The Pine Valley Bulletin

HENRY, Delbert "Del" Hunkle
Portrayed by
: Winsor Harmon (1994-95); Alex Musser (2005-08)
Family: Seabone Hunkle (Father); Dixie Cooney (Sister); Lanie Cortlandt Rampal (Sister); Will Cortlandt (Brother); Di Kirby Henry (Sister)
Marriages: None

1994: Del Henry always thought himself to be a journalist. Really, he was nothing more than a glorified tabloid writer. He secretly teamed up with Kendall Hart to write a tell all book about her mother, Erica Kane.
But Del had another reason to be in Pine Valley. He began inquiring about Dixie Martin. Tad Martin worried about Del’s intentions. He would reveal to Dixie a dark family secret. Dixie had long known her father, Seabone Hunkle, was unfaithful to her mother. She only did not know he had a whole other family. Del was one of Seabone’s illegitimate children. Dixie and Del’s reunion was bittersweet. Del had a big favor to ask from Dixie. He was in kidney failure and needed Dixie’s help to save his life.
At Dixie and Tad’s marriage, Del saw a face from his past. It was Dr. Maria Santos Grey, his college sweetheart. Del had loved Maria. He had gotten cold feat when Maria started talking about marriage. Little did Del know, Maria only brought up marriage because she was pregnant with his child. Because of Del’s abandonment, Maria had botched abortion that left her sterile. When Maria spurned his advances, Del began dating her sister, Julia Santos.

1995: Del helped Kendall piece together her life after divorcing Anton Lang. Their relationship had gone beyond their book collaboration. Kendall was hit with another devastating blow when her adoptive father, Bill Hart, died of a heart attack. Kendall was making plans to move back to Florida to care for her adoptive mother, Alice Hart. Thinking he would loose her, Del proposed to Kendall. They left for Florida together.

2005: Del left Kendall in Florida. He soon fell ill after his kidney began to fail again. While searching for another viable donor, Del learned her had another sister, Di Kirby. Di was his full sister sent away to live with an aunt in Crow’s Hallow. He found Di in New York. Di agreed to help him with a transplant. As they recovered, Del told her stories about their loving sister Dixie. But tragedy would strike when news came from Switzerland that Dixie had died in a car accident.
Del was shocked to learn that Dixie was alive and back to Pine Valley. When Del arrived in Chandler Mansion, he was shocked to find Di impersonating her. Di begged Del to keep up the charade. Del needed a place to stay while he put together his next novel. He promised to keep quiet if Di could get him a room at the Mansion.
When Di’s lies were discovered, both Henry siblings were thrown out. Julia offered them a place to stay at Wildwind. Di’s had saved Julia from Garret Williams, a crime lord whose threats kept her in Witness Protection for the last decade.

2006: Opal Cortlandt enlisted Del’s help to make Palmer jealous. Opal showered Del with gifts, as long as he kept her company at public events.
Del would eventually get a job at ConFUSION, the newest bar in Pine Valley. He moonlighted as a Bartender, while working on his new murder mystery novel. Del also began to nurse his crush on Amanda Dillon, the manager of ConFUSION.
Dixie was revealed to be alive. She had spent the last four years in Switzerland. Di had known the truth, but Dixie made her promise not to tell anyone.

2007-08: Del was devastated when Dixie died at the hands of the Satin Slayer. Soon, Di decided to leave Pine Valley to work for FUSION New York.
Del continued to reside in Pine Valley.