The Pine Valley Bulletin

GRANT, Franklin “Frank”
Portrayed by
: John Danelle (1971-82); Don Blakely (1972)
Family: Ellie Grant (Sister); Jesse Hubbard (Nephew); Carl Blair Grant (Son)
Marriages: Nancy Fisher; Caroline Dixon

1972: Benevolent Dr. Frank Grant assured Dr. Jeff Martin that not all long-term relationships were doomed. Though his marriage to wife Nancy Grant appeared perfect on the surface, Frank was experiencing many of the same problems as Jeff. In fact, he and his wife had lived apart for the last year. Nancy was living in Chicago and was hardly ever back in Pine Valley.

1976: With Nancy officially moving to Chicago to pursue work as a social worker, Frank had a lot of free time. He signed on the train the newest doctor at Pine Valley Hospital, Chuck Tyler. Frank was Chuck’s mentor. Frank had not realized what he had signed up for. Chuck was assigned to the dangerous case treating injured prostitute Donna Beck. Her pimp, Tyrone, wanted his property back. One day, Frank witnessed Tyrone attack Chuck with a knife. Frank intervened, revealing that he was a black belt in the martial arts.

1977: The distance proved to be too much for Frank and Nancy. Frank filed for a divorce. He almost immediately began a relationship with nurse Caroline Murray. Caroline was a Vietnam veteran. Frank helped Caroline get over her memories of the front lines.
When Nancy came back to town, Frank was willing to give her one last chance. They slept together but Nancy was harboring a secret. She was already dating another man.
Frank and Caroline married.

1978: Frank was happy with Caroline, but his heart sunk at the thought of Nancy’s pain. He fiancée, Carl Blair, died in an airplane crash. When Nancy gave birth to his son, Carl Blair, jr., Frank took it upon himself to be a father figure. The more time he spent with Nancy, the more his current marriage began to unravel. His feelings for Nancy were still very much alive.

1979: Frank found out Nancy had been lying to him about Carl: he was in fact his son. In an argument with Nancy, she admitted Caroline had known the truth as well. He could not handle Caroline’s deception, and asked for a divorce.

1980: Nancy was making plans to marry again, this time to Frank’s colleague Dr. Russ Anderson. Frank wanted to be a part of his son’s life. But most of all, he was still in love with Nancy. He had all but given up hope the night she was to marry Russ. He was in for a surprise when Nancy arrived on his doorstep. She finally professed her love for him. The Grants remarried that Thanksgiving.

1981: Frank opened his home to his sister’s son, Jesse Hubbard. Jesse had fallen by the wayside, dropping out of college and getting in trouble in Center City. Frank hoped that Pine Valley would help him focus on his furture. Jesse tested this hospitality when he left a lit cigarette that almost burned down the Grant home.

1982: Angie Baxter was a candy stripper at the hospital when Frank first took notice of her. He thought the responsible young woman was perfect for Jesse. He invited her over for dinner, but she and Jesse did not hit it off right away. But Frank recognized their antagonism to be a result of their underlying affection for each other.
Les Baxter did not approve of Jesse and Angie's relationship. Druing a verbal altercation with Les, Frank suffered a fatal stroke.