The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: David Rasche (2008)
Family: Ray Gardner (Brother); Tad Gardner Martin (Nephew); Jenny Gardner (Niece)
Marriages: None

2008: Robert Gardner was another victim of his older brother, Ray Gardner’s, wrath. Robert, like everyone who met Ray, did whatever he could to escape his brother’s fury. He left Texarcana and became a FBI agent.
Though on the surface an upstanding citizen, Robert was hiding his true identity. He ran an illegal jewelry theft ring under the alias Papel. His pursuit of two rare uncut diamonds put him the path of Ray’s former stomping ground, Pine Valley.
In 1988, he found out John Remington was in possession of the diamonds. Robert’s goons wrongly shot police officer Jesse Hubbard while he was investigating Remington. Robert believed Jesse knew something about the diamonds’ location. After prolonged months of torture and abuse, he let Jesse go, but warned him that he was never to return to Pine Valley less he wanted to compromise the safety of his wife and son. Jesse was presumed dead.
Robert later tracked down Remington and killed him after learning he no longer possessed the diamonds.
Robert returned to Pine Valley two decades later, again in pursuit of the diamonds. His fixation had cost him his job and his family. After catching Angie Hubbard at Remington’s mother’s home, he again thought there was a connection to the diamonds. Robert discovered Mrs. Remington wearing one of the diamonds. He killed her.
To get closer to Angie, Robert had to revisit his familiar connections. Angie was a good friend of his nephew, Tad Martin. Tad wanted nothing to do with the Gardner side of his family. But, Robert was able to charm his way into Tad’s mother and Ray’s ex-wife, Opal Cortlandt’s, heart. While Opal assured her son that Robert was nothing like Ray, Robert positioned himself to learn more about the location of the diamonds.
What Robert was not expecting was Jesse’s return from the dead. Tad and Angie had been hiding him. Robert was relieved that Jesse did not recognize him as the man that had held him captive. Robert discovered the diamonds had been placed in a stuffed elephant. The doll had since been given to Angie’s daughter, Cassandra Foster.
Robert saw his chance to get his hands on the doll at Jesse and Angie’s wedding. Opal discovered Robert with a gun. Before she could tell anybody, he sedated her. He made his way to Cassandra’s room, only to find Jesse waiting for him with the diamond. Robert’s true identity as the Papel was revealed. Before Jesse could take him into custody, Angie arrived. Robert took Angie hostage and attempted his escape. Along the way, he shot at the guests at the reception, fatally injuring Julia Keefer.
Robert tried to make his escape on a helicopter but was pursued by the combined forces of the Martins and Hubbards. He took one last shot at the crowd, shooting Tad in the chest. Jesse and Frankie overpowered Robert. He was taken into custody and imprisoned for all his crimes.