The Pine Valley Bulletin

GREY, Edmund Gresham
Portrayed by
: John Callahan (1992-2005)
Family: Hugo Marick (Father); Flora Gresham (Mother); Alf Gresham (Adoptive-Father); Dimitri Marick (Brother); Maddie Grey (Daughter); Sam Grey (Son)
Marriages: Maria Santos; Brooke English

1992: Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Edmund Grey returned to his childhood hometown to unlock the mystery behind the murder of Will Cortlandt. He had a hard time cracking the story because almost everyone he met had a motive to kill Will. One person whom he learned to trust was his fellow journalist, Brooke English. Their collaboration went beyond the story and into the bedroom. Edmund also befriended Brooke’s aunt, Phoebe Wallingford. For once, Phoebe actually agreed with her niece’s romantic choice.
Edmund soon revealed he had ulterior motives for staying in Pine Valley. He had discovered Hugo Marick’s will that said he was in fact his son. Edmund took the claim to his childhood friend, Angelique Marick. Angelique chalked up Edmund’s claim as a projection of the rivalry that Edmund shared with Hugo’s son, Dimitri Marick. Edmund was the child of Wildwind’s servants, while Dimitri was the master of the castle. But Edmund wanted to know more. He searched for Hugo’s will, which had gone missing. Edmund’s obsessive attitude put off Angelique, and almost drove Brooke away.
Edmund followed the Maricks to Vadzel, the Marick ancestral home in Hungary. There, he took Dimitri’s latest girlfriend, Erica Kane, hostage. Erica became Edmund’s accomplice when she caught Angeliqe and Dimitri in an embrace. They realized the culprit behind the missing will was Helga, Angelique’s mother. Dimitri and Edmund confronted Helga on a turret. Helga revealed when Edmund had long thought was true: he was Hugo’s son. Then, Helga threw herself over the edge to her death.
Returning to Pine Valley, Dimitri began to accept Edmund as his brother. He gave Edmund Wildwind as reparation for the lies both men had to endure.

1993: Edmund was finally happy with his relationship with Brooke. But the sudden reappearance of Tad Martin compromised their happiness. Tad was the father of Brooke’s son, Jamie Martin. Brooke had long thought Tad to be dead. Brooke realized that she finally had a chance to give her son a normal life. She broke-up with Edmund so that she could marry Tad. Heartbroken, Edmund went to a bar. There he met neurologist Maria Santos and they struck up an instant romance.
Edmund and Brooke continued their professional relationship. They needed Phoebe’s help to uncover a retirement scam. Edmund posed as Phoebe gigolo so that they could invest in the alleged condominium units that were to be built in Willow Lake Acres. When Brooke went to the supposed location, all she found was a swamp. Brooke began sinking into the quicksand. Edmund arrived in time to save her.
Edmund and Maria began spending a lot of time together. It was not long before Edmund asked Maria to marry him.

1994: Brooke went missing. Tad revealed Brooke was going through a dangerous pregnancy. Faced with the thought of loosing a child, she went on the run with Jamie. Tad waited anxiously for a call. But, Brooke turned to Edmund. He talked her into returning to Pine Valley to undergo a risky surgery in hopes of saving the child.
Maria worried about Edmund’s devotion to Brooke. Edmund assured Maria that he only loved her. Edmund’s relationship with Brooke was something different. Edmund and Maria married in a traditional catholic wedding. Edmund opened Wildwind to all of Maria’s family who decided to move to Pine Valley.
While on their honeymoon in Vadzel, Edmund discovered private letters from Corvina Lang. They alleged that Dimitri’s new ward, Anton Lang, was in fact Dimitri’s son.
Edmund’s investigation into Matt Callaway was not yet complete. Matt had hired someone to kill Edmund. When his car exploded, Edmund saw this as the perfect opportunity to go undercover. He allowed his family to believe he was dead to complete his investigation. Edmund revealed he was alive the night of his funeral at Wildwind. Everyone was relieved to see Edmund alive. Everyone that is, but Maria. She felt betrayed by her husband, and moved out of Wildwind.

1995: Edmund and Maria were stranded in the stables during a snowstorm. Maria was forced to address her insecurities. Edmund assured that he loved Maria and no one else. Edmund promised to never lie to her again. That night, they made love.
Maria confided in Edmund her college love affair with Del Henry. She had become pregnant with his child. Fearful of her parent’s reaction, Maria had an abortion. But the procedure left her unable to have children. Edmund and Maria were resolved to adopt. Anita Santos set the Greys up with teen mother Kelsey Jefferson. Kelsey was looking to put her child up for adoption. Edmund had hesitations of adopting a child from a prominent Pine Valley family. The Greys invited Kelsey to move into Wildwind to await the baby’s birth.
Wildwind became a little too crowded for comfort. Julia Santos took refuge at Wildwind to deal with the release of her rapist, Louie Greco. But it was the newest Mrs. Marick, Erica, that caused the most drama. Maria and Erica were constantly at odds with each other. Dimitri decided to move to the Linden House with his new wife.

1996: Edmund and Maria went ahead with their plans to adopt Kelsey’s baby. She gave birth to Samuel Carlos Grey. Edmund let Kelsey remain at Wildwind to nurse Sam. But it was obvious that Kelsey had other intentions. Over the last year, she had harbored a crush on Edmund.
Edmund and Maria threw a lavish wedding for Julia and Noah Keefer. At the reception, Kelsey caught Anita in the arms of Bobby Warner. Kelsey revealed Bobby was Sam’s father. In a jealous rage, Kelsey asked the Grey’s for Sam back. Maria tried to go on the run with Sam. Edmund stopped her at the airport. As much as it hurt him, Edmund knew it was Kelsey’s right to keep Sam. Maria felt betrayed by Edmund, and left him.
Kelsey agreed to return Sam to the Greys. Maria and Edmund found their way back to each other. At Christmas time, Maria revealed she was now pregnant.

1997: Maria admitted to Edmund that she had an affair with Dimitri and was now unsure if her unborn child was Edmund’s, or her brothers. A test would prove that Dimitri was the father. Edmund needed time to process the information. He left Wildwind to be alone with his thoughts. Instead, he found Skye Chandler, who was more than willing to be his listening ear.
Maria supposedly lost their child in a car accident during a torrid storm. Maria and Edmund grieved for their child. Really, the child was very much alive and living in Wildwind. Erica had found the child and was attempting to pass her off as her own adopted daughter, Sonya Kane. Filled with guilt for what she had done, Erica gave the child back to the Greys. They named her Madelyn Flora Grey, after Edmund’s mother.
Edmund’s life was turned upside down when Maria died in a plane crash. Edmund’s hearing was severely impaired in the same crash. He had a hard time coming to terms with Maria’s death and his own handicap. Dimitri decided to leave Wildwind with Madelyn to protect her from Edmund. Edmund’s depression turned around when Skye revealed a startling truth: Edmund was Madelyn’s father, not Dimitri. Skye had switched the original paternity test. Armed with a court order, Edmund, with the help of Tad Martin, snuck into Hungary dressed as women to confront Dimitri. Faced with the truth, Edmund reluctantly gave Edmund his daughter.
Mateo Santos revealed that Adam’ Chandler Industries had demanded the cost cuts that could have lead to the mechanical failures at TransGlobal Airlines. As a settlement, Adam offered Brooke and Edmund full ownership of Tempo Magazine. Brooke wanted to bring Jim Thomasen, the hero at the crash sight, into the deal, but Edmund wanted to know more about Jim’s past. An investigation revealed that their had been a bomb onboard Flight 149, clearing Adam for the crash.
Edmund began planning the first Crystal Ball in honor of Maria’s memory. He invited Dimitri back to Wildwind for the event as a sign of good faith.

1998: Dimitri confronted Edmund and Tad at gunpoint at the first Crystal Ball. Dimitri was irrational and determined to hurt Edmund. Gloria intervened and convinced Dimitri to stop. In the storm, a tree branch fell on Dimitri. He fell into a coma.
Edmund’s investigation into Brooke’s friend Jim Thomasen revealed that he was not the hero of Flight 149; rather, he was the culprit. Armed with evidence that Jim had brought a bomb onboard, Edmund was going to report him to authorities. But, Jim intervened. He threw Edmund into the Wildwind aqueduct, leaving Edmund to drown.
It was Dimitri who would discover Edmund. He jumped in to help Edmund, but found himself stuck too. Trapped and near death, the brothers reconciled over the last year’s ordeals. Dimitri helped a hurt Edmund treed water until they were rescued. At the hospital, Edmund had a vision of Maria telling him to live for their children.
Edmund recovered and opened Wildwind to his extended family. He befriended Kit Fisher, a woman claiming to be Jackson Montgomery’s sister. Kit’s integrity was already in question when she accused Ryan Lavery of rape. Edmund wanted to help Kit get whatever closure she needed.

1999: Edmund stood by Kit’s side as Ryan went to trial for her rape. Braden Lavery, Ryan’s older brother, came forward confessing that he and Kit had consensual sex the night of her alleged rape. Jackson was unable to secure another indictment. Jackson finally acquiesced to a DNA test, proving Kit was his sister.
Dimitri had spent most of the year in Europe. He told Edmund that he was coming back with some good news. Instead, Dimitri died of a brain aneurism on the plane. At the hospital, Dimitri’s doctor revealed she to be something more. She was Dr. Alex Devane Marick, Dimitri’s new wife.
Edmund was weary of Alex. He was sure that she had a role in Dimitri’s death. Alex tried to assure him that her intentions for Dimitri were true. It did not help that Dr. David Hayward accused Alex to be a murderer. Edmund’s investigation forced Alex to admit the truth to Edmund. Dimitri was still alive and undergoing treatment for a degenerative disease. With no recovery in site, he wanted to fake his death so that his family did not have to watch him suffer. Dimitri and Edmund were reunited at his hospital. But, when his latest round of treatment failed, Dimitri took it on himself to commit suicide.
Edmund and Alex mourned Dimitri’s passing. Alex began to be haunted by intense flashes of memories. She admitted to living most of her life as an amnesiac. Edmund promised to help her get to the bottom of her traumas.

2000: Edmund learned Alex’s medical record in Wales had been sealed by the government. Edmund went on a trip to Brynn Wydd, a hospital where Alex spent time as a pattient. He was taken captive at the fake hospital. A woman named Charlotte Devane rescued him. Charlotte was revealed to be Alex’s mother. Edmund brought her back to Pine Valley hoping she could fill them in on Alex’s past.
Upon meeting Charlotte, Alex began to have memory flashes about her past. Dimitri reappeared at Wildwind to Edmund. Dimitri told Edmund that Charlotte was a crime lord, not Alex’s mother. Really, she wanted Alex dead. Edmund asked Dimitri to help him, but he was still sure he was dying. Edmund did not have the heart to tell Dimitri that he had fallen in love with Alex.
Edmund and Adrian Sword put together a plot to incriminate Charlotte. She revealed Alex was the twin sister of world famous spy, Anna Devane. She was trained to kill Anna by Charlotte’s organization. When she failed, Alex was taken into custody by the government and her memory was erased. Charlotte was taken into federal custody.
Edmund proposed to Alex and she accepted. Edmund was torn between his love for Alex and his loyalty to his brother. David Hayward was able to cure Dimitri. He came back to Alex. Edmund stepped aside so that his brother and wife and could reunite.
Alex went missing on the night of’s launch party. Dimitri thought Edmund had a role in it and had him committed to Oak Haven. Brooke intervened and mediated the brother’s conflict. After being released, Edmund and Dimitri teamed up to find Alex together.

2001: Edmund and Dimitri began their search for Alex. Sam kept on claiming that he had spoken to Alex on the phone, but Edmund did not believe him. That was until Edmund witnessed Sam pick up the phone and speak to her. Alex told them not to find her. Edmund was able to trace the call to Canada. The brothers found Alex, alive, treating a very special patient: her twin sister Anna. They transported Anna to Pine Valley for more treatment.
Anne’s presence brought more threats from Charlotte’s organization. An assassin shot Gillian in the head thinking she was Anna. Edmund became protective of his new guest. Brooke interpreted this as Edmund having feelings for her. Brooke admitted to Edmund that she still had feelings for him. Edmund told her the feelings were mutual.
Mateo turned to Edmund for help when a drug lord named Proteus approached him about using SOS as a cover for her drug ring. Mateo worried about his family’s welfare. Edmund told Mateo to go along with Proteus’ demands while he started an investigation into Proteus. He hired intrepid reporter Simone Torres to act as their go between so as to not arise any suspicion about his involvement. The case brought Brooke and Edmund together.

2002: Edmund quickly proposed to Brooke after their romantic reunion at the Crystal Ball. Edmund wanted to hold off the ceremony until the conclusion of the Proteus investigation. Jamie was hesitant to accept Edmund as his new father. He wanted Brooke to reunite with Tad. Edmund worried that Brooke still had feelings for Tad.
Brooke and Edmund’s wedding went off without a hitch. But Maddie made mention of seeing her “Angel Mommy.” Brooke was moved by her words. Brooke revealed that she had real suspicions that Maria was alive. At that moment, Maria appeared at the chapel.
Maria had been living the last five years of her life as an amnesiac, Maureen Gorman, in Las Vegas. David had saved Maria’s life after the plan crash with an experimental drug that wiped her memory clean. Edmund offered Maria a place to stay in Wildwind, hoping her memories would return. Edmund was jealous of Maria’s romance with Aidan Devane. He begged David to help Maria remember her past. He gave Edmund a second experimental drug.
When Maria found out that Edmund had secretly drugged her, she left Wildwind.

2003: Edmund tried to come to grips with the end of his marriage. He began to see Mia Saunders casually.
Maddie was the only witness of Chris’s murder at Wildwind. Maria and Aidan took Maddie to their boat to protect her. When their boat exploded, Maria desperately searched for Maddie in the ocean debris. The trauma of the situation sparked Maria’s memory to return. Edmund immediately recognized what something had changed. Maria moved back to Wildwind to be with her husband and family.
Edmund supported Maria as she tested to get her medical license back. Maria rethought her career plans when her first patient, Carlos Reyes, died of complications from injuries he sustained in a car accident. Edmund suspected foul play. He learned Carlos was the target of a mob hit from the Argentinean Calvatras family. Edmund approached Carlos’ brother, Juan Pablo deVasquez, with an offer of protection.

2004: Juan Pablo called Edmund to his cabin after the Calvatras infiltrated the Wildwind security. Edmund told Maria to stay at Wildwind, but she needed to make sure Edmund was safe. One of the goons took Maria hostage. Edmund rescued his wife, but not before he was shot in the back.
When Edmund awoke from his coma, he was paralyzed from the waist down. Edmund was frustrated with the prospect of never walking again. He began researching experimental surgeries. Maria did not want Edmund to get his hopes up. Nothing reversed the paralysis.
At the same time, another person from Maria’s past as Maureen came to Pine Valley. Zach Slater was Maureen’s former lover. Edmund worried that Maria was hiding something after she failed to tell him about Zach, or his true identity as the late Cambias heir. He surprisingly turned to Aidan to help him investigate into Zach’s past. Edmund had gotten a strange phone call stating someone in Pine Valley was going to die. When Ryan Lavery was shot, Edmund implicated Zach in the intended murder because Ryan was the new Cambias heir.
Edmund finally gave Maria an ultimatum: Zach or their marriage. Maria maintained she would not see Zach again. When Edmund found out that they were meeting in secret, he initiated divorce proceedings.

2005: Edmund was determined to implicate Zach in Ryan’s shooting. He even went so far as to bribe Bobby into claiming he saw Zach commit the crime. Edmund agreed to meet another informant at the Wildwind barn. It turned out to be the real culprit, Jonathan Lavery. Jonathan took a shovel and bludgeoned Edmund to death. He then set the barn on fire to destroy the evidence of the crime.
Zach discovered Edmund and rescued him. But the blunt force trauma was too extensive. Edmund died on Maria’s operating table.