The Pine Valley Bulletin

FOWLER, Rebecca
Portrayed by
: Laura Bonarrigo -Koffman (2008-present)
: Natalia Hubbard (Daughter)
: None

2008:Psychiatrist Rebecca Fowler compromised her career and mental health when she became engrossed in the life of her patient, Jesse Hubbard. Jesse had been held prisoner by a crime-lord, the Papel, for his supposed knowledge about the whereabouts of a priceless diamond. Fearing for his family's safety, Jesse fled Pine Valley for Toronto, never to see his wife, Angie Hubbard, and son , Frank Hubbbard, again. Rebecca helped Jesse work through his mental anguish. The ordeal led the two to a romance.
Rebecca gave birth to Jesse's daughter, Natalia. For two decades, they were a family. When news came that Jesse's son, Frank Hubbard, was near death in Pine Valley, Rebecca told Jesse to go to his side. Rebecca made it clear he had no obligations to her and Natalia. She knew Jesse's happiness lay with his Angie and Frankie.
Rebecca was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She decided not to seek treatment. Natalia ran away from home to tell her father about Rebecca's condition. While in Pine Valley, Natalia was injured during a tornado. Jesse finally told Angie about Rebecca and Natalia. When Rebecca came to Pine Valley to retrieve her daughter, her tumor began to affect her health. She signed a DNR release with Angie only days before falling into a coma.
Natalia pleaded with Angie to ignore Rebecca's wishes. When Rebecca regained consciousness, she agreed to consider treatment. Angie surprised Rebecca by inviting her and Natalia to stay in her home while they recovered.