The Pine Valley Bulletin

GREY, Madelyn “Maddie” Flora
Portrayed by
: Jordan Vance (1997-98); Andrea and Julia Cambra (1998-2001); Paulina Gerzon (2001-04); Aryanna Rodriguez (2004-05)
Family: Edmund Grey (Father); Maria Santos Grey (Mother); Sam Grey (Brother)
Marriages: None

1997: Madelyn Flora Grey began her life in a veil of secrets. Erica Kane brought her home to Wildwind as Sonya Kane, though she was in fact the daughter of Edmund and Maria Grey. Though Erica would admit to her deception, happiness was not to be for the Greys. Maria died in a plane crash coming back from New York. In her final moments, Maria handed Maddie to Brooke English, making her promise to always care for her child.
Everyone in Pine Valley still believed that Dimitri Marick was Madelyn’s father; but Edmund was her real father. When Dimitri found out the truth, he tried to hide her at Vadzel. Edmund called out his brother to return her to him. Madelyn returned to Pine Valley with her father.

2000: Maddie and Sam helped Edmund propose to Alex Marick. Before they were married, Dimitri was revealed to be alive.

2001: Maddie teamed up with Phoebe Wallingford to bring Edmund and Brooke together at the Crystal Ball. Brooke had been like a mother to Maddie since Maria’s death in the crash of Flight 149

2002: Maddie prepared herself for a new mother in the form of her savior, Brooke. But that all changed when Maddie spotted Maria on the Wildwind grounds. Maddie thought it was Maria’s ghost. Maria had survived the crash of Flight 149. Only, Maria thought she was a woman named Maureen Gorman from Las Vegas with no memory of her life and family in Pine Valley. Maria leaned on Maddie for support as she only had memories of giving birth to her in the cabin.

2003: Maddie was playing in the park behind Wildwind when she witnessed Evan Flanders shoot Chris Stamp. Chris saw Maddie and tried to protect her from Flanders. He carried her to safety as Flanders continued to shoot him. He died protecting her.
Aidan and Maria offered Maddie a safe place to stay on their boat. Only, Flanders had tracked her down. He set the boat to explode. Maria jumped overboard to rescue her daughter. The trauma of the event caused her memory to come rushing back. In the end, Maria embraced her children, and Edmund.

2004: Maddie watched as her parent’s marriage unraveled after Edmund’s paralysis. It did not help that Maria’s lover from her time as Maureen, Zach Slater, came to Pine Valley. Maddie blamed Zach for the Grey’s martial problems.

2005: Maddie’s world was turned upside down when Edmund was found murdered at the Wildwind barn. Zach was the suspected murderer. Maddie blamed Maria for her father’s death, and began to act out. Edmund’s will made her and Sam childhood millionaires. Edmund left everything to them, and named Brooke and not Maria as the executor.
Even after Zach was exonerated for the crime, Maddie kept her vendetta. She made it seem like Zach was a child pedophile by throwing herself at him. After stopping Maddie, Maria decided the Grey’s needed a new start away from Pine Valley. They moved to California to be close to Maddie’s uncle, Mateo Santos.