The Pine Valley Bulletin

HUBBARD, Franklin "Frank/Frankie" Quienten
Portrayed by
: Z. Wright (1986-91); Alimi Ballarad (1993-95 (LOV), 1995-96 (City)); Jason Olive (2002); Cornelius Smith, jr. (2007-present)
Family: Jesse Hubbard (Father); Angie Baxter Hubbard-Foster (Mother); Cassandra Foster (Adoptive-Sister); Natalia Hubbard (Sister); William Hubbard (Son)
Marriages: None

1983: Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxters’s relationship was finally on track. But, the loving couple had issues with intimacy. Angie had long decided to keep herself until marriage. But Jesse could not wait. He proposed to Angie, who in the rush of the marriage accepted. They quickly eloped, and shared their first night of passion together.
Things became estranged between husband and wife. Angie asked Jesse for a quickie divorce. Soon, he would learn Angie had left him because she was pregnant. He wanted to raise their son together, but Angie’s father, Les Baxter, had already arranged for the child to be adopted.
Angie and Jesse teamed up to find their son. They kidnapped the boy from his adoptive family and waited in Sea City for things to blow over. Jesse named his son Frank Hubbard, after his late uncle. Angie and Jessie remarried in front of the Justice of the Peace. But marital bliss was not to be, as the couple was wanted on kidnapping charges.

1988: Jesse was shot dead while pursuing a robber, John Remington, while working for the Pine Valley Police Department.

1991: Angie decided to leave Pine Valley for California.

1993-95: Frankie and Angie moved back to Pennsylvania, this time to nearby Corinth. Angie was not ready to return to Pine Valley because of all the reminders of Jesse. Not having a father affected Frankie. He began spending time with the wrong crowd in Corinth.
A drunk Cooper Alden accidentally hit Frankie with his car. Though only sustaining minor injuries, Frankie began blackmailing the Cooper for his fortune. Frankie had Cooper pay off a man who had accused Frankie of assaulting him.
Frankie found an outlet for his rebellion in film. His propensity to film everything compromised an ongoing FBI investigation. Charles Harrison was in Corinth to protect Clay Alden. Frank had filmed a private conversation that compromised Clay's safety. The situation brought Angie and Charles together. After a brief romance, Angie and Charles married.
Frankie began seeing Bree Hawkins, not knowing she was Charles' daughter with Lorraine Hawkins. Angie and Charles' marriage hit the rocks when Jacob Foster arrived in Corinth. Jacob was a dead ringer for Jesse. Jacob made Angie realize her heart was still broken. She made plans to move to New York with Jesse. Frankie was admitted to Film School in New York City, and made the move with his mother.

1995-96: Frankie quickly realized New York City was very different from the small towns he grew up in. Frankie and Angie were targeted by a white supremacist group after she took in a white foster daughter, Kayla. Frankie had his own reservations towards Kayla's adoption, believing there were as many if not more African American foster children in need of a good home. Frankie had begun to embrace the "Back to Africa" movement. Explosives went off in Angie's Front Street Clinic. Before the Hubbards could react, Frankie fell victim to another intentional bombing at the City Bar.
It would be Jacob who helped the Hubbards get through the trying time. After a long period of recovery, Frankie decided to move back to California to pursue a career in film. He and Jacob drove to California together. He gave Jacob and Angie his blessing. Later that year, he returned to New York City to surprise his mother at her wedding to Jacob. Frankie was again dating Bree in California.
Jacob and Angie adopted a baby girl, Cassandra Foster.

2002: Frank spent most of his adolescence in New York where Angie operated her own clinic. After a failed attempt at becoming a director, Frank left film school for medical school. Joe Martin offered Frank an internship at Pine Valley Hospital, just like his mother. After all these years, Frank was ready to come home.
Frank met Simone Torres after she was admitted to the hospital after a night of binge drinking. Frank reached out to Simone. He helped arrange for her to move into the Fargate Boarding House with him. They began to see each other romantically.
Frank saw Simone’s insecurities stemmed from her father, Dr. Zeke McMillian’s, harsh treatment. Simone confided that Anthony had resented Simone since her brother, Anthony McMillian, overdosed. Frank knew that name was familiar. Frank realized Anthony was a subject in one of his documentaries of life on the New York streets. Frank filmed Anthony’s last moments instead of calling for help. Seeing Anthony died was what made him want to become a doctor. When he admitted the truth to Simone, she broke things off.
Frank ran into his first love Mia Saunders who was also working at the hospital. Mia was very cold towards Frank. Mia eventually revealed that they had shared a child, William, which she had put up for adoption. Frank was infuriated and insisted in tracking him down. Mia begged Frank to leave William alone with his adoptive family. With Liza Colby’s help, Frank realized how much damage he could cause by dropping this bombshell on him.
Frank decided to leave Pine Valley to complete his internship elsewhere.

2007: Frank spent the last few years on the front lines in Iraq. Upon returning to the United States, he took residence in the woods not far out of Pine Valley. He stumbled across Aidan Devane in his search for the missing Greenlee duPres and Zach Slater. Since Frank knew the layout of the woods, he agreed to help Aidan. To keep his identity a secret, he told Aidan his name was Quinten.

2008: Frank was rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. He had ingested a toxin that made it hard to breathe. When Joe saw Frank, he called Angie to consult on his case. Angie and Frank had been estranged since he enlisted in the army. The ordeal brought son and mother together. The ordeal also brought another person back to Pine Valley: Jesse. Frank’s father had spent the last two decades in hiding from a crime lord called the Papel. After reuniting with his family, Jesse decided he was going to put an end to the Papel for once and for all. Frank and Colby Chandler were kidnapped by the Papel. Tad Martin and Jesse were able to rescue them before either could be hurt. Frank tried to keep Colby at arms length. She had a crush on the much older doctor.
The Papel turned out to be Robert Gardner. He chose the night of Angie and Jesse’s wedding to strike again. With Frankie’s help, Jesse took down his long time tormentor. Along with his sister Cassandra, the Hubbards settled down in Pine Valley. Both Angie and Frank rejoined the staff at Pine Valley Hospital.
Frank became close to one of his patients, Randi Morgan. Randi was a prostitue. Her pimp, Fletcher, was very abusive to her. Randi became a frequent visitor at the hospital. Frank tried to help Randi, but she pushed him away. Frankie came to an agreement with Fletcher, seemingly paying for Randi’s freedom. But Fetcher continued to torment Randi. His reign of terror came to an end when Frankie’s former army comrade Taylor Thompson caught Fletcher assaulting Randi. Taylor snapped Fletcher’s neck with her bare hands.
Taylor came to Pine Valley to deliver Frankie’s silver heart. Frankie wanted to forget about his time in Iraq. Frankie was called back into duty. In a pre-deployment celebration, Frankie had too much to drink and was caught drunk driving. His arrest suspended him from active service temporarily.
Another face fom Frankie’s time in Iraq came to Pine Valley. Brot Monroe was in Frankie’s unit, and was Taylor’s fiance. He had seemingly perished in a bombing. Frankie caught Brot at the hospital. Brot had been AWOL. He did not want anyone to know he was alive, especially Taylor.
Frankie took the opportunity to focus on his relationship with Randi. Randi had trouble with intimacy because of her years as a prostitute.