The Pine Valley Bulletin

GRANT, Nancy Fisher
Portrayed by
: Lisa Wilkinson (1973-84, 1995); Avis McCarther (1975)
Family: Carl Blair Grant (Son)
Marriages: Frank Grant; Carl Blair

1975-77: Nancy Grant returned to Pine Valley full time from Chicago in hopes of winning back her husband, Frank Grant. They shared a night of passion when Nancy admitted she was already seeing a new man, Carl Blaire. To everyone’s surprise, Carl was a white man.
The day Frank was set to marry her fiancé, Caroline Murray, Nancy was in for the shock of her life. She was pregnant, and she knew the child had to be Frank’s. Nancy began contemplating marrying Carl to provide her son with a normal life.

1978: Nancy was engaged to marry Carl Blair when his life was cut short by a plane crash. On his deathbed, Nancy said her commitment vows. Frank decided to do everything he could for his ex-wife. Nancy’s closeness to Frank put her in direct opposition of Caroline. Caroline did some poking around at the hospital, and found out Nancy was carrying Frank’s child, not Carl’s.
Nancy gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She named him Carl Blair. jr., so as to dissuade suspicion.

1979: Nancy admitted to Frank that Carl was his son.

1980: Nancy wanted to offer her son the security that she thought he deserved. She was dating Dr. Russ Anderson. Nancy convinced herself that she was in love with him. Frank did not falter in his attempts to reunite with his wife. But Nancy had convinced herself that their time together had passed. That all changed the night she was to marry Russ. She packed her bags and returned to Frank’s arms. They married that Thanksgiving.

1982-84: Nancy’s life was torn apart when Frank died on a sudden stroke. She tried to move on in Pine Valley, but there were too many memories of Frank.

1995: Nancy returned to Pine Valley for the Martin family housewarming. She brought a loaf of Kate Martin’s famous banana bread.