The Pine Valley Bulletin

FREEMAN, Elliot (Josh Waleski)
Portrayed by
: Stan Albers (1988-89); David Beecroft (2000-01)
Family: None
Marriages: None

1988-89: Police officer Josh Waleski was forever haunted by one summer day. He had been driving back from a party, not realizing he had too much to drink. Unable to react in time, Josh accidentally crashed into Laura Cudahy as she chased a ball into the middle of the street. Laura died of brain injuries on the spot. Josh was sent to prison for involuntary manslaughter.

2000-01: Reverand Elliot Freeman had a new lease on life. In his past life, he was Josh Waleski, an off duty police officer responsible for the death of a little girl. Since his time in prison, Elliot reformed and used his trauma to reach out to souls in need. He recognized Brooke English as one of those souls.
Brooke and Elliot became close associates while working together at one of her shelters. Their friendship became a romance. But, Elliot knew something Brooke did not: the little girl he killed was her daughter, Laura Cudahy. Elliot tried to remove himself by transferring parishes. But, Brooke confronted when. When Elliot admitted the truth about what he did, Brooke left him.