The Pine Valley Bulletin

HUBBARD, Natalia
Portrayed by
: Shannon Kane (2008-present)
Family: Jesse Hubbard (Father); Rebecca Fowler (Mother); Frank Hubbard (Brother)
Marriages: None

2008:Natalie Hubbard knew her father could leave her with a drop of a hat. Jesse Hubbard was on the run from a crime lord when he met her mother, Dr. Rebecca Fowler, in Toronto. Jesse and Rebecca fell in love while she helped Jesse recover from his torture and abduction by the Papel. Though Natalia had a stable childhood, she always knew Jesse could leave at any moment. He had another family that he loved just as much in Pine Valley. That moment came when news that Jesse’s son, Dr. Frank Hubbard, was near deat. Rebecca told Jesse to leave. He had no obligations to she or Natalia.
Natalia made her way to Pine Valley months later to speak with Jesse. Rebecca had a brain tumor and had refused treatment. Jesse at first tried to keep Natalia’s identity a secret. That all changed the night a tornado came crashing through Pine Valley. Rebecca needed to be operated on. Jesse admitted to his wife, Dr. Angie Hubbard, the truth about Natalia’s identity.
Rebecca came to Pine Valley to retreive her daughter, but found herself in the hospital too. Her tumor had caused her too seizure. Rebecca signed a DNR, but Natalia begged Angie to save her mother. The Hubbards invited Natalia and Rebecca to stay with them as until Rebecca's condition got better.