The Pine Valley Bulletin

HAWKINS, Camille
Portrayed by
: Schuyler Grant (1998)
Family: Lee Hawkins (Father); Joy Hawkins (Mother)
Marriages: None

1998: Camille Hawkins grew up blaming Adam Chandler for the death of her beloved mother, Joy Hawkins. When she was old enough, Camille agreed to her father, Lee Hawkins, plan for revenge against the Chandler family.
Camille first appearance in Pine Valley was to haunt Adam as her mother’s spirit, hoping to coax a confession of muder out of him. Adam revealed that Joy was alive, somewhere. She had turned to the Chandler brothers to escape an abusive Lee.
Camille began to date Tad Martin. Tad never liked Adam, but he was not convinced about Lee’s story. When Tad found evidence supporting Adam’s claim, Camille went to confront Lee. Lee told his daughter none of that mattered as he had rigged Hayley Vaughan’s restaurant, Holidays, to explode with all the Chandlers inside.
Camille ran to Holidays to warn everyone. Then, she went into the basement to disarm the bomb. But she was too late. Camille died in the explosion.