The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Carol Burnett (1983, 1995, 2005)
Family: Langley Wallingford (Father)
Marriages: Rex

1983: Verla Grubbs rolled into Pine Valley in search of a familiar face. She found her in Myrtle Fargate, a one-time friend of her late mother. Verla came to Myrtle with startling news: she had just learned who her father was. Her father was none other than traveling con artist Lenny Wlasuk, now known as Langley Wallingford. Father and daughter had a bittersweet reunion. But, Langley worried about what Verla’s presence would do to his marriage with Phoebe Wallingford. Phoebe did not know about Langley’s past life. Verla agreed to keep her distance to protect Langley, and left town for Toledo.

1995: Verla crashed into The Boutique during one of Pine Valley’s worst blizzards. She told Myrtle that she was about to marry and needed Langley’s blessing. With Opal’s help, they called Langley over to The Boutique. Phoebe caught them in an embrace. Thinking that Verla was his lover, Phoebe verbally attacked her. Myrtle intervened. She finally told her the truth about Verla's identity. Surprisingly, Phoebe embraced Verla. She welcomed her into her family.
Verla introduced Langley to her fiancee, Rex.

2005: Verla visited Pine Valley to see Myrtle. At the hospital, she ran into Bianca Montgomery and her daughter, Miranda Montgomery. Earlier, Opal had suggested Bianca name Miranda "Verla" as a joke at Bianca's baby shower.