The Pine Valley Bulletin

HENRY, Diana “Di” Kirby
Portrayed by
: Kelli Giddish (2005-07); Heather Kenzie (2008)
Family: Seabone Hunkle (Father); Dixie Cooney (Sister); Lanie Cortlandt Rampal (Sister); Will Cortlandt (Brother); Del Henry (Brother)
Marriages: None

2005: Di Henry was raised in impoverished Crow’s Hallow by her aunt. Little did she know, her father, Seabone Hunkle, had another family one town over in Pigeon’s Hallow. When Di turned eighteen, she left home for New York City. To make ends meet, she took on odd jobs, including stripping. She met businessman Garret Williams who offered her a new life.
When Di learned Garret was a crime lord, she left him. At that time, Di was approached by a man named Del Henry, her brother. Del was in need of a kidney after his began to fail. Di agreed to donate one of hers. As they recovered from their surgery, Del told Di about their other siblings, including Dixie Cooney. Dixie had donated her kidney to Del too. Di decided to contact Dixie. But their relationship was short-lived when news came that Dixie had died in a car accident in Switzerland.
Di got in trouble with the law when new boyfriend Kevin Sturgess was arrested. Di refused to testify against him. She was to serve her sentence in a Pine Valley prison, bringing her to Dixie’s hometown.
Di was shocked to see Tad Martin, Dixie’s ex-husband, visiting a new convict, Krystal Carey. Di protected Krystal from the other convicts, until she was released.
David Hayward approached Di with a proposition. He noted Di’s physical similarities to Dixie. He wanted Di to pose as Dixie and work her way back into her son, JR Chandler’s life. JR was keeping his daughter, Babe Carey, away from their child, Adam Chandler, III. Di was interested, if only to learn more about Dixie’s life. She took a job as Little Adam’s live in nanny.
Adam Chandler was always suspicious of Di. Afraid that JR would reject her if he knew the truth of how she got to Chandler Mansion, Di blurted out that she was Dixie. Dixie’s family was shocked. Armed with the knowledge from conversations with Dixie and David, Di was able to pass as her sister. Luckily, her DNA was close enough to Dixie’s to trick the test. Tad and Di grew closer. She found herself falling in love with her sister’s husband. She even mourned the death of Dixie and Tad’s daughter, Kate Martin.
When Krystal learned Di was posing as Dixie, she contacted Adam. He used his connections to get his sentence commuted. But Di was unwavering in her charade. She was even able to convince Del to go along with the act. That would all change when she learned Garret was in Pine Valley. Garret was trying to track down Witness Protection Program escapee Julia Keefer. Tad told her Garret was out to kill Julia for witnessing a crime a decade earlier. Di left to confront her former lover. She left Stuart Chandler a note that detailed the truth about her deception. It was only to be given to JR if she did not make it back from Garret’s alive.
Di pleaded with Garret to let Julia go. Julia saw the opportunity to strike. She stabbed him with a makeshift shank. Tad arrived on the scene just as Garret died. Stuart had given him the letter.
Kicked out of Chandler Mansion, Julia offered Di and Del a place to stay at Wildwind. Did refused to turn her back on Dixie’s family, but they wanted nothing to do with her. Di witnessed Dixie’s family fall apart again. Di knew she had the solution to the problem. On Christmas Eve, she flew to Europe. Waiting for her was Dixie, alive.
Di begged Dixie to come home with her to Pine Valley for JR, Jamie Martin, and Tad. But Dixie was not ready to see her family. Di left Dixie a memento from home: a photo of Tad, the boys, and her new grandson, Little Adam.

2006: Di and Tad could not deny their attraction for each other. Di continued to see Tad, knowing Dixie was alive. Di was shocked to see Dixie back in Pine Valley after the explosion at the Mardi Gras Ball. Dixie had learned about Di’s charade the year before. When Tad found out, he broke things off with Di again.
Di learned one of her old friends, Annie McDermott, was in Pine Valley. Erin Lavery was hiding her from her abusive husband, Terry McDermott.
Di befriended Aidan Devane, Tad’s private investigation partner. Di was hesitant to pursue a relationship with Aidan because he had dated Erin. Erin gave Di her blessing. That night, Erin was found dead in the FUSION offices.

2007: Di teamed up with Aidan to find Erin’s killer, dubbed the Satin Slayer. But before they could track him down, Dixie became his next victim. Di blamed herself for allowing her sister to die again. Aidan and Di went to so far as to make her a vulnerable target for the killer, so as to force him to reveal his identity. The killer turned out to be Alexander Cambias, sr. who had a deranged plot of revenge against Zach.
In the aftermath, Di joined the FUSION team. She sought out a fresh start and decided to relocate to the New York offices.

2008: Annie called Di for a favor. She was to take Emma to the Pine Keys for vacation while Annie sorted out the remnants of her marriage to Ryan. Di did not realize she was a pawn in Annie’s latest plot. Annie had become unhinged since her brother’s death and the dissolution of her marriage to Ryan. Annie had staged Emma’s kidnapping. When Di found out the truth, she demanded Annie come and explain herself.
While arguing over Annie’s deception, Di pulled out a gun. Annie struggled for the gun when it went off, shooting Di in the chest. Aidan, Greenlee, and Ryan stormed into the room at that very moment. Di grabbed the gun to stop Annie but missed and almost shot Greenlee. Aidan took the bullet for his current wife.
When the paramedics showed up, there was nothing they could do. Di died on the way to the hospital.