from prison.

1987: Jeremy worried about Natalie and her new role as Palmer Cortlandt’s personal nurse. One day, he caught Natalie in the throws of passion with Palmers son, Ross Chandler. It shocked Jeremy when he learned that Natalie was accusing Ross of rape. He found himself defending Natalie in spite of what she had done to him.
Jeremy and Erica helped Silver Kane regain her lost memories. Silver was Erica’s sister from another mother. Their quest brought them to Cobbler’s Island in Canada. Silver began to act erratically in an entranced state. Silver had been hypnotized by her mother, Goldie Kane, to kill Erica. Eric Kane had left Cobbler’s Island to Erica, but Goldie thought Silver deserved it. Jeremy was able to stop Silver, but he could not get to Goldie in time. She shot a very pregnant Erica. The ordeal brought Silver and Jeremy together.
Back in Pine Valley, Silver’s past revealed even more dark secrets. Silver went to Dr. Damon Lazarre at Oak Haven to eliminate the remnants of her hypnotism. Damon turned out not only to be Silver’s husband, but Goldie’s co-conspirator. Jeremy rescued Erica and Silver from Damon. In a final confrontation, Damon fell over a bridge to his death.

1988: Jeremy and Silver’s relationship fell apart. Silver had grown insanely jealous of Jeremy’s need to care for Natalie and Tim. Silver was found dead in the Cortlandt pond, and Natalie was the main suspect. Jeremy helped Natalie to clear her name. The trial solidified her divorce from Palmer. Natalie and Jeremy quickly made plans to marry themselves.
On the day of their wedding, a woman from Jeremy’s past came to compromise the Hunter’s newfound happiness. Marissa Rampal was a former spy and Jeremy’s ex-lover. She had secretly given birth to Jeremy’s son, David Rampal. Jeremy wanted to be a part of David’s life, but Marissa was not going to make that easy. She wanted Jeremy back, and was willing to do anything to get her way.

1989: Natalie and Jeremy’s marriage suffered from Marissa’s meddling. One day Jeremy, caught Natalie and Marissa in an altercation. Before Jeremy could stop them, Marissa came crashing down the staircase to her death. Jeremy’s concerns were with David and what this loss would do to him. Natalie needed Jeremy to be on her side. When Jeremy chose his son over his wife, Natalie announced their marriage was over.

1990: Jeremy defended Skye Chandler when she was accused of kidnapping Junior Chandler. Jeremy reached out to her as she fell into the grasps of alcoholism. Jeremy promised to stand by Skye as long as she stayed away from the bottle. But the urges proved to much for Skye. She secretly drank behind Jeremy’s back. Skye got into a car accident while in a drunken stupor, revealing her manipulations.
Jeremy watched as gold digger Ceara Connor preyed on his son. David refused to listen to Jeremy. So, Jeremy took matters into his own hands. He was equally if not more wealthy than his son. He began to seduce Ceara, determined to make her leave David alone.

1991: Jeremy’s ploy to keep Ceara and David apart had some surprising results. While seducing Ceara, Jeremy found himself falling in love.
Ceara had trouble being intimate with Jeremy. It was revealed that as a child, Ceara had been molested by her father. George Connor came to Pine Valley. When he tried to molest Ceara again, she reached for a gun and shot him. Jeremy helped Ceara come to grip with her abuse and the crime she had just committed. They married on New Year’s Eve.

1992: Jeremy and Ceara followed criminal Carter Jones to Corinth. There, Ceara fell victim to a sniper. Grieving the loss of his wife, Gwen Alden offered him a job as an Art professor at Alden University. Jeremy would fall victim to Gwen’s break from reality. Convinced her friends and family would be happier dead and free of their problems, she went on a murdering spree. While working in his studio, Jeremy was entombed in quick drying cement.