The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Sarah Hugh (1999-2001)
Family: None
Marriages: None

1999: Tina Harding loved working at Sounds of Salsa. It was not so much the perks of working at Pine Valley’s newest and trendiest club, but its owner, the very married Mateo Santos. Tina did anything she could to impress Mateo. Though Mateo paid no attention to her, Mateo’s new partner Adrian Sword did. Adrian asked Tina to be hit date at the Crystal Ball.

2000-01: Tina was falling in love with Adrian. Tina revealed she had commitment issues stemming from her upbringing in foster care. Adrian was more serious about the relationship than she was. Adrian need to leave town abruptly when he learned that his father, Fred Dawson, had suffered a stroke. Adrian asked Tina to come with him, but she hesitated.
Tina got a job as a teacher to the hearing impaired. They wanted to transfer her to Alabama, where Adrian now was. Tina saw it as fate’s sign that she and Adrian were meant to be together. She took the job and left Pine Valley to be with the man she loved.