The Pine Valley Bulletin

FRYE, Danielle “Dani”
Portrayed by
: Unknown Actress (1994); Tanisha Lynn (2004-07)
Family: Derek Frye (Father); Mimi Reed (Mother); Livia Frye Cudahy (Aunt)
Marriages: None

1994: Danielle Frye had a very exciting birthday. Mimi Reed gave birth to her unsure if Lucas Barnes or Derek Frye was her father. As they fought over her, Grace Keefer kidnapped her. Grace had just lost her son, Tony Keefer. She thought it was unfair that she had no child while everyone fought and neglected Danielle. Her older cousin, Terrence Frye, recovered Danielle. A DNA test proved that Derek was her father. Her parents married in a small ceremony at Mimi’s loft.

1995: Derek and Mimi divorced. Mimi won primary custody of Danielle. They moved to New York.

2004: Dani and Mimi became estranged because of Mimi’s dedication to her job as a Detective. Dani tested Mimi by running away to Pine Valley. There, she befriended Reggie Montgomery. Reggie was sympathetic to Dani and offered her a place to stay. Dani was unaware that her aunt, Livia Cudahy, had moved back to Pine Valley. She discovered Dani at Jackson Montgomery’s apartment. Reggie felt betrayed that Dani had lied to him about not knowing anyone in Pine Valley, when she was in fact the Police Chief’s daughter.
Dani expected her father to send her back to New York. Mimi surprised her by dropping off all her stuff and telling Derek she was his problem now. Dani and Derek awkwardly tried to form a bond. But it was evident their years apart left much to be repaired.
Dani was enrolled in Pine Valley High School where she still could not seem to keep herself out of trouble. Dani hoped to win back Reggie’s trust by helping him and Jamie Martin investigate Babe Chandler’s drugging. Dani’s run-ins with the laws further put Derek on edge.

2005: Mimi came back to Pine Valley to bring Dani back to New York. Mimi was engaged to marry wealthy businessman Garret Williams. But Dani was not going anywhere. She had a boyfriend, Reggie, and an awesome job at FUSION. Mimi continued to blame Derek for Dani’s delinquency.
Dani was devastated when she overheard Livia and Mimi talking about her conception. She had no accident she was the result of an affair. Dani found a college party and began drinking. There, she met the much older Josh Madden. In a vulnerable state of mind, Dani lost her virginity to Josh.
Garret found a distraught Dani and promised to keep her secret. As Dani tried to deal with her infidelity, Garret began to act strangely. Garret began making sexual advances on her. Dani tried to deal with Garret on her own, but it became too much. On Mimi and Garret’s wedding day, Dani revealed what Garret was doing. Mimi wrongfully thought Dani was just acting out. Dani turned to Derek. In the ordeal, Dani was forced to admit to Reggie she had slept with Josh. Reggie dumped her.
Garret was revealed to be a crime lord, the Dragon. He had only married Mimi because she was investigating him. Mimi tried to make amends with Dani, but mother and daughter had drifted far apart. Mimi left Pine Valley without her daughter.

2006: Danielle helped the FUSION women open ConFUSION, a new bar. She discovered her cousin, Jamal Cudahy, working there. Jamal made Danielle promise no to tell his mother that he was back in Pine Valley. He was part of an underground network that helped women escape their abusive marriages.
Danielle was devastated when Simone was found dead in the FUSION offices. The next night, Erin was found dead too. They were the first victims of the Satin Slayer. Dani feared for her life as it was clear the women of FUSION were his targets.

2007: Danielle tried to remain strong during the Satin Slayer killing spree. That was until she too was poisoned. Luckily, she was found in time and rushed to the hospital. Derek and Livia decided to take matters into their own hands. They sent Danielle into hiding in Hawaii, and Livia took her place at the hospital.
The ordeal proved to be too much for Danielle. She decided not to return to Pine Valley.